I was not much confident due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when I shared my July Goals at the beginning of this month but today I am much confident to share my July goal review and 5 steps to set up your goals of August 2020.

The month of July has been an amazing month, in which I experienced a different situation but now I feel refreshed and uplifted because I am going to set up my goals of August 2020. I also feel empowered because I achieved my July goals rather, I faced some difficult time during this month.

July Goals Review

The goals of July 2020, which I planned, achieved, and failed to achieve.

  • During this month I strictly followed the COVID-19 SOPs at the workplace, public place, and social events. Also, I tried to follow the social distance and COVID-19 Safety measures in all events, travel, and gatherings.
  • This year we celebrated the Birthday of my dear daughter very simply due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • I have finalized the working on Annual Tax Return 2019-20, it will be submitted as Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) allowed to submit.
  • A total of 12 articles were planned, and I have published a total of 15 articles including today’s July goals review.
  • It was planned that YouTube Channel will be restarted, So I achieved it by publishing 4 videos. Still have not started law practice but we are going to establish our office in the first week of August 2020.
  • Successfully completed the targets and revise the remaining five months targets and submitted for final approval.
  • Attended the marriage ceremonies and followed the social media goals of June. According to the analytics, overview improved the level of Pinterest and other social media networks.

5 Steps to Set Up Your Goals of August

As a planner, I would like to suggest whenever you try to set up your goals, you must follow a straightforward approach of actionable objectives and steps when setting your monthly targets to make sure that you are not only planning your targets but still having the potential to reach them.

how to set up your goalsHere, I am sharing five actionable and steps to set up your goals of August.

  1. Select your choices
  2. Set your specific goals, which you can achieve in one month
  3. Prepare a quick action plan, which will help you accomplish your goals
  4. Review your progress and follow your resources
  5. Always stay motivated

Select your choices

Everyone has not the option to select the choices, and many peoples are living without any choices because they have not any plan for living life. If you want to live your life happily and want to change your life you must follow the life planning guidelines. When you are going to set up your goals of moth, first of all, you have to select your choices and then some specific goals of the month.

Set your specific goals

The second step of setting up monthly goals is to set up some specific choices, which you can achieve in one month. You must be more specific when you set and prioritize your goals always remember that these goals must be SMART.

Prepare a quick action plan

Write down your periodized goals and make a quick action plan for each goal, which will help you accomplish your goals timely. As someone wisely said that without planning the goal is just wish, so planned your wishes properly.

Review your progress and follow your resources,

Monitoring is the key step of goal planning and achieving cycle, keep reviewing and monitoring your progress towards your planned goals and allocated resources including time.

Always stay motivated

To stay motivated is not possible for everyone but most of the planners and self-confident peoples always remain motivated. Your motivation will make you able to confident towards your targets. Never give space to negative thoughts in your mind and always be steadily optimistic in your life and focus on the positive side of your targets and which will make you inspired, motivated to achieving your targets.

Let us take action set up your goals of August, plan whatever you want to achieve this month, and hold yourself accountable to your life.

Goals of August 2020

  • The situation is not still safe so there is needed to strictly follow the COVID-19 safety measures and WHO’s guidelines and SOPs at the workplace, public place, and social events. And also follow the social distance and COVID-19 Safety measures in all events, travel, and gatherings.
  • Submit personal Annual Tax Return file of 2019-20 and submit the ATR files of all old and new clients.
  • Continue working for world-in-eyes, writing, and publishing 12 articles (3 articles/week).
  • To continue working on YouTube Channel and upload at least 4 videos in this month of August 2020.
  • Starting Law Practice in this month, I will start to give partially time to law practice.
  • To complete the deliverables of the education project and submit for review and approval.
  • Social Media: to engage the audience on Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube by providing good stuff on different themes. I’ll be honest about my monthly targets; my true aim is to bring more new visitors and audiences every day. For improving the level of Pinterest, I’ll add at least 60 new Pins directly related to the posts of this month, and the other 60 pins generally linked with my website.
  • I will be prepared for any unforeseen activity.


If you are ready to plan your monthly goals, then follow all the above given 5 steps to set up your goals of August and follow the following instructions to achieve on-time and within allocated resources. Ensure that the planned goals are added to your daily to-do list. Put the sticky notes on your computer screen, bathroom mirror, and on your wall calendar. Set reminders on your mobile.

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Last Updated: July 31, 2020


  1. July was a tough month for me because I had to move to a new home unexpectedly. So I missed most of my work for the month. Now I am trying to settle into my new home with my boys and get back to work and school. It sounds so easy to say it, now if it could only be easy to live it!

  2. Thank you for this steps to set up our goals, definitely a great help to any individual to develop and achieve things we want to happen.

  3. My goals are more fitness related – I want to go to the gym at least 16 times in the month, I want to take more walks, I want to drink no alcohol this month, and I want to do better with what I eat.

  4. Wow that’s great that you just planned to put out 12 articles, but have published a total of 15! That’s beyond what you planned so that must be a wonderful feeling! I hope I can be as good as a planner like you! 🙂

  5. I was already setting up a few goals for the following months, and decided to add a couple more to reach 5. My five are 1) set up a training plan for my next 1/2 marathon 2)Run/walk 100 miles in August 3) write up 5 new posts for my website 4) complete one bucketlist item 5) write a letter to a friend

  6. I guess the best advice is to stay motivated even during difficult times. When we stayed focused on our goal, we can achieve good results gradually.

  7. Thanks for these guidelines. I actually do much better at achieving my goals when I right them down and keep them in front of me. If I tell someone else they can help to keep me accountable, too.

  8. Days really pass by so quickly, and listing all the goals needed for this month and the succeeding months ahead are very important.

  9. you sound like you have your goals well organized, congrats 😉
    I think laying goals out with a strategy really helps to accomplish them, as well as keeps people focused and on schedule. Great topic!


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