Hello friends, subscribers, readers, visitors, contributors to the world in eyes, have a good day! Today is the first weekend in quarantine, there is no plan of specific weekend activity. So, I decided to discuss the ways to build relationships with readers as well as all those peoples who are connected with your circle.

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It is the first weekend, after going into self-isolation, staying at home and working from home around the world. But few countries like China, Italy, and others have been facing since the last few months due to the outbreak of COVID-19. My so many viewers, readers bloggers friend are facing more difficulties in discussion on current matters.

To build relationships with readers

As I discussed in my previous post “Corona affected the worldwide lifestyle and It has changed the world trends”. The COVID-19 is going to change the world trends. Today we are fighting a war against an invisible organism (Coronavirus) but we are unable to see it with naked eyes. In this situation, it is the primary responsibility of writes the community to update the readers for building a good relationship with them.

Dear Bloggers/Writers

Every writer wants that, more peoples should read and discuss my thoughts, but we understand that every individual reader come behind the story and story should be attractive in plot, scene, character, fiction should be meaning full.

Tips for writers to build relationships with readers!

The strong and active relationship with readers is the key success of every blogger. Our readers are linked with us in two ways, 1) name of the writer, 2) name of blog/website (WORLD IN EYES), so we have to maintain both relations. The good relation with readers encourage us to write regularly and proved the authentic information with fulfilling the desires and requirements of the reader.

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Start with you (Be responsible)

At the beginning of building a strong relationship, the first contact is very important, so who will take the first step, absolutely it is the responsibility of the writer, blogger to take the first step, to identify your reader, engage them in your blogs. Don’t expect that the reader will contact you, just focus on your target share creative contents and response to your reader positively and timely. Your polite, timely and clear response to comments, text messages and calls will attract your readers. Make it easy, your reader access to you, by email, social media or contact number. Only contact form is not easy to access for everyone.

Creative and useful contents

If you are writing only for your self and your contents are not readers friendly or informative, then no one returns to your blog. However, your reads will come again and again on your site if you are writing for your readers if you are expressing the emotions of your readers or you are sharing fun and happiness for your readers. Always leave an open window for your readers for connecting with you.

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Don’t be restricted but be social

Be social, open your door for new connections on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Say hello hi and don’t ask more questions about your blogs but let them ask questions you must reply properly. Go online with your readers, viewers and develop a strong and emotional attachment with them. Connect with readers on the social ground don’t try to make relation for selling your stuff. When you will open the door, all types of peoples will enter into it, will react on your stuff, you must encourage discussion and learn from all of them and inspire them for coming on your site through your discussions creative contents.


The key characteristics of building a relationship with readers are Trust, Natural Respect, Positiveness, Welcoming Diversity, Mindfulness and Open Communication. The most important is sharing personality but not personal life matters. These are just my personal opinion, apply it for your blogs if you agree with. If you would like to add something more about, “Ways to build relationships with readers” feel free to write me in the comment, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter.

Your feedback is the great inspiration for us to share more stories, thoughts and experiences of life and lifestyle guru.

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Last Updated: March 29, 2020


  1. Good quality content will always help you build a relationship with your readers, and will make them return to you for further information.

  2. You’ve explained very well about the key characteristics of the relationship. Really like reading your article. Thanks for sharing.


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