Look at your lifestyle and try to find out the reasons you are not agreeing to leave the comfort zone. Fear of failure is stopping you to take action and decide to leave the comfort zone. It is the key answer to why are you afraid. It is the primary thought that drives fear in your mind, and it completely paralyzes your thinking capacity, decision-making ability, and your self-confidence.

Fear is distressing your thoughts and plans of personal development as well as your professional growth. To control your fear is the basic step for your successful future. To control doesn’t means, being fearless or eliminating fear for your thoughts.

Why Are You Afraid

There will a long list in your hand if you will ask questions from yourself, “what makes you afraid?” and if you ask again the second question, why are you afraid, you will a very short list of answers. Some people afraid of swimming, flying, dark, alone at any place, alone walking, speaking at the stage, spiders, wild animals, reptiles like snake and lizard, and cockroach. But some peoples are afraid of taking the decision, rejection from job or love, failure in targets achieving, etc.

Although, it varies person to person because different peoples are living in different situations and different lifestyles, so they afraid of the different situations or we can say that everyone has some different fears that they faced or facing in life.

5 Reasons Why Are You Afraid

According to most of human history, our concerns have linked to clear risks to our lives. Here are the five common fears of peoples in every lifestyle.

Afraid of rejection

The lack of competence grows the fear of rejection in your mind and slowly and gradually it may control your thinking capacity. Because you have not confidence in your skills, and you are just afraid of people messing up. The afraid of rejection may affect your learning and personal development. In this situation, you must consider what type and quality of skills and what type and quality of knowledge, wisdom is required for the next step and what you have. Set a plan to move on and take decisions without any fear of rejection.

Afraid of failure

The fear of failure is not only a negative point, but it is also a positive point for getting success in planned goals and objectives. You are afraid of failure in getting a new job, getting enough income to meet the routine expenses because the fear is not allowing you to consider your ability and skills.

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Afraid of loss

The basic question is, why are you afraid of loss? Many peoples are scared to change because of what they might sacrifice. The afraid of loss stuck the peoples in comfort zones and it stops their career development, business, and economic growth.

Afraid of Criticism

It is the hard truth that criticism is difficult to accept, but you must consider that it not much harder to be afraid of. As nobody likes to get criticized, it again depends upon the approach and mindset of every person some peoples handle criticism softly and accept it about some peoples don’t accept who are afraid of criticism.

Afraid of death

Everyone is afraid of death because death is the hard reality, death will come, death will not leave you. So, therefore the afraid of death is unique in all beliefs including religious as well as scientific. The fear of death is also linked with life after death, lives behind death, relations, and remaining targets behind death. Therefore, everyone afraid of death.

Why overcomes your fear?

afraid of change
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As we know that fear or afraid of is positive too, it keeps us in a safe zone, it also drives us to make some smart decisions to keep you safe from dangerous situations. Although fear impacts negatively on your mind too, so it is important to overcome your fear.

Fear control your mind

Fear arises and lives in your mind. It impacts very badly on your mental health. Fear arises in your mind when you lose your self-confidence and don’t perform according to your knowledge and skills. It also affects your presentation skill and public speaking. If you would like to overcome your fear, forget what other peoples are saying or judging you.

Fear limits your potentials

Everyone wants to be successful in life and also wants to grow personal, social, and economic growth but the fear affects all plans. You cannot enter the higher stages of consciousness So long as you will remain stuck in a land of fear. The fear will keep you stuck in the smallest zone of personal growth and it limits your all potentials.

The benefits of afraid of

Fear is positive if you make it positive in your plans and lifestyle. There many benefits of the afraid of in life and your practices.

It keeps you safe

The afraid of loose, security, and harm, keep you aware of difficulties. it also keeps you in a safe zone. The traditions, norms of society, culture, religious and legal bindings are the boundaries. so, everyone cares and live under these boundaries. The fear of crossing these boundaries keeps you is a safe zone otherwise you might be involved in many harmful activities.

