The The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the challenges and hindrances in each sector and every aspect of life. The digital connectivity replaced the physical movement and e-currency (use of credit and ATM cards) replaced the physical hard currency. Let us discuss, how Corona has affected the worldwide lifestyle? And how it changed the world’s trends?. In this regard, the entire world is much worried and thinking to save the Global economy, lives of peoples, livelihoods, food and the rest of human belongings.

I had listened to my forefathers about the many disasters. When they faced acute food shortages and water scarcity. In the times of pandemics, they had to eat the leaves and dried covers of trees. We were assuming that, these are no more than fairy tales. As we didn’t witness such type of any disaster which compelled people to eat tree-leaves.

Today, I am recalling those stories and feeling much upset. If the world is not l getting successes over this pandemic of coronavirus then around 7.8 billion peoples will face acute food security in the coming months. The corona virus is spreading rapidly in every country which will leave the worst impacts on all aspects of life.

Impacts of Corona-virus (COVID-19):

The COVID-19 very badly affects almost all aspects of life including lifestyle, economy, environment and production. Due to COVID-19 whole world has been locked down and the people have been stucked and limited to their homes.

Technology played a vital role and enabled things to happen, like video conferences, work from home, online purchasing, home delivery, etc.

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COVID-19 has almost 100% affected the nightlife of tourism places and livelihood sources. Atomic power countries have started thinking about investing in biological and chemical safety measures. Peoples are spending more time with families. Just before one-two months before the same populous was so busy in their business, specific lifestyles, and many other irregular tasks.

Million of rupees have been invested in personal hygiene but the behavior change has remained a big question. Just after the outbreak of coronavirus peoples have started hand-washing practice, but this would be more important to do it properly and continuously. It also reduced air pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution.

Economical impacts

Corona has affected even almost collapsed the financial systems of the world with the less operation of manufacturing units, export, import, air travel, agriculture production, skilled and unskilled labor, etc.

It will affect the economy of every person and country of the world. World largest economies such as China, Italy, Spain, Indis, USA, UAE has imposed lockdown and are following the quarantine policies, which is also reducing the manufacturing of food, non-food and pharmaceutical items in international markets. This unbalanced manufacturing will reduce the supply side and many economic sectors will face big losses. This outbreak increased the huge number of urban unemployment around the world which will definitely lead to an increase in the poverty rate. The millions of rural and urban unemployed peoples will be a burden on the world economy. Long term economical impacts are expected shortly (near future).

The overall decline of China

Nowadays, China was the world-leading and dominant supplier of almost all the things we use in life, from the toothbrush to footwear. By this dominancy china changed the behavior of consumers, the poor of the poorest person of the world can watch colored TV, Smart Phone and other things, which were only dreams of those peoples. Because china started things according to the purchasing power of the consumer.

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Due to the shutdown of manufacturing industries of China the economic growth simply went down the long term impacts on china’s economy expected the overall decline of china. China controlled coronavirus very shortly but it will take time to boost the economy again.

Religious Impacts

The first time in history, all religions have been affected in some ways, all religious main worshiping places have been closed for worship.
Religious education centers have been closed, pilgrimages (yatra, etc) have been canceled. It has been observed that followers of different faiths and religions have gathered together and performed pray for the safety of human beings.

Impacts on Education

COVID-19 besides all other aspects has affected worldwide educational calendar, all the educational institutes are closed and exams has been postponed for the next notice. More than 577 million student’s education is at risk according to UNESCO and out of five, one student will leave school.

Impacts on Worldwide tourism

Tourism is one of the most affected aspects worldwide. Almost all countries closed the tourist points because of the panic of COVID-19. Due to worldwide borders closed and the panic of coronavirus made prohibited travel on public places and tourist places. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), stopping travel could not stop the spread of coronavirus. The lock-down in all over the tourism points, countries and closed hotels, airlines affected this industry very badly, this was the busiest season in Asian countries but all of those are closed and fighting against coronavirus.

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According to IATA (International Air Transport Association), about 29 billion dollars (5%) of revenues will be reduced this year due to the corona outbreak worldwide, which shaken the tourism industries. This sudden economic lockdown in worldwide markets affected the tourism revenue of tourism countries.

