According to biological science life is a living thing but according to sociology, life is the process of the living of living things. Especially the high and low including social, cultural, financial and economic movements of living style. In this process of living with different behaviors, attitudes, skills, approaches, and norms there are so many things matter in life, but I would like to discuss some small things that matter a lot in life.

Things that matter

Today, we are connected globally and disconnected locally which impacts your lifestyle and norms of societies. Just think about your past few days, and try to remember the very small movements of life. You will find so many small things that matter a lot in your life but you didn’t count.

Most of the peoples are running behind the status, money, assets, and uncountable desires but the simple and smallest happiest movements are valueless to all of them. Some small things we are ignoring unconsciously and some of them we always ignore consciously all these small things matter a lot in our lives, we must count and connect ourselves with them.

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Note: If you have read this article then look back to your few hours and connect yourself with positive memory count the small things which you left and write only two-three in the comment box.

The wisdom is the name of observations, outcomes, and impacts of the rich experiences of the days of life. The age cannot but only wisdom can count the small things that matter a lot. Test your wisdom and count some small things that matter a lot in your life.

Which matters a lot;

Sincere relation, honest colleagues, loving partner, neighbor, families living around you, peoples behind your work, these things matter a lot in your life but these are not small things.

Age Matters

As you grew old, you start thinking about big goals, smart objectives and ignoring small things in life which matter a lot. Go to the street, park, station, ground you will find children overjoyed on very small things such as a single piece of chocolate, simple gift, touching the butterfly, touching the fish, touching the bird, having a kite, new dress, jumping, you will feel your childhood that who much you were happy. But now these little movements are not able to make you happy, do you know WHY? Because you are thinking that, what will say others, my status doesn’t allow this or this is not the age of jumping, swimming, and enjoying. I have many on the important tasks to complete timely.

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Yes, your tasks and plan are so important but these some small things that matter a lot are necessary for your happy and healthier lifestyle. You must give some time to your happiness.

Wisdom Matters

Wisdom is famous in rural societies, which is related to the folk knowledge and experiences of centuries, which are dominated by science. The folk wisdom is not open and understandable as the science for every student, but wisdom is directly linked with the experience of many years in the societies or with the societies.

It depends upon your wisdom, how are you using your knowledge for decision making.
Peace bringing mindset

When you are thinking that you have the wisdom of decision making, team leading, community leading or family leading there is no room for improvement. It means you are not accepting any opportunity and experience. Acceptance is more important for bringing peace around you. The peace bringing mindset is a small thing that matters a lot in your life. Always give time for your inner peace, which is the actual re-energizer for your lifestyle.

Sincere relationship

The immature relationships or relatives always create trouble in your life, be careful and manage your relationship and don’t waste your energy on immature relations. It is a very simple and small thing that matters a lot in your life. The sincere relationship or genuine relations can be found and manage by wisdom.

Some small things that matter a lot

There are so many things which are so important for your life, happiness, enjoying movements but the following are some small things that matter a lot in life.

  • Visiting temple/church
  • Helping needy peoples
  • Smile on face
  • Offering your time and skills to someone who is in trouble
  • Listening to music
  • Meditation
  • A pinch on your wife’s hip
  • Kissing her on neck
  • Walking on sand
  • Enjoying rain
  • Laugh out loudly
  • Applying nail polish to your girl’s toes
  • Unnecessary long call to a friend
  • Giving respect to elderly peoples and person with disabilities
  • A kiss after sex but with love
  • Small change to your routine
  • A beautiful sunset or sunrise
  • Fresh, organic food
  • Become Socially Active
  • Appreciation at work
  • Writing or completing your new poem or article

Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: April 17, 2020


  1. I love this post! It’s very fitting for how the world is now. Though it’s important to note the things that really matter in life, it is also equally important to know which ones we need not spend our energies on. Balance is my goal.

  2. This is a great post to make us realize the joys in life are about little things. If we can recognize and appreciate all the little things that matter we will find true happiness.

  3. This is a great thing to remember! Especially with these uncertain times, it does make a big difference to be able to look back at your day and think of the things we can be thankful for.

  4. Wow, such an amazing post and I really enjoy reading this, it gives us a realization that even a small things can give you a genuine happiness.

  5. Great list and post. A lot of things matters and it’s hard to say what matters most. I think being sincere with people is always of a big value to me

  6. We should be grateful for simple things in are life. But most of us look forward to big things and miss all those wonderful memories that we can create behind.

  7. I am also grateful more for many simple things I receive in life. When I combined them all, it became huge! And that’s amazing 🙂

  8. The main things are essentials to life but I enjoyed reading the small things more. When life gets hard, just put a smile and laugh and watch the sunset… those simple things mean a lot. Great article, Sir!

  9. These are great lists. I really appreciate all the small things that happens in my life. I enjoyed it minute by minute. and always be grateful.

  10. Small things are important, yes! They all add up and at times become our most significant memories we cherish always. great topic for a post, I’m sure it will remind people to not overlook those small pleasures ; )


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