Letus discuss about Healthy and Affordable Lifestyle Habits: Eating out regularly, paying gym membership fees, and tossing food away because its sell-by date has passed before you have a chance to eat it can all add up. Staying healthy can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and save money by following these tips from World in Eyes.

Working Out at Home

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Monthly gym membership costs an average of $23 and up to $77 at a high-end establishment. You can still get a good workout without paying a fee by working out at home, taking advantage of one of several running trails, or cycling to work instead of using the car.

Cheap ways of getting a workout at home include utilizing things in your cupboards, such as cans of soup or detergent bottles, as weights. They’re ideal for working the biceps and triceps. If you want to go heavier, fill buckets with water or sand, which allows you to do exercises such as deadlifts and squats.

Purchasing Non-Perishable Food in Bulk

Between 125 and 160 billion pounds of food are thrown away each year in the United States. As long as you have the right temperature and moisture conditions, there are many healthy foods you can store long-term without them spoiling. They include:

  • Dried beans and lentils
  • Frozen berries
  • Frozen meat, poultry, and vegetables
  • Oats
  • Honey
  • Dried fruits
  • Popcorn
  • Dried pasta
  • Chia seeds
  • Peanut butter
  • Protein powders

Avoid buying certain foods in bulk, even if they work out cheaper. These include spices, which can lose their potency over time, and certain flours, which can have a shelf life as short as 3 months.

Smart Shopping

It’s always a good idea to look up quality reviews of products before bringing them into your home. Also, don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry if you want to save money and avoid buying unhealthy items. If you shop for groceries when you’re hungry, you may stray from your grocery list and purchase unhealthy snacks as a quick fix for that rumbling stomach.

Growing Your Own Food

Even if you only have a small garden, you can still save yourself a bundle at the grocery store. You can expect to save $25 on your grocery bill for every $1 investment. If you decide to grow your food, look at produce that gives a good return on investment.

How to Monetize Your Healthy Lifestyle

Your healthy lifestyle could be your ticket to a healthy income. You can help others meet their health goals and make money simultaneously by starting an affiliate marketing blog about money-saving health strategies, opening a yoga studio, or opening a store that sells fitness equipment. This type of endeavor requires a business plan, as well as descriptions of your business structure, projections, and funding options. It can seem a little intimidating at first but this guide on how to start a business with ZenBusiness can walk you through step-by-step.

Affordable Healthier Living

You don’t have to spend big bucks on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Simple tricks, such as using things in the home to exercise, growing your own food, and buying in bulk, can make living healthily affordable. And the knock-on effect is you’ll be able to enjoy lower health insurance premiums as a result.

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Last Updated: October 23, 2023


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