The COVID 19 global pandemic in 2020 has had a significant effect on the worldwide job industry. Almost whole world adopted the WHO instruction and lockdown arrangements, and also all companies and industries adopted the WHO guidelines globally. So many peoples lost their jobs and job seekers stopped job searching from January to June 2020. Now the situation is under control and life is returning to normal routine and jobseekers have started re-designing and refreshing their resumes and job searching. If you are looking for suggestion and advice then here are guidelines for how to build a resume online and best 10 job search websites, hope you will find soon your dream job.


A resume is a summary of your qualification, work history, experiences, and skills you have achieved. Your resume is your first impression on the table of recruiters also it is the first step to get your dream job.

Employers just compare your resume against their requirements to determine whether you’d be a good fit or not. You must learn to build an attractive and self-explanatory resume and Start your career on the right foot by designing your own curriculum vitae.

Importance of resume

Time is important than all other resources, just remember that if you hire a person with a little bit of low capacity you can train him/her, but time never comes back. Time is the best teacher in the world so always learn from the time, on the time, by the time, and with the time. You are in the digital age, and no one has time to read your novel and a philosophical curriculum vita. You have to share your competencies and abilities within a few seconds like the TikTok videos because according to HR researcher, the average recruiter will spend no more than 10 seconds looking at your resume.

How to build a resume online

To build a resume online is not rocket science and difficult, there are so many websites are offering their services to build an online curriculum vita, but perfect resume building is another skill.

Pre online work

Before signing in any of the resume builder websites you have to gather accurate information and data about your resume which includes, your accurate biodata, academic qualifications (education start date, end date, result declaration date, GPA/Grade), competency skills, experiences, etc. Here is the step by step preparation sample before going online.

Basic Information

Your Name: World in Eyes
Email ID:
Date of Birth: 00/00/2020
Location/Address: (your postal address)
Phone Number: +92-344-2324000
Languages Known: English, Urdu, Sindhi, Hindi, Dhatki, Parkri, Siraiki

Skills/Keywords to be highlighted on your resume, specifically your areas of expertise. You can also mention any specific thing you are focusing on.

Details of Job History

Present and Previous Company/Organization (Chronological Order)
Company Name & Location:

Responsibilities in a nutshell (Please describe your responsibilities briefly and Achievements/Awards, if any).

Please mention any details regarding your contributions in terms of Revenue Generation/Business Growth (quantifiable statistics), Cost Savings, Initiated any process or system implementation, etc.

Projects Completed

Project Title: Water Security Plan Tharparkar
Location: Thar Desert
Client: WaterAid
Role: Project Manager
Team Size: 45 Persons including sector experts
Duration: Five Years
Tools Used: Social Mobilization, Research, Capacity Building, Rainwater Harvesting Models Established and Tested, Advocacy & Lobbying, Networking with all stakeholders, Case Presented at National and International Level, etc.
Please mention tasks are undertaken and achievement if any: (Share your key achievements)

Education and Credentials Section

Level of Education (Degree):
Course Name:
Year of Passing:

Voluntary Assignments:

The things you can claim on your resume

Here are some important things you must claim on your resume. These things will make your resume strong and more attractive for recruiters.

  • Your volunteer work (include all volunteer activities).
  • Projects you completed (which was not the part of your job description)
  • Training or workshops you attended and conducted
  • Content you created on the job (training materials, brochures, newsletters, and video, etc.)
  • Useful reports or analysis you created
  • Cross-departmental role confusion you sorted out
  • Any unique and innovative ideas you sold to your higher-ups
  • Professional associations you participated in
  • Conflict Resolution (Customer problems you solved)
  • Processes you improved

10 Job Search Websites

Now you’re ready to go online to build a resume online if you have gathered this data. There are many job search websites, which regularly publish job openings regularly in which reliefweb is one of the most reliable and well-designed websites. But this site is not providing the service of publishing your professional profile or resume. Hence some websites like LinkedIn and RozeePk are the best job boards and career search engine websites that provide fast and simple to use recruitment resources. The following are 10 job search websites for publishing your online resume.

Bottom Line

I hope you will be able to create your professional resume and you will get your dream job soon. You can write to us, if you would like to get the services to rebuild your CV more perfect and professional for that next-level job opportunity with top employers. Nowadays, HR professionals are using some HR applications for shortlisting or initial assessment of CVs. So, therefore, you must ensure the specific keywords in your resume to get more chances of shortlisting and Your resume stands out from the crowd.

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Last Updated: July 10, 2020


  1. This is a great guide to building a resume! I like that you included the job search websites here, very helpful to those that are seeking.

  2. Awesome post and it’s very timely as this is what’s happening right now all over the world. This is definitely a great help and everybody should consider this as an reference or guide on moving forwards this 2020.

  3. I love this topic, always gives me a little bit of sense what I need to do and be prepared when building my resume online


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