Today is Monday, you are at workplace felling tired and upset thinking about your tasks and you table is ringing to complete outstanding tasks of last week. We are here to help you, maintaining a positive mental attitude towards Monday through “Make your work-plan SMART and increase your motivation to work on Mondays” approach of World in Eyes.

The Weekend is the time of pray, family tours, gathering with friend, late night travels, dating, chatting and getting fresh and enjoy a lot.

When, the shadow begins to loom of Sunday, you suddenly feel tired and thinking about targets, assignments and meetings of Monday at workplace. These negative thoughts slowly and gradually dominant on your mind and you stopped to enjoy the last few hours of your weekends.

How to avoid the Monday blues?

Monday is your beginning, change your perspective for Monday and make it meaningful (Lifestyle Guru).

If you want to avoid the Monday blues, you should plan your week properly. Here we are suggesting some rules of weekly plan.

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  • Monday is the day of scheduling, organizing and setting goal and objectives.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday are the days to put your energy at peak level and follow the scheduled tasks in organized way and left behind zero task for next day. This the time for completing the field tasks, brainstorming, putting our innovative ideas in your write-ups, solving the actual problems, attend and conduct scheduled meeting, report, partner responses every this you have scheduled.
  • Thursday is the day, when your energy level begins wane and again your mind start thinking towards coming weekend. Keep in mind that if your energy dwindled on Thursday your Monday will be blues Monday. Keep in mind the goals and objectives and by consensus building with your tasks do complete each and every activity as you planned.
  • Friday is the day for review you weekly plan, analysis your performance, report your tasks, keep you table clean (no outstanding task) and go to home with smiling face.  Just consider open ended tasks, planning of next week, arrangements for tasks of Monday, looking for long-term planning, and focused on colleague, co-workers, field workers, and relationship building.

Ways to Increase Your Motivation to Work on Mondays

Be SMART, Plan SMART (Sustainable, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound)

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Review your performance at workplace:

Get ready for personal SWOT analysis, write down your strengths, weaknesses, we know that these both are in our control we can increase our strength by decreasing the eliminating our weaknesses. Parallel to this, identify the available opportunities and threats.
Now you have blueprint of reasons why you are unmotivated to work? It is the time put your positive efforts in analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Keep strong believe in your strengths, make plan of eliminating your weaknesses this plan will open more opportunities. You will feel in comfort zone, will perform better, the situation will make you more sustainable and you will be able to face threats.

Reasons of Uninspired and Unmotivated at Work

According to analysis of different workplaces and workers following are some reasons, which affects the workers motivational level.

  • Negative work environment
  • Any change at workplace or type of responsibilities
  • Have not clear career objectives and goals
  • At wrong place or in the wrong career
  • Don’t feel connected to the successes of the company.
  • Have not any opportunity to discover.
  • No value
  • Discrimination
  • Violence of policies and procedure at workplace
Read more:

Prepare a Motivational Plan:

Be polite, observe the environment, keep following the company policies and procedures, search opportunity and avail opportunity to get you out from stress

Make Your Work-plan SMART (ensure it on each step)

Don’t make close ended plans of life, be smart and plan smart. Make Your Work-plan SMART and ensure that your all planned activities, objectives and goals are so specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

Prepare your schedule ahead.

Be ready to plan your work; keep in mind following few questions and do arrangements of required material and Make Your Work-plan SMART.

  • What are the objectives and goal of project/program/business?
  • What do you have completed in current month what is in plan?
  • How many resources you have in this week?
  • Which activities, habits and projects have a high impact on your goals?
  • Important assumptions (positive/negative).

Involve your whole team or be a part of team and prepare micro-level plan of each activity/task/target. Keep in front the weekly planning checklist and make sure everything has been scheduled into your calendar. Ensure the plan buffer time in your weekly planning. Finalize the plan and display it on your planner board, website, email to all team members, display it in front of you.

Stick to a plan.

Be on time and don’t compromise the quality.

When you have plan in your then implement if accordingly. Your realistic plan will show you;

  1. Most important and urgent
  2. Less important and urgent
  3. An important and but not urgent
  4. No Important and not urgent

Keep in mind that you should be on you plan all you task should be on step three, important and not urgent. Don’t waste your time on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, which is not important not urgent, but this habit always leave you at the above-mentioned step one most important and urgent.

Keep in mind that even the best-laid plans sometimes need adjusting – that’s why daily planning is so important. Look back at the current week to make sure nothing has fallen through the cracks. Were there any tasks left uncompleted or meetings that were cancelled? Reflect on why did that happen – did you underestimate the amount of time needed to complete a task or did just the unexpected happen?

Enjoy you weekend and Sleep early on Sunday.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Switch off your office/business work after leaving you table on Friday and your weekend make perfect personal and more relax.

Enjoy your weekend and must sleep early on Sunday to complete at least 9 hours of sleep. Sleep early, wake up early do exercise with morning walk.
Be ready, it Monday join your work with jolt of energy because you are an ideal manager who know that how “To Make Your Work-plan SMART”.

Follow our tips, let us know if these are helpful for you, also let us know if you want to add any more experiences.

Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: June 22, 2020


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  2. These are definitely a great suggestions or advice to those struggling with Monday blues and I am going to share this with my sister. Thank you!

  3. Really enjoyed your post. So many valid, solid tips to improve the productivity and burnout. Great review for what needs done be productive.

  4. I find that to do lists help me so much with productivity. There’ something about cutting the items off the list, once completed.

  5. Monday’s set the tone for the rest of the week for me. If I take it easy on Monday, the rest of the week seems lethargic too.

  6. These are really helpful tips to become more productive during Mondays! I agree, having a good night’s sleep the day before could also help you kickstart your Monday with a great mood!


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