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Worst or Bad Day

Life is beautiful with the best moments after some difficulties, you always try to put a smile on your face but sometimes the situation makes it difficult and you feel you face down that moment are the bad moments of bad days.

When unexpected and unforeseen situations happen and turn your world unhappy. But you must understand that it is only a bad day, not a bad life. Don’t worry only you are not the person in the world, who have bad days, everyone has some bad days, no matter some are with more worse days and some have less.

Many peoples compare the present time with the past and compare life with others which makes them crazy to live. I never compare any moment with past or other life moments, I believe in the present and always try to make my future happiness, so I don’t want to count bad days. No matter some hard days of life teach me the lesson of life because we don’t have control over a lot of issues large and small, but there are opportunities to learn the lesson of life.

Five worst days you don’t like to remember

While the bad days are little hindrances, none of these is career-ending but the effects of these moments may leave you feeling down. As I have the experience of different lifestyles, and many times in the life I feel myself unhappy with the situation, there are many days are worst days I don’t like to remember but it is the part of 30 days 30 blogs challenge and I have to share five worst days I don’t like to remember.

  • The days, I spent in fetching water, collecting firewood, grazing animals, and agriculture work in fields. When I am trying to look those days, my throats getting dry, I feel like, I am wandering in the jungle thirsty and tired. All those moments are the worst days I don’t like to remember and share with my kids.
  • I remember the moment of 1998, I was the student of University of Sindh, I was living at Blocks Hostel. That time the nationalist political moments were strong and fall in university, it was the time evening we’re sitting at the canteen of hostel for taking a cup of tea, nationalist comrades announced that as soon as possible all hostlers must leave hostels otherwise you will be the responsible for your lives. We left the hostel and stay outside the hostels, the mosquitos welcome, they sang the songs the whole night and we tried to keep them silent. It was not one night but many times we faced the worst situation.
  • The day, when I have to say NO but said yes and Day when I have to say YES, but I said No…. (Don’t like to remember both days and share those with my kids and others)
  • Due to some social unavoidable situations left my house and shifted to one another city, it was the worst day when I left my own house.
  • The day when someone calls me and said that doctor diagnosed cancer to your uncle, and there is no possibility of survival more, I could not sleep that day. But with the grace of almighty lord Krishna he is feeling well.

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Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: May 21, 2020


  1. Everybody has bad days, but as you very wisely said, it is important to remember that it’s just a bad day or week not a bad life. Bad moments pass. My bad days are when my child is sick, even something as simple as a cold.

  2. After reading your post the phrase, “life is not a bed of roses”, came into my mind. It is true that life is full of mini storms that are there to help us mature and become stronger so that we can face challenges as they come along.

  3. We all go through some horrible days during life, things that challenge us, things that hurt us. There are days that we wish we won’t remember.

  4. I try to remember that it could always get worse, and then I look back at those really awful days and remember that I got through them. I agree though, living in the present is so important!

  5. There are times that you have to say yes even if you don’t want it or just to please someone. I totally can relate!

  6. There are times I do remember my worst days, but only to remind me of what I achieve after and that I should be grateful. My worst days are my guidance for success.

  7. Of course we do not like to remember the worst day of our lives. In fact, I think that our brain purposefully puts them aside as a survival tactic. However, remembering the bad days can make you so appreciative of the present days. Bad days make us who we are just like good days do.


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