The weekend means the last day of the week or off days of the week. Especially the time between Friday evening to Monday morning. Saturday and Sunday are the weekend and off day almost around the globe except for a few countries where Friday is a weekend day. I remember, when I was the student High School and College the Friday was weekend and Saturday was the starting day of the week. But nowadays we are enjoying the Saturday and Sunday as a weekend day by following the low cost weekend strategy. Let me ask what did you do this weekend? Your answers and suggestions will support me to plan my next weekend.

Importance of weekends

Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash
Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

The weekend is the time of re-energize your body, soul, and mind through visiting your favorite places, hiking, visit the zoo, visit you, relatives, visit your friend, arranging or attending the parties, dance parties, celebrations, music parties, going to a restaurant or bar so and so. Also, many people think that weekend activities are more expensive or a waste of money to have fun. All the above-mentioned activities of weekends don’t mean that you can’t have a lot of fun with your buddies or enjoying your weekends without spending money.

Low cost weekend activities

There are many ways you can enjoy your weekends without spending more money. Let us discuss some affordable, low cost or some cool weekend activates, and you choose one of these cool free events if you want to do something enjoyable this weekend so you can’t afford to pay it.

Arrange Campfire with friends

Weekend Camp Fire
Photo by Myles Tan on Unsplash

Plan a campfire at your nearest point and invite your like-minded friends and family member over the iron chef cook-off dinner. The event should be no cost and self-help based, so tell all participants to bring all the required ingredients from their fridge and own house and jointly cook at your camp and enjoy your delicious dinner with your friends. This type of event will more memorable moments of your life. We have arranged many events with co-workers, and friends during full moon night camps and weekend campfires. Be careful if you are arranging campfire in jungle or desert many reptiles and nocturnal animals may affect your gatherings.

Indoor Picnic & Party

Arrange an indoor picnic and party with your family friends and invite them to your home or in your garden. Simply ensure the ground sitting arrangements by putting down some blankets. Ask all participants to bring cooked food and some drink from their home and sever the mixed food to all participants. In this way, you will enjoy different tests of food at one table and social gathering at your home without spending more money on weekend social events.

A spa day

Weekend SPA
Photo by Ayurmana Ayurveda on Unsplash

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have learned many home-based activities that are low or no cost, but these are so wonderful and healthy activates home base spa is one of them. Without spending any money, you can easily throw your own relaxing spa day at home. You can enjoy with your family members as well as your close friends at your home by creating some relaxing environment under some dim lightings, and slow music. You can enjoy facials with each other, painting nails each other, and some homemade face masks and massage at your home.

Visit the Museum

If you are a history lover then you must visit the nearest museum. Collect some historical knowledge and refresh your mind by visiting different corners of the museum. If there is not any museum nearest by you, there is an available wonderful opportunity for a virtual museum tour you can visit with your family and kids and explore something new to refresh your knowledge.

As a blogger

Invest some time on re-structuring your posts, pages, and website design. Do some research on the coming week post topics, tags, and keywords. Edit your photos, drawings, design, and do some fieldwork to collect new stuff for the coming week. Analysis of your website and prepare next week’s strategy of blogging. Review the question of your readers and make a reply one by one try to answer every question carefully and transparently.
Take rest and spent time with your family and kids which is important as your blogging is important.

Bottom Point

Everybody loves weekends and wants to take rest or enjoy time with friends and family after a week of hard work and learning. But most people don’t take rest in their whole life. They work every day for earning the food for their family and kids. You must think about them and spent some time with them or share some share of the money, which you are spending on weekends enjoying activities and parties. Love humanity by practicing not only showing in your photos and speeches.

Your low cost and no cost weekend plan will save some money than can be used to provide some food for world hunger peoples.

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Last Updated: August 09, 2020


  1. Campfire with friends is indeed a great idea! Last weekend I spent time with my family outdoors away from the crowds! lol the new normal!

  2. Wow having a campfire with friends sounds so lovely! I’ve actually never thought of doing this for a weekend but you have changed my mind for the better!

  3. I always end up doing some research or social media networking for my blog. I would love to have a campfire though. It sounds so nice!

  4. Visiting a museum or holding a campfire party with friends has been on my mind for quite some time. However I’m waiting for the covid curve to flatten in India before I venture out. Once I do, I plan to do the above mentioned things in a reordered fashion! Thanks for putting down these activities!

  5. As a travel blogger, I actually stay home and work during the weekends. I prefer to do my “weekend travel” during the week, to avoid the crowds.


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