The resolution for new year means the setting up goals of your life for upcoming months, days or weeks, which you want to do for healthier and happier life. Making resolutions is a skill of management. Resolution is just like a promise, which you make to yourself about the changes you want to make in your future life.

At the end of the year, we should review the last year and very critically think of what we did in whole year? After that we should plan the things which we want to do in upcoming year. When, we prepare the plan of future goals, it should be ensured that all the goals are SMART. Because the broader goal can not be measure and achieve within time period and available resources.

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You should set your future goals according to your predicted resources, skills and time. These goals will be SMART means the specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. For example, you are planning to be going to shift at Mars in coming year then it is not possible means your goal is not SMART. So therefore, avoid this type of vague statements in future goals.

It is not necessary that the resolution, which resolute that would be only one. You can also have more then one resolution.

Some specific resolution like;

• I want to visit my old house.
• I want to spend more time on studies.
• I want to be a better one.
• I want to do something new adventures.
• I want to be polite.
• I want to control my anger.
• I want to gain more weight.

Above mentioned are some examples of resolutions. I would like to share that, how you can make your New Year-2020 resolutions.

Firstly, ask yourself some questions like, what you did? What was the things you wanted to get and got? What you don’t get? Think about it and get some answers, it will make you able to plan your future goals. Now you can think about, what you want to do in upcoming year. Exactly these are your future resolutions for year 2020.

Actually, making resolution is a good and positive habit, because it bounds your mind over the things which are good for you.

Resolutions encourage you or inspire you to the best version of yourself. I love to make new resolution on every new year and tries everything to fulfill that so will suggest you too, to make your new year resolutions on every new year and do hard work to achieve all of that.

Also be inspired!

Have an amazing new year-2020.

Lifestyle Guru: 01/01/2020



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