It was the second day in Naran Valley, I was so tired at Fairyland hotel after returning from the sky-high elevation of 10,577 ft (3,224 m) full frozen lake Safe-ul-Malook. I wanted to take a few minutes’ rest, but my friend said hurry up take tea and travel. It was planned to go to an amazing place to visit Batakundi Naran in Kaghan Valley

Naran in Kaghan Valley

Naran is a small town in the upper part of Kaghan Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is about an altitude of 2409 meters and an international tourist attraction valley. Thousands of tourists rush to explore its attractive beauty and enjoy the pleasant weather.

Amazing place to visit Batakundi

The Batakundi is a small mountainous village in Naran Valley. The driver told me that, we should move now, the road is not good, and glaciers are melting speedily, and we have to travel from these glaciers. I was so excited to reach Batakundi as soon as possible and explore some beautiful landscapes of this small mountainous village.

I took a tea and again sit back into four-wheel drive jeep and our journey to Batakundi, it approximately on 14km distance and it takes only 15 minutes in normal season (mid of the April to August) rest of the days it takes more time due to high snowfall, rainfall, landslides, glaciers.

The travel was very dangerous at that time, because of glaciers and land sliding. In both situations of fear of accident and excitement of a visit to the valley, I enjoyed the time and travel from Naran to Batakundi and back to Fairy Land Hotel Naran.

After 40 minutes’ drive we reached Batakundi village, reached the coffee shop and took a cup of coffee, and reached a valley.

Local Peoples 

I meet with the local peoples, a young boy shares about their routine life. He said the life is too tough, because of every year seasonal migration, and tourist-dependent livelihood sources.

He said that, they are living in temporary houses and the outsiders have control of the total business. We just get some money from tourists by providing services to local guides or selling some local fruits and things.

Finally, I reached, at the small river, the water was coming from the large glaciers. I put my foot in the water and suddenly took out because the water was very cold. Slowly, and slowly I tried to adjust the water and enter into the water and sit on the rock it was inside that small river.

Photo Click at Batakundi Village 

Enjoyed the heart touching and amazing beauty of the valley, green landscapes, ice-covered mountains, lifestyle of local peoples, and the natural beauty of the area.

I was amazed to observe that a half-day is not enough for exploring these wonderful places but must stay here sometimes and explore more about the local people’s lifestyle, livelihood sources, traditions, and copying strategies during heavy snowfall.

I just tried to capture each and every movement, but it was not possible in a few hours. We stayed there till sunset and then return back to Fairy Land Hotel Naran.

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Last Updated: April 23, 2020


  1. Definitely not a very easy place to travel to, but your photos are all worth it. Plus you were able to interact with the locals and learned better about them.

  2. The landscape is mesmerizing. It reminds me of my travels and makes me wonder when will we be able again to travel. I spent a lot of time going through you gallery. Thank you.


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