Thank you all of loving and caring visitors and readers for your kind visits, comments, and encouragement on “Every day a new story: Five reasons my blog name is worldineyes”. Today is the second day of 30 days 30 blog challenge. I would like to share my second story, under the title of “Every day a new story: Five reasons why I blog”.


I remember the first day was 16 December 1995, when I got admission to a computer short course. It was the first computer education center in this area where I completed three months of computer course and then joined the university for higher education. In the journey of my life, every day is a new story. I remember they, first time I started using the internet in 2002 when I had completed my M.Sc. I started using mobile in 2006, before that, there was no any Mobile network in the Thar Desert.

May 01, 2020: Every day a new story: Five reasons my blog name is worldineyes

The communication was not interactive, only radio, newspaper, and television were the main sources. I became familiar with fast communication sources very late, so It was not easy to jump in blogging. This rapid rise of social media and becoming more interactive communication sources, make it possible to share the thoughts of my world with you through this blog

After jumping in this world, I realize that this is a place where I can express my thoughts . I can share my perspectives with easy interactive ways. I also realized that the level of success depends on the way and clear strategy of what I am blogging for.


The fast and modern ways of communication replaced the ink with the input device (keyboard) and the audience targeted globally. Besides this the writes community accepted this rapid change, and now we are connected through this blogging practice. Which provides a place to writer’s community, to say it and be heard.

Blogging is an emerging way in my region, and it became an essential part of this generation around the globe. I jumped in blogging it gets me the reactions from worldwide.
In general, blogging is an online diary, not only the love stories of boyfriend and girlfriend but it is the open space diary of each and every issue of the globe.

Every day a new story: Five reasons why I blog

There might be many reasons behind the journey of blogging, but these are some important “five reasons why I blog”.

Hobby (reading and writing)

The writing hobby was the key reason I blog. I have already shared the story behind the blog in my previous blog “five reasons why my blog name is worldineyes”. I have been spent full day and night to complete the reading of books and attended late-night libraries to read books and write poems and stories. Still I have not compromised my hobby but with little difference and with the same commitment and struggle I am writing and working on the blog.

I don’t care about how to get more traffic and how to increase the number of comments, but I love to write and share with you and if someone happens to comment, I feel appreciation and reward to keep continue the writing.

To strengthen knowledge and inspire the audience

I believe that learning is the limitless asset of our life, no matter how old are you, or how much you know about things? There is always room for improvement and learning. I am blogging to learn something new and more about this already know that. I am doing it to strengthen my knowledge, my writing skills, and inspiring the audience with my experiences and practices.

Hence, I am trying to cover most of the important topics of lifestyle in my blog post. I believe in research-based writing with verified facts and figures. The information floods on the internet about my touched topics but I always update my blog posts regularly with the verified and latest information on the selected topic.

I also believe that as a blogger you can inspire and lead your targeted audience, as a blogger you can rise up the local issues globally, as a blogger you can change the global games. It is possible with inspiring more peoples and you generate a portion of influence over them.

For inspiring the audience, a blogger should have skills, knowledge, wisdom, and commitment with a strong strategy of blogging for contributing in;
Helping the audience to settle their social and economical matter
Making their life more productive and self-reliant
Providing an open space of learning and getting guidelines.

Networking (to connect with like-minded peoples)

The third reason, I blog is to establish a platform for connecting with like-minded peoples around the globe. Blogging is a great way of connecting peoples internationally. This hobby helps me in spreading my thoughts beyond geographical boundaries.
The blogging connects me with you a great soul otherwise you couldn’t know me (Abu Janus). This network helps to bring us together on the platform of worldineyes and discus about five reasons why I blog.

To build my online brand World in Eyes

As I natively belong of disaster-prone area (Thar Desert, Sindh Pakistan). I has not only read or listen the stories but gone through the miseries of several disasters such as earthquake, fire incidents, cyclone, famine-like droughts, heavy rains, flood, health-related disasters. I have remained engaged in humanitarian response from my school age, while our volunteer group was involved as a helping hand for marginalized people. While working as a development professional with local, national, and international NGOs I have worked under the guidelines and procedures of International Humanitarian and Developmental Organizations and further learned a lot about different approaches and levels of coordination for humanitarian and development response. I need a platform or online platform through which I can share this journey worldwide.

I trust that this online brand ( will further strengthen my skills for the sharing of my experiences and learning globally.

To generate an income

Last but not least reason is to earn some extra money by using my knowledge, skills with wisdom. I think this is a very common reason and many of you have been writing for. For this, I am using some affiliate programs and Google AdSense. The add may bother you but this is our need and most of us are using this for getting some income from blogging.

I hope you will enjoy the reasons why I blog, your kind feedback, little time on my site will be my great reward and appreciation.

Your little kind support will make me able to build worldineyes a strong online brand. Here, I can connect millions of audiences and will share thoughts about, lifestyle including counseling for building character and discipline, build healthy habits, desert tourism, travel, fashion, and beauty.

Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: May 02, 2020


  1. I have almost the same reasons as yours on this subject. Blogging is inspiring and uplifting because it enables you to connect with people around the globe. Lets continue blogging and writing our stories online.

  2. thank you for sharing your story, and I couldn’t agree more about the reasons about blogging – same here. My favorites are definitely to connect with like-minded people and express myself creatively.

  3. These are 5 perfect reasons for blogging! I sometimes wonder why we don’t click on each other’s ads more often to help out, especially since they were formulated to be things we are interested in clicking on because they are based on our own history. I am going to pledge to help other bloggers out in this way this year.


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