Gender perspective (impacts on women)

Women are about 49.6% population of the world, it means half of the population of the world is financially weak, no matter women are playing their role in each sector but the ratio of working women is very low and in which working women very few are self-reliant and empowered women. Therefore, women are more vulnerable in this situation, because they have more responsibilities than men.

Corona has changed world trends

Let us discuss, how corona is going to change the world trends of all sectors including rural and urban population.

Technology-enabled future

The limited movement of peoples is going to technology-enabled future. So, the consumers, retailers, and manufacturers are getting new learning and they have started the e-commerce options in their businesses. According to some market researchers, it is the test for promoting e-currency worldwide.

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The growth of local brands

The limited movement closed big markets and work from home encouraged peoples to use local products. The local and organic food has been gaining popularity in rural areas, it is a positive impact on health and local growers. The situation is the same around the world and the corona is changing lifestyle trends around the globe.


The outbreak of coronavirus incorporated the mask-wearing, proper hand-washing with soap on all critical timings and social distancing in the lifestyle around the globe.
New food items have also been introduced in the market (such as “corona cofta”, “corona biscuit”, “corona supari”). People have taken CORONA names for their babies (one case observed in India).

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The textile industry is going to incorporate the colorful design of the coronavirus in the design of different women wearings, T-Shirts, curtains and other cloths. The corona is reshaping the lifestyle around the globe.

Online job, e-income

The future of online job seekers, online workers, bloggers, YouTubers, fivers is bright but it will be more competitive. Because the more unemployed youth is seeking and joining online work. The advertising trends makers are going to more invest in streaming services, social media, e-magazine, website, and mobile games. It is because the people are spending more time on mobiles and laptops at home. So, the outdoor advertisements are not working so Global Ad Trends should should be change. As everything is going to digital so, as soon as possible, we would try to go digital.

Conclusion (looking for future)

No doubt, corona virus is spreading very quickly. The world strongest economies countries China, USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, and all other countries are fighting against COVIS-19. They have stopped all economy-boosting activities. But don’t create panic due to the spreading ratio of corona virus. But keep your conscience boosted which always helps people to fight with illnesses confidently.

Many peoples are spreading so many rumors about corona origin and future. But we must keep ourselves safe at homes. Also, must use healthy food including organic food items with safe drinking water. We have effectively defined (much better than global expectations) to such other deadly pandemics in the past like Polio, HIV, and Cholera, etc. Certainly we will together defeat the disease. The future is in our hands, we will grow and boost again our economy, travel, fashion, lifestyle and every happiest movement of life.

Extra Tips of Safety Measures

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Practice respiratory hygiene
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early
  • Stay informed and follow advice given by your healthcare provider

Your feedback is the great inspiration for us to share more stories, thoughts and experiences of life and lifestyle guru.

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Last Updated: March 27, 2020


  1. I think we’re going to see a significant shift following this to work from home style employment. As businesses realize they can get the work done without necessarily having to incur the costs associated with providing an office space (rent, utilities, furniture, etc.), it’s going to open a lot of eyes to the possibilities. It was an option that many shrugged off without giving it a second thought, however, this situation has forced many to adapt.

  2. What’s great about this event though, although it has impacted us in negative ways, is that we are seeing our humanity. There is so much love and support coming from everyone.

    • Dear Kathy,
      Nature is reclaiming everything, peoples are lock-down so they are realizing the true value of things whenever we get free will fly with available resources and new strategies. Thanks for your true feedback.

  3. This is what people were calling the “end of the times.” We need to open up our true eye and see what really matters, take time to reflect, work on self-improvement, learn more what we always wanted to know about.
    But you are right saying that our lives have changed drastically and will open to new possibilities and ways of living.

    • No matter what is it? But this is the time of planing, organizing and strengthening our-self as well as national and international level too.
      Thanks for your feedback and endorsement.

  4. You know, why I am reading this article, I’m listening to a podcast that is saying that this coronavirus will cause a new world order, something way different. We will go to G0 where there are no world leaders. Interesting theories going on about the future.

    • Yes, I have listen and read many rumors about about “A New World Order”, “A book written by Sylvia Browne (End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies) and one other book written by Dean Koontz (The Eyes of Darkness) A Movie “Contagion-2011” all these are the witness of something is going on. But I think we should understand the ground realities and go ahead for FUTURE. I hope our future is bright!


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