I would like to share theses eight reasons to leave your comfort zone only. It doesn’t mean that I am pushing you to leave your luxury life and take risks of uncomfortable life. Remember, life is not name of stopping by and fixing you on one place as like a sign board of your office or name tag on your door. Life is the name of running behind the desires and along with your skills, traditions, culture and norms of your society. You will enter in dangerous zone, if you left the norms of society and your traditions and culture in your lifestyle.

Comfort zone is dangerous:

The comfort zone in your life always makes you complacent, which completely stops your professional development. The world around us is not simple and comfortable but it is very complicated and challenging, and all those outside always threaten your safe and comfort zone, which affects your lifestyle.

Important of leaving your comfort zone:

There is a blessing in motion and contrary to this, development is not possible. It is an important to come out from your comfort zone and learn the complications of lifestyle which will make you happier, more productive, self-reliant and decision maker, when unexpected things happen in the future.

Reasons to leave your Comfort Zone

Here are some more important reasons to leave your comfort zone and learning new things for your lifestyle.

1. It will boost your confidence:

Whenever you face the difficult movements of life, you will learn new skills to manage your lifestyle. The new exposures and learning will boost your confidence, which will make you self-reliant and successful.

2. You will self-evolve:

The process of continuous learning will make you able to self-evaluate and also improves your overall well-being when you push yourself to reach to a higher level of your skill.

3. You will build resilience:

The comfort zone increases the fears of losing and live outside the comfort zone will make you fighter and the resilience refers to how well you can manage life’s problems and how well you can bounce back.

4. Your ego will heal with time:

The ego is not a hard structure or have not any bones to creak or heal it. The ego is your own consideration about your-self. The comfort zone makes your world ego-driven and keep you always from natural life.

5. You won’t regret missing a potential opportunity:

Opportunists never come to your doorstep, you have to go there and keep struggling for unlocking the opportunities. You always regret opportunities due to fear of losing of your position and available resources, but whenever you will be in struggle for getting some thing better than available you won’t regret missing a potential opportunity.

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6. You might discover a new passion:

Believe in yourself and try to the ways you have not tired, new ways will give you more strength and many wonderful opportunities are waiting for you on new ways, just put your feet on new ways.

7. Simple milestone makes it easier to tackle the complicated milestone:

Keep moving towards the destination with confidence and determination inspires your-self and this inspiration will give you energy to tackle the complicated milestone.

8. Remember, without risk, there is no reward:

Put all your fears in dustbin and move towards your future dreams. Plan your things smartly and achieve things as planned and win the game. You have to jump for flying towards your future dream world. No one is coming to you for awarding your dream world and there no any reward without risk.

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You are afraid of leaving your comfort zone, it is the last weakness of your lifestyle. Accepting the change is the chance to your dreamworld. When the environment is not much favorable for you to date, then nothing to lose by trying something new. Doesn’t stop searching, take positive steps and keep moving!

Lifestyle Guru: 05/01/2020


  1. Its true, if you never step outside of your comfort zone you won’t grow. Life is only fulfilling with experience, progress, and purpose. If you never venture out beyond what is familiar nothing ever changes.


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