As usual, I reviewed the feedback of readers on my last post “The main causes of oily skin | Lifestyle Guru” which clicks that I should share basic tips to look awesome for you. So, I gathered my ideas on the steps of basic makeup tips. The following are the step of a simple makeup tutorial for you. which will make you look fresh-faced and stunning.

Start up

Firstly wash your face with a gentle cleanser, after that use toner, then use a right moisturizer and after moisturizing always wear sunscreen and after that finally apply the primer. ( always remember never use makeup without applying primer it is the basic need of makeup). It will make your makeup remain long-lasting.

Use a foundation

Despite using Foundation on the whole face, just apply it to such areas where there is much requirement which will cover all your skin disorders all day long. Apply the foundation with the fingertip take the right amount (a pearl-size) five points on the face now pat until the color is uniform. Do not make a circle. Hair, neck and so easy to overlook the site also to smear, so that more natural color.

Use concealer

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

After using Foundation then use the concealer. It is optional like if you don’t want to use Foundation you can skip that because the concealer has dual properties. it can also fulfill the duty of foundation. Firstly choose the right shade the closest match to your skin tone. Apply concealer as-needed. apply it on under eyes, chin, nose, and forehead after that blend this with a beauty blender. Then just quickly contour and highlight and do not forget to apply the blusher (it is necessary for looking a little bit more attractive). Blusher gives you the perfect look.

After that apply the loose powder:

It is also known as fixing powder or bronzing powder it gives your face perfect shape. Slightly apply it on your cheeks, forehead, jawline and nose and for adding some dimensions you can also apply it to the cease of your eyes.
Apply the eye makeup

Start it with your eyebrows:

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Nowadays the eyebrows are all that one wants. Everyone Desire is to get bigger and better eyebrows. firstly take the brush and place it along your nose side to know from where your brows start after that choose the best color which matches your brows and then fill it from the inside corners and make the endpoints too harsh. After filling take a spoolie (brush) to blend and soften the harsh lines of your brows in end just comb through brows with a colored gel.

Apply eye shadow:

While applying eye-shadow be aware of this that firstly dust the color on your lid’s apply the color which suits your dress. if you are wearing light colors then don’t use much glittery eye makeup.

Now apply eyeliner:

It is good to apply eyeliner; before applying the mascara but, before applying eyeliner it is necessary to apply eye-shadow. Because it gives you the best lookup. Especially use the waterproof eyeliner pencil on your eye. the best way for applying liquid eyeliner has firstly shaken the eyeliner until it got well mixed. Shake it for few seconds then start applying the eyeliner in the middle and much close to your eyelash and move out towards the outer edge of your eyelash now fill the whole gaps after that applying the mascara.


After following all the above steps now end with applying your lipstick. To make your lipstick long-lasting firstly apply lip balm after that apply some face powder over your lips then finally apply lipstick and here you are. finally, you have got an awesome look!

Your feedback is the great inspiration for us to share more stories, thoughts and experiences of life and lifestyle guru.

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Last Updated: March 28, 2020


  1. It’s truly simply. I like to keep my makeup minimal too. We have a say here, a little lipstick and a little eyeliner would do the justice to you. Loved reading it. Looking forward to see more such tips.


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