Since early ages we have been listen that “money is not everything”, relations are everything, friendship is everything. The poorest person of world is that who has no friend no matter how much money he/she has. But life taught a lesson that, “money is not everything, but money is the answer to everything”.

Another, quote is famous in our society that, “Health is wealth” but real-life experiences proved that, “the wealth statement can maintain the health status but only health statement cannot maintain wealth status” (Lifestyle Guru).

The total amount of money you received against giving your time or using your skills or sharing your assets is called total income. But total income is not your wealth but income after excluding your all expenditures is your wealth.

Real experiences of wealth (money is something more)

I would like to share two real examples of money is the answer to everything.
1. My uncle died due to cancer, he was totally aware about it, since last many years, but he never shared this with family. His wealth didn’t allow him to share this with any family member. At the last stage, we the family members came to know that he is suffering from cancer but at that stage we could not save his life.

2. One day, I was in travel and I received a call from my uncle. He was very confused, he said, where are you? I need your time. I told I am in travel but let me know what can I do? He said, I am not feeling well since last two weeks, my blood tests are showing very low platelets. WBC are decreasing very quickly. Doctor suggested that as soon as possible go to Hyderabad for some specific lab tests and further suggestion of any specialist doctor. I just told don’t worry, I am reaching tonight Karachi and will join you early morning at Hyderabad, you just reach Hyderabad.

He reached Hyderabad, lab test showed the cancer, I suggested Aga Khan Hospital Karachi. Next day early in the morning he was admitted Aga Khan Hospital started treatment.
He was admitted six months and after that discharged from hospital and Doctor suggested by monthly checkup for next sis months. He completed treatment course. Now he is enjoying good health, at emergency level his wealth (money) allowed him to get proper treatment, and he did.

Money is not everything

You can buy so many things if you have enough money, but there are certain things you cannot buy that by money. It doesn’t mean that good things are free, but everything has its own value but some of them are priceless assets of the life such as;

  • A long life
  • Natural Beauty
  • Manners
  • Respect
  • Morals
  • Character
  • Common Sense
  • Trust
  • Patience
  • Class
  • Integrity
  • Love
  • A clear conscience
  • An open mind
  • Peace of mind
  • Luck
  • Attitude (positive)
  • Talent
  • Wisdom
  • Happiness
  • Selflessness!

It is not the complete list of things, which cannot be purchased from market no matter how much money you have. There so many other things in your life, just try to understand, identify and write down in comments section.

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Lifestyle Guru: March 06, 2020


  1. You are very right, and what a story. It’s made me think about all the things in my life right now that money couldn’t buy and things I’m working towards like happiness.

    Thanks for this.

  2. There is a saying that money can’t buy happiness… I would complete it by saying that it maintains it. Nobody is happy when they have to worry that they won’t have money to buy food, to have a roof above their head or to afford healthcare!

  3. This is totally true, for me money cannot buy happiness and all that you’ve cited here. This should be an enlightened for everybody.

  4. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it can certainly open up doors for opportunity and healing as it did in the case of your Uncle. I’m happy to hear he recovered.

  5. Money is very important but we do need to appreciate the things money cant buy. It is absolutely free to take care of yourself healthwise just by your own actions.


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