It is a mystery that what are the things that men want in the relationship? Man, hesitant to talk about their desires in a romantic relationship. Whether it is social, cultural and traditional taboos or it is an inability of men, to express his desires. This inability results in the unfulfilling of the emotional needs of their partner.

Things that men want in the relationship

It is quite difficult to identify all things that men need in relationships because each man has own qualities and abilities. But it is necessary to know about the specific desires of men in a relationship, for those girls or women who are looking the ways to make him fall in love.

It is said that the practice makes a man perfect, so your experience of years in a relationship with a man can perfectly guide you that, what exactly man wants and how these desires are more beneficial for the entire relationship.

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As a social mobilizer, I interact with many peoples regularly and discuss with all social matters including men and women. In our society, most of the social matters start from the desires of men and women and end on the same point desires of each other. Whenever I tried to solve the social matters of different community members, I found the inability of understanding the wants of both partners.

Specific wants of men in relationship

The following are some ways to understand the wants of men in a relationship, these are helpful for those who always blame on their relationship or their partners. Also, these are helpful for those who want to establish a healthy relationship with their partner.

Your trust in him

Trust is the base of every healthy relationship and men want you should have to strong trust in him and believe in his love. Trust doesn’t mean that you don’t ask any question, but it means you stand with him for his decisions. Believe me your man will try put moon and stars on your hands.

Be kind and do respect

Stop trying to judge him, just forgave the small mistakes and show your kindness and so respect it is the guarantee of long and healthy relationships. Do respect doesn’t mean that men want respect from women, but your respect will make to kind, your kindness will establish strong trust, so, try it.

Praise and feel like your hero

In your social interaction with your man expresses recognition, reassurance or admiration is very important. Your positive and behavior create the space to make a strong relationship, also you will get more love and respect, when you will insure him constantly regarding his choices, attractions, sexual maturity, job, business, effectiveness, etc. He likes it when you express your views on his physical features. Don’t live in dreams and feel your man like a hero and build a strong relationship.

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Most of the women compare romance with having chocolates, red rose gifts, candlelight dinner, special party, outdoor dinner, long drive, unlimited and long calls but a man only like an unconditional lovely kiss in romance. Be romantic and give space for romance because man wants romance in the relationship.

Outer and inner beauty

Outer beauty always attracts and appeals to the partner for thinking over it, as a girlfriend, friend, wife you should take care of yourself and ensure attractive beauty in your outlook, which really your man want. It doesn’t mean that costly cosmetics can make you beautiful. Your inner beauty is enough to show you a beauty queen. Be sexy by your inner beauty and look beautiful for your real hero and impress him believe you me he will always stand beside you.

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Physical touch, kiss, and sex

As like you (women) man also likes affection and he feel closer to you for your physical touche, kiss, and sex. You must find the reason for touching him, your physical touch will an appeal for coming closer for romance.


Everyone (men & women) want self-respect and emotional attachment in a relationship. If you are a woman with experience of making happy your man, let me know what are your expertise accept above mentioned things, I will add in this article with your reference. If you are a man and want any other thing from your partner please write to us, I will add. Ans, the reader is without the experience of handling the partner, re-read this, understand this and follow it, your perfect and healthy relationship is the guarantee.

Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: March 25, 2020


  1. I really like the ending “Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship.”.
    Indeed a relationship requires work 🙂 to be amazing.

  2. Interesting read! I think men and women alike crave this elements in their relationships – that emotional foundation, trust, and feeling cherished are essential!

  3. I’ve totally agree with everything you’ve cited, couples should read and be informed about this kind of thing for a relationship to last forever with a love.

  4. You know, I never thought about what men what in a relationship and see love and romance in a man’s perspective. Thanks for opening my eyes to a different viewpoint.

  5. It is so important that we are communicative in what we want out of a relationship. There are lots of things that men want, but we have needs too. It is important that we trust each other and lift each other’s spirits up. Thanks for sharing all of this information!

    Nancy ♥


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