Strong and healthy nails are the desire of every woman and every girl. Also, how to get strong and healthy nails is a common question for every girl. Strong and healthy nails are right for every girl and are also the pride of everyone. Strong and healthy nails give us the courage and it boosts up self-confidence. Almost every girl loves to have strong and healthy nails.

How to get strong and healthy nails

It is the common question, but it is most important for many women and girls who are sensitive to their nail beauty and care. No matter how sensitive you are towards the health and beauty of your nails. Here you will find the key solutions of nailcare experts about how to get strong and healthy nails.

8 tips by nailcare experts

Here I am sharing with you the most important eight tips to get strong and healthy nails according to nail care experts and these tips are very easy and effective.

Keep your hands clean

For keeping your nails strong and healthy the first and the foremost need is that your nails and surrounding area would be clean and dirt free. Nail care experts say that the best way to keep dirt-free and healthy nails is that use a toothbrush and apply soap to it and then gently scrub on your nails. Always keep your hands clean best nail care experts suggest this.

Be gentle on your nails

Nails are very delicate and smooth so if you scrub roughly then that will expose you to infection. Always be gentle on your nails for getting strong and healthy nails suggested by all nail care expert

Moisturize your hands and nails

Your nails are also like your skin. As you never go to sleep without moisturizing your skin then why you don’t keep your hands and nails moisturized? Nail care expert says that if you want strong and healthy nails then use a paste mix of Almond and Avocado oils to keep your nails and cuticles moisturized.

Load up on rich protein food

Nails are made of keratin protein so as a proteinoid diet helps in your clear skin and shiny hair so does on your nails a diet. The rich protein diet helps a lot in keeping strong and healthy nails. Nail care expert says that always eat such proteinoid food which is full of vitamins and supplements (especially Biotin vitamin E and fish oil to your daily regimen) where doctor Belmar always suggests eating protein-rich food like nuts, fishes and beans.

Give your nails a break

As after doing a lot of work you got tired and take breaks so does your nails. Nail care experts say that your nails will soon get dry out if you don’t give them a break and if you are just back to back using a strong polish color; then they will become yellowish and gets weaker than ever. A nail care expert also says that nail polish removers are also sometimes responsible for the weakness of your nails so always give your nails a break too.

Don’t forget to take care of your nail’s tools too

Nail care expert says that as you always keep your makeup brushes cleaned and disinfected so also take care of your nail’s tools too. Keep disinfecting your nails tools for keeping them strong and healthy nails nail care expert always says that wash your nails tools with soap and water and after that rub with alcohol.

Prioritize nail health over length

Nail care experts always say that most of the people give priority to nail length over nail health. Long nails look beautiful and no doubt in this but if you have continuously suffered from nail breakage then they recommend that you must keep them short until it gets to start out with. keep a shorter style with a round edge that is much easier to manage.

Clip your nails regularly

As you usually trim your hair so also get your nails trim regularly a little bit. Nail care experts also suggest this to getting strong and healthy nails.


Getting strong, smooth and sturdy nails requires patience, flexibility and consistency. Remember that these tips are the roadmap to get strong and health nails, but it is not the only way to get strong nail. If you have some problem with your nails, you must visit your dermatologist to get a prescription.

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Last Updated: June 07, 2020


  1. All are good tips to keep the nails at their tip-top condition. Not many people pay attention to their nails.

  2. This is a very timely post, I’ve been looking for this stuff because I have weak nails, they always got peel and crack. Thank you for post that I’ve learned a lot how to take care and maintain a strong nails.

  3. Giving your nails a break is such an important step. I used to get my nails done every three weeks with shellac. Then, going to a different place than my usual, the lady there convinced me to put gel on… what a mistake! It took a year to get my nails healthy again, period in which I didn’t use any chemicals on them again.

  4. These are some great tips on how to take care of our nails. I always moisturize my hands and my nails, that’s why my nails are strong.

  5. These are great tips but I find myself biting my nails when I’m a bit stressed. With the pandemic, I am constantly washing my hands so they are so dry.


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