Dear readers, thank you for your real encouragement on my last post. “Makeup essentials you can’t leave without”, which inspire me to share my experience based 5 most common causes of hair breakage for your knowledge and caring for your hairs.

Hair is the most important part of our beauty. Our hair gives us confidence. The hairs are the most noticeable thing in our life. Our hair enhances our beauty. Hair makes us feel moveable or capable of. And the foremost thing is you will always be remembered by your hair. As your good hair are the pride of yours so your bad hair badly affects your impression. Your bad hairs have a very negative impact on your entire day. It creates personal criticism of low self-esteem.

5 most common causes of hair breakage

The damaged hair looks as awkward in real life. hair breakage is also a type of damages hair. Split end is also another type and there are so many other types. I have researched a lot about these causes of hair breakage or damaged hair and finally, now I am bringing before you certain causes which damage your hair the most

Heat damage:

It is like if you iron more your clothes them still they won’t Burn. It is so? Huh! too silly to think like that. Indeed, heating style products give your hair a new look but they affect much on your hair. Heat styling products make your hair weaker than in the actual one. They damage your hair lot even if you have used any heat protection. But if you haven’t used any heat product still you have heated your hair then it is your worst ever experience. Regularly straightening or curling your hair damages your hair lots. It is good to give your head some rest from certain heating. Use these heat style products only once in a week. Avoid using regularly. Always apply a heat protecting spray before heating to minimize the damage.

An unbalanced diet:

A healthy diet affects much on your skin and your hair growth. As for your body growth, you need certain food, a certain diet as well as for your hair growth you need certain nutrients. A diet that contains enough zinc, folic acid, iron and adequate proteins and antioxidants is much beneficial for keeping your hair damage-free. Two little proteins in your diet cause more hair loss in the actual value our diet plays a vital role so therefore always take a proper diet to keep yourself healthy as well as to keep your skin and your hair healthy.


As in my many previous blogs I have continuously say that stress is very harmful to your health as well as for your skin and hairs too. Stress always leads to hair breakage especially the hair which is in the middle of the growth cycle always got break off due, to stress. Because during stress the proteins or the nutrients that are essential for your hair growth are provided to different areas of your body so, therefore, it results in thinning of your hair and breakage of your therefore never take stress always keep calm and stay positive.


You know what we think that regular washing damage our hair. It is not so. regularly washing is beneficial for those who have an oily scalp. But do not over wash like too many times per day. It will affect your scalp. And if you have dry hair that avoids regular shampooing. Your dry hair just needs weekly shampooing. Sometimes it is also like using the wrong shampoo. because everyone’s hair is of different type and every shampoo is not suitable for every type of hair. For a normal wash, your hair by twice a week and before shampooing always apply oil on your hair. Because oil prevents your scalp from more damage.

Towel Drying:

Most of the people do not know that drying your hair with a towel damage your hair. The most it is a scientifically researched that after wetting for your hair, becomes very sensitive and at that time if you harshly dry your hair with a towel than it leads you to big damage of your hair. Never dry your hair with a towel. If you want then take a cotton t-shirt and dry your hair with it. Be sure never comb in your wet hair. Firstly let your hair dry completely after that comb it.


Women’s beauty depends on her hair. Always take complete care of your hair because they are the one which makes you even better every day.

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Last Updated: April 02, 2020


  1. For many years, I bleached my hair and used excessive amount of heat on it DAILY. I never really thought much about what was causing all my split ends and brittle hair- I just blamed the bleach. Turns out I was doing about everything on this list. SOOO glad I began to take better care of my hair! It’s so mush more manageable with a good routine.

  2. It is interesting to learn about how hair can be damaged from everyday things. Dang, I avoided drying my hair with the blow dryer to avoid breakage, only for towel to be bad too. OH yeah, I totally agree with stress! It causes so much damage! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  3. This things happen to me all the time and badly wanting to know the cause of hair breakage. You’ve given us great logical understanding regarding this matter and definitely a great help to fight this thing.

  4. I have mistreated my hair for years, using bleach, hair dyes and even relaxers, had completely damaged my hair. But months after I went with a pixie cut, I was really amazed how beautiful my natural curls are. Now I need to also embrace my gray hair and stop with the hair dyes.

  5. I don’t use heat on my hair or was frequently but I might be guilty of the rest. I really hate to see my hair break, always so painful.

  6. Be sure never comb in your wet hair. Firstly let your hair dry completely after that comb it. Oh gosh I don’t know about this. Better not to brush my hair when wet. Thanks


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