Happiness is the most interesting thing ever. Around the globe everyone seems in search of things that make you happy and movements of happiness. Everyone has different ideas about happiness and about how to get happiness. Happiness is the best feeling which comes when you feel relaxed but most of the people think that happiness comes when life goes good when everything seems to be good enough for you.

What things that make you happy

But according to your fact, happiness will never come to you. Happiness is the one thing which you have to create. Even you can find it in small things, even in the most difficult time of your life. Happiness is such a thing which keeps you away from all sort of negative things which harms you badly. The happiness also has ever a good effect on your health, skin, and hair too.

Happiness always promotes a healthy lifestyle and the healthier lifestyle provides the things that make you happy. Happiness builds your immune system. Science says that the life of a happy person is more than stress one. well, it is not well understood how happiness increased life expectancy but still believe in it!

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As Dalai Lama once quoted it “Happiness is not something made. It comes from your actions”

Happiness is not about what a person has or what a person is or where the person is or what the person is doing what happiness is all about what you think about happiness. Here I am gonna tell some of the ways to make yourself happy. I am much inspired by these days I hope you would also love to know about all the things that make you happy.

Start with a good dose of gratitude

Always be thankful for what you have, also the gratitude for all those things that make you happy. Because it changes your level of happiness.

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Thank you GOD for my;
all senses I can see, listen, taste, hear and touch feel.
healthy life
available quality food and safe drinking water

Laugh every day ( better than all of the others )

It is so that most of the time you spend laughing? Is there such things which make you laugh. Laughing is the best medicine to heal so many pains and create the things that make you happy. There is a hormone that is released when you laugh named oxytocin. Even just a little smile will make you feel relaxed and happy. Always lock at every situation about getting much stressed. (it doesn’t mean you start laughing at any once funeral huh! What a joke) Enjoy every moment of life and love all those things that make you happy.

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Create good relationships with every one

Spending the whole time alone doesn’t mean that happiness. You are indeed relaxed when you spend time alone. But it is as well as true that spending time with your loved ones make you feel happier than in spending alone. Having good relationships with everyone makes you happy even having a good bond with everyone helps you to share your experiences as your ups and downs, as your problems and so on. They become your support system. I will help you with the worst time. The person gets depressed who doesn’t spend quality time with the loved ones. Always create a good relationship with everyone. avoid spending hate. Be loyal stay happy with the things that make you happy.

Spend some alone times

It is good to spend time with your family and friends. Therefore it is also necessary to spend some time with yourself. Spending time for yourself is good because it makes it easy for yourself to understand your feelings to recharge your spirits. Always spend some time with yourself it is the best option to make you feel relaxed with things that make you happy.

Do what you love

Always do such things that make you happy or those things which you want to do which you are love. There is a famous phrase “do what you love because money will follow” doing such things make you happier than ever because then you enjoy doing work will all heart and soul.

Avoid regrets

The mistake is part of our life, and we all does mistakes in our lives. Some people avoid these mistakes to move on and stay happy. Weather on another side some people live in mistakes and continuously thinks of these and become Self- tortured and unhappy. Do you know who is the best person ever? The best person is the one who always avoids regret who learns a lesson from the mistake and tries to be a better person than the previous one. Avoid regrets think forward and stay with the things that make you happy.

Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: April 09, 2020


  1. For me, happiness is really a choice. Like right now, I realized that at times I attach it to something. And when that something stops making me happy, I detach from it then I’m happy again. It’s a conscious effort.

  2. I love how you point out the different avenues people take towards happiness. I feel sometimes people allow others approach to happiness to interfere with their own. Loved this post!!

  3. This is a perfect list! Sometimes I get so buried in my work that I forget about these things. And then things aren’t as good. Thank you for reminding me to focus more on these things.

  4. Great tips for happiness here. I am a positive thinker, quite often I find my happiness pulled down by other people who can not be happy for me being happy!?

  5. Totally agree that happiness has to be created – SO TRUE. As you pointed out, it’s usually about those little actions and it’s not really a state we achieve and maintain forever. We have to work at it all the time! Well said!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your tips. It is easy to get with what is going on today, but important to keep a positive mindset. I love practicing gratitude as well 🙂

  7. I love this! The last couple of years I have been focusing closely on restructuring my life and genuinely doing what I love – and it has been paying off. I spent too many years working a job that I had to drag myself to every morning… It was time to make a change and find the place where my passions and the money overlap!

  8. A long time ago, a mentor told me “you yourself are the only person that can make you happy”. Indeed happiness is a choice, and it starts with the right mindset. ??? be grateful for every day and no regrets

  9. I’ve been adding gratitude to my daily list of things and it’s been so good for me to think positively. It’s really changed my mindset on what I am able to do.

  10. I always said that you regret in life the things that you haven’t done, not the things you do. Living with this motto you always get to experience new things and get out of your comfort zone, which are part of the recipe for happiness.

  11. What a great article. And it’s so true what you wrote. Happiness doesn’t come to you, it is something you have to create. And how awesome that we have control over whether or not we are happy. I always choose to look at the bright side of things. And so many simple things make me happy.

  12. Even though we all know about happiness, we tend to put conditions on it. “I will be happy if I get this”. You should be happy in your life no matter what the situation is, even though it is hard.

  13. These are great ways to start each day. And if one can live everyday on such manner, a healthy mental health and even general health is guaranteed.

  14. happiness is a choice yu can chose it or you can run from it. I have always believed in the saying you have to make a choice to take a chance to make changes! This is what I have lived by and I have found it has made me happier than I ever could be!

  15. This is very true, happiness is a choice and depends entirely on our actions and perspective. If we look at the brighter things in life, I believe it would lead to the path of happiness. Thank you for this wonderful post!

  16. You got it completely right completely when you say happiness must be created. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been in some crazy difficult and depressing situations in my life, and I’ve had great perspective and therefore still was very happy. I’ve also been in okay situations with terrible perspective and therefore was miserable. Create the life you want!

  17. I love how this article highlights the importance of personal space AND relationships with others. Both are necessary for an individual’s emotional well being.

  18. Great Post. We give what we have. And Giving is the nature of angel. You have given us a great information which can inspire many peoples. And I feel, this is happiness. When we give something to someone, it gives so much pleasure. By the way, Great share. Thank you.


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