Fear makes you experienced, natural high and confidence

Naturally, the brain yearns for new challenges; when it faces fear. The fear always makes you feel motivated to accomplish your goals, whenever you step through a challenge. Fear gives you opportunities to think more and make the right decisions. Hence, fear makes you highly confident and more experienced.


The reasons why are you afraid of is not so easy to describe in a few words it takes time and more wisdom. Hence the five reasons of fear or afraid of are common if you will think deeply you will feel these yours fear. If you are living with fear than it affects your body because it can play tricks with your memory and your perception of reality, so try to overcome your fears and live inspiring life.

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Last Updated: May 25, 2020


  1. Fear can impair formation of long-term memories and cause damage to certain parts of the brain, such as the hippocampus. This can make it even more difficult to regulate fear and can leave a person anxious most of the time. To someone in chronic fear, the world looks scary and their memories confirm that.

  2. Such a very insightful article to read. Fears definitely gives you a good and a bad effects depends on how you manage or handle it but I agree with others that sometimes we need to overcome our fears to become successful.

  3. Fear is inherent in us. Being afraid of everything and everyone, the terror of making a mistake or going to disappointment. But pain is part of growth, without which we would be nothing.

  4. Fear has a different effect in us. Most thing that i fear before is fear of rejection by someone that is important to me.

  5. Sometimes, these fears overpower my positivity and I feel pretty unmotivated. I think it’s important to understand when the fear is good and when it’s consuming me.

  6. I agree all of this! But sometimes fear can’t help to grow I believe that you need to conquer your fears and challenge yourself to achieve your dreams.

  7. Great closing point of moving passed the restraints of fear and moving into an inspiring life. Managing fear in a balanced way seems to be the key. I guess that goes with most things in life…..moderation!

  8. I agree that fear has both positive and negative effects on one’s life. It is normal to be afraid, but we should remember to be confident in certain times. Thank you for this article.

  9. I think that people should stop being afraid and just understand where the fear is coming from in order to confront it. Feat of failure? Take it as a lesson. Fear of rejection? Take is as avoiding later emotional pain. There is always a way to turn fear around.

  10. Fear certainly has a purpose in our lives, it keeps us from taking unnecessary risks and potentially getting ourselves hurt (or worse). However, when we allow our fears to take over every aspect of our lives, they can definitely hold us back and prevent us from achieving our goals and dreams. The key is to find the balance – learn to step out of our comfort zone and overcome our fears while also taking note of the risks that they are flagging around us.

  11. Nicely summed up. Many believe that successful people do not have such fears. But the truth is everyone has them and the ones who overcome them taste success.

  12. Fear is a very prominent emotion in people, it’s the root of anxiety which a lot of people suffer from. I personally have a fear of snakes and I think it is beneficial as it keeps me safe! Great post.

  13. Fear is a part of us. Everybody is afraid of something. The important thing is not allowing that fear to come between you and your goals. Easier said than done, I know. But with enough perseverance it can be done.

  14. There’s definitely plenty to be afraid of in this day and age. I would say that right now i’m afraid of loss. Loss of family and loss of work with the pandemic.

  15. Fear will always be present in everyone’s life, but it’s how we choose to deal with it that can make or break us.
    You have a good insight in this post, nice way to lay it out for people to understand ; )

  16. Very well written and presented. I know what you’re getting at. I fear a lot of things, some mentioned in this post. Rejection is a big one for me. But it’s something I’m learning to overcome bit by bit.

  17. Great post! Fear is a mind killer and it is important to know why you are afraid and how your body reacts to it. being afraid is not something to be ashamed of and it is important to feel it too but control is essential too

  18. Being afraid is really holding us back in life. It limits our potential and self growth. One should examine what is that he is afraid of, rationalize it and conquer it!

  19. This reminds me of the quote “there’s nothing to fear, but fear itself”.

    Sometimes when we work up the courage to do something, it usually ends up less frightening than we imagined it would be.

  20. I think we all have these fears lying somewhere inside, the only thing is that we should not them overpower and hamper our day to day life. We have to learn to live with some of these because we can’t overcome all of them.

  21. This makes a lot of sense. I am am afraid of rejection and loss so I rarely challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone.


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