Today I am sharing the two combined posts of 23rd and 24th Day of 30 days 30 blog challenge; and the topic is “Every day a new story: Five things you hope to be remembered for | Five worried traits”. If you would like to read the full series of “Every Day A New Story”, you can reach by clicking here on each day a new story Day-1, Day-2, Day-3, Day-4, Day-5, Day-6, Day-7 and Day-8, Day-9, Day-10, Day-11, Day-12. Day-13, Day-14, Day-15, Day-16, Day-17, Day-18 and Day-19, Day-20, Day-21 and Day-22.

Things you remembered for

Honestly saying that putting the thought “things you hope to be remembered for” into words are too difficult to share rememberable moments of life. Many superficial thoughts are in the mind to express about to hope to be remembered for.

Everyone must go die one day! In this short lifetime everyone wants to struggle for leaving some unique days behind leaving the life peoples to remember them by these moments. But very few peoples can make their history, and very few peoples of the world can win the Nobel Prizes. Hence, I strongly believe that, goodness can transform hearts, cure wounds, and help us most definitely.

Five things you hope to be remembered for

I am the present time believer, so don’t believe in any next life after leaving this planet. There are many factors including internal and external are the causes of making the different types of the world on this planet. We are the witness of the fact that some peoples are living the life of heaven, few areas of the planet are beautiful like heaven and the same time many peoples are living a very hard life like hell. As a present believer I think my actions, traits, and wisdom are the things that will make possible I hope to be remembered for. Here are five things I hope to be remembered for after leaving this beautiful life.

Being an Honest

Honesty is the best policy, but I experienced very differently and faced the hard days due to my honesty. But still I believe that honesty is the character identification and it bridges genuineness and self-compassion. The honesty is always strengthening your courage and freeing you to be your best self.

Being a kind, compassionate person

I always think and believe that compassion can improve our minds, and kindness can change our lives which can heal all wounds of our lifestyle. I always try and practice that my attitude and action don’t hurt others, including relives, staff, and friends.

Being a helpful

As I know, saying ‘NO’ is very difficult for me, no matter someone is asking for the time, money, or any asset. My family members always saying that this your bad habit, you must say NO, when you have to say no. Many times, it tried to say no, but I failed, but when I left my home city, and shifted another city and purchased the plot in a residential colony and constructed a new house. I invested my whole money don’t leave behind any balance. That time I observed that I must say No, whenever it is needed. Behind this habit helping others is an important thing for me.

Being a writer (Story writer, poet, and blogger)

I hope to be remembered as a writer (blogger, poet, and story writer). My books, Poetry (Jeewan Sargam), Short Stories (Zameer-Ji-Adalat), and blogs (World in Eyes) are the key things for this.

A Transparent, true man

I am not saying this, but my friend calls me a very transparent and true man. So, therefore, I am adding this in the list of five things you hope to be remembered for. I also believe that, “the worst truth is better than the best lie”.

Five Worried Traits

Many peoples suffer from anxiety and the worried traits which make the anxiety worse. It is also difficult that which is the reason for what? The anxiety of traits or the traits of anxiety. Here are the five worried traits, but these are not more different than the things I hope to be remembered for;

  1. Irritability
  2. Transparent and Openness
  3. Agreeableness
  4. Emotional stability
  5. Over-Thinking

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Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: May 24, 2020


  1. There is a saying that as long as people remember you, you are still alive. And that is very true. And it is in everyone’s power to be kind and make themselves memorable for others.

  2. I hope to be remembered as a friendly and approachable person, I have always wanted to make new friends and I don’t like arguments or fights! I can also relate to your article!

  3. Hey Abu,
    For me, honesty will always be the best policy!
    If I can add being helpful to that, then I think I’d be home and dry 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I hope people remember me as a person who always went out of the way to help others. Its true though that u r alive until people remember you!

  5. This is nice. You seem like a genuine person. But if all we have is life on earth, wouldn’t that be sad? Especially for those suffering. But I think we must be the best we can be while we are here.

  6. Nice article. That talks of your honesty and goodness. Kind, compassionate, helpful yes I really like the traits. And being a writer is a passion.

  7. Amazing! this talk more about our personal life. everybody wish to be remembered with something. me i wish to be remembered by my good deed, the way i wish God, the honest life i live. the question now is what can people remember you with? bad deed or good deed.


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