Life is not the name of perfect way to wards your goal, but life is the name of continuous running with natural (neither too fast, nor too slow) speed on natural pathways behind achieving your dreams. So, therefore stop waiting for the right time to do things. There in no any perfect time for planning your dreams or achieving the dreams of your life but every time is right to start or to end the matters.

Time and Tide wait for none

If your will wait for perfect time, the time will be left you outdated, so do run with time and keep update your information which will help you to achieve your dreams. If you are waiting for perfect time, who will inform you that this is perfect time? Who will confirm that the time will be same after coming second? Who will confirm the perfection of time? You should start from the point, where you are right now, and time will teach you running with.

Stop waiting for the right time to do things

Only fear is the dominating force behind your staying in comfort zone and waiting for good time. Keeping in view the importance of these very true words “Time and tide wait for none”, you must stop playing safely, make the time safe and step out from your comfort zone.

Live with truth:

Understand that no one will come for approval, in your life your approval counts. Just understand the truth and live life with truth. Never see behind who is say what? Feel your inner voice and do the things you love, be the grateful for being alive and well.

Extra second in minute:

Only sixty minute made hour and sixty seconds made a minute, no one can add one second in your minute. So therefore, never stay for time but always walk with time.

Perfect Version of You:

The time in which you are thinking about showing the perfect version of you is the perfect time, if you will stay for more better time, the life will pass leaving your behind the time.

Stop negative thinking:

The time not to start new business.!
This in not the time to end business.!
Now, I am not capable.!
I don’t have the time to learn new skill.!
Someone else should guide me.!
This is not the right time to take action.!
I don’t have money.!
Still, I am not ready.
Who will guide me or help me?


The justifications and excuses never allow you to take step out of your comfort zone just realize yourself and make your mind empty form excuses and justifications:
Never wait,
Stop waiting,
Start Living on purpose,

The world is waiting for you just go for it today, to start your perfect journey towards your LIFE GOALS……!!!!

Lifestyle Guru: February 20, 2020


  1. I’m very guilty of wanting to stay in my comfort zone. My world revolves around home and family, but I do think it would be exciting to travel when I have more time and money!

  2. There is never a perfect time to do something. If you wanna do it go for it. It will be a lesson or a sucess story, or both.

  3. I completely agree . Sometimes there is never a right time when it comes to following your dreams and the longer you wait the more out of reach they become. It’s all about pushing on, even when we are scared of failure.

  4. hank you for sharing as this is a reindeer that I very much needed. I need to step out of my comfort zone more often for sure.

  5. I completely agree with you that the right time to do anything is ‘now’. If we wait our entire life looking for the ‘perfect’ opportunities, we would never be able to accomplish anything in life. We learn to swim once thrown into the water. Likewise, in life once we take the initiatives and start doing, we would learn just by doing it!

  6. I love this and it related a lot to me for starting my blog. I started it when life was incredibly busy and not necessarily the right time but i am glad I did.

  7. I keep telling my partner this. We can’t wait for the perfect moment, we have to cease it while we can. I really want to travel as soon as we’re allowed to again but I also understand why some might be hesitant.

  8. Thank you for this! The reminders are especially helpful today. Timing is not always (in fact not often) perfect, so we must try to look at the pros rather than make excuses!


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