The first 90 days of a new job is the probationary period, so which can lay the groundwork for achieving the key objectives of your job. On the other hand, the first 90 days of a job are largely viewed as a proving period for you. Successful peoples always plan the first 90 days of a new job very carefully and strategically. And they set their long-term goals and they prove their worth, abilities, and leadership skills by making the social ties outside of their team. It is a crucial time to impress your line manager, boss/manager, and colleagues, also it is the time to ensure your success in your current role and overall career.

First 90 days of a new job

The first 90 days of a new job have not a common time, because there is a new environment, new peoples, new targets and new nature of work, which require your activeness and skills of leadership. It depends upon your commitment and ability to achieve what do you expect in your first 90 days of a new job.

what do you expectThe following are the important approaches that can help you lay a strong foundation in your first 90 days of a new job and achieve what do you expect.

Do the necessary research

Only reading your new job description, and a good outfit is not a guaranty of a perfect first day at a new job station. You have to prepare yourself before entering in new job station. Also, you have to read and understand the policies and procedures, ongoing programs and projects, organizational hierarchy, organizational portfolio, etc. You must visit the website, social media pages, and professional pages to understand the organizational social media outreach strategies and communication boundaries.

Do the necessary research, which will help you to understand the company environment and how the company works.

Understand the expectations

The job description will guide you that what your boss/manager is expecting from you. You have to list down the key expectations’ points and discuss your manager according to time, resource, and plan. Ensure that you have read carefully and clearly understand the expectation of your employer from you.

Be honest with your job, your employer, and company, don’t make mistakes in taking decisions openly discuss with your employer if you need any training, extra orientation, or support from the company side.

To understand the culture

After joining the new job, you can’t take more time to understand the culture, you have a short window of time to understand the culture and adopt it. Sometimes companies can’t orient new employees on company culture, environment, and challenges, they just orient about your job responsibilities and tasks related to the position. If you are experiencing this situation be patient, follow the company rules, keep eyes, and ear on ways of working also keep close your mouth, until you can understand the company culture. Timely understanding the culture, values, and ethics of the company, will play a big role in your initial success.

Avoid being a part of office politics

Remember that, dirty office politics always spread malicious and hateful rumors about the right peoples. Try to avoid being a part of office politics, but it is harder to avoid political talk at the workplace.

The dirty politics, leg-pulling at the workplace, and heated talks increase the frustration, irritation, distrustfulness, unprofessionalism, and unproductivity.

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Your first 90 days of a new job is the important time to demonstrate your expertise and prove what do you expect from the company and what your manager expects from you during this span of time.

Be flexible and adaptable in your new role

Flexibility and adaptability are the critical qualities that every employer seek in their employees. Every employer needs an employee who is open to accept any positive change and take the responsibilities with accepting the challenges with flexibility. Remember that your employer has hired you for working with them they have not hired you to teach them, so, therefore, be flexible and adaptable in your new role and play on the pitch by following the rules of your employer/manager. Demonstrating flexibility, adaptability, and acceptance of the change and challenges can gain you favor with coworkers, managers, and employers.

Embrace the new team

Don’t be more conservative at a new workplace also don’t try to make friends to all colleagues at a new workplace. Most important thing is to learn quickly more about the company environment, and every one of your new teams. You have to remember the name, role, and responsibilities of everyone as soon as possible. It will help you, how to interact with your team members on a professional level.

Accept the change slowly is natural human behavior, so don’t worry about the pain of change you are going through it. Be positive and accept the change and embrace the new team and perform your duties professionally; this will help layout a strong working foundation.

Ask for feedback

Positive and constructive criticism is like a shower of rain in the desert. So, therefore always be proactive to get feedback, comments, and suggestions from your manager. Never wait for feedback but always try to ask for feedback it will help your professional development. During these first 90 days of a new job, never take decisions before consulting with your manager or boss. Inform your manager, what have you seen, observe, and understand. Never create misunderstanding between team and management. It will make you controversial or it may become the cause of stopping your professional growth.

Recommend improvements

You have to approach your new job very objectively and critically. The main goal in your first 90 days of a new job should be to take ownership of your new role, understand the procedures and policies of the company. In the first 90 days, you should take a big step in enhancing your skills, leadership style. And make yourself more successful in professional life and achieve what do you expect in professional life.

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Last Updated: October 29, 2020


  1. Very important guide for people joining a new job. Understanding the work culture, adjusting to it, be vigil are some very crucial things. Sharing my 21 years of job experience, its a challenge but you need to be smart.


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