Did you ever think about it or do you know, why is it that some people achieve greater results in life than others? And how can you achieve bigger and better results in your life? Since ancient ages peoples have been thinking about these kinds of questions. Many philosophers including Budha, and other many extremely wise Greek and Chinese philosophers had discussed these types of questions in their philosophies and theories. These philosophies have made a great contribution and great discoveries into the most effective self-improvement tips for success that made many people succeed in their lives and to be happier and live a great lifestyle.

Most effective self-Improvement tips for success

Here I would like to discuss and briefly describe the important information about the nine most effective self-improvement tips for success and so I hope that it’s gonna save you a lot of time and there will be no need for you to look into all these various books and videos and stuff because you can find the most valuable ideas about self-improvement. Following are the nine most effective self-improvement tips for success.

1. To take a big action

It is not necessary, that only the smartest and most talented people or even the ones who had the biggest amount of resources can achieve the most in life. But, they are simply those who took the big actions, because as simple as it is the more actions you take the more is the chance that you get greater results because the only thing that at the end of the day affects results is the actions.

There are many examples of successful persons like Steve Jobs and others who were probably not the smartest and talented person in the world, but they took big action in their lives. As Steve Jobs launched his ideas and dreams, he pursued them, he promoted his objectives and goals by taking so many big actions in his life and became successful.

2. Don’t fear failure

As the president of IBM Mr. Thomas Watson, the biggest business icon said if you want to increase your success rate double your failure rate. Failure teaches you do not to take granted things and how to win. Our history shows that many kings fight many wars and they failed but they dint fear failure and tried again and again, and they won. It has been observed that we don’t take so many actions just because we have a fear of failure. We have a fear of judgment. We worry that maybe we’re gonna lose our resources, money, or lose time.

3. Determine your results by your self-image

The self-image is the sum of all the thoughts, beliefs, and ideas that, you have about yourself. Also, the self-image is every valuable important area of your life and a meaningful tip of self improvement. We have the self-image for the kind of body that, we have like.

What do you what? Do you think about this, how attractive are you? You have the self-image for, how good you can deal with finances? Or how good a husband you are? Or wife you are? How good is a friend you are? How much money do you deserve? To make all the beliefs and ideas that you have about yourself form your self-image and the psychology states that, we always tend to act in accordance to your self-image. For example, a lot of people think that they only need more money and that’s gonna sort out all their problems. But interesting research found that almost 70% of bills who want big amounts of money in the lottery became bankrupt just a few years. Why is that so; it is because we all have a certain amount of money that is enough for us.

Sometimes it is like we don’t get enough one then we seek ways to get back to our normal state but surprisingly, even if you suddenly start making way more than, you consider to be normal for you; that also brings more stress and we also start feeling uncomfortable. Therefore, subconsciously we start looking for a way to get us back to the normal situation in life. Always determine your results by your self image for self-improvement and development.

4. Change your thinking change your life

As it is always said that usually, people think that they don’t achieve the results that they want, they lack a certain resource. Because they don’t have enough money or education connections or some other external factor, but around 75% of millionaires are self-made meaning that the only thing that differentiated them from the rest was their way of thinking.

They also did not have money at the beginning of their journey and yet they managed to find a way to achieve great successes in life. What kind of ideas can have a profound impact on your life? Let me call Steve Jobs, the guy who I already mentioned earlier; what he said everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. It’s one of those ideas that can shift your perspective about self-improvement, personal development because, if you go through life with this kind of belief it opens up so many more doors and opportunities for you.

Just think about this if you look around and then you see all these buildings and bridges and books and gadgets and clothes and everything then you will realize that it was made up by people, who are now smarter than you or just like you. And if they could do it, so can you, it just makes you think that you too can create something great. The way you look at the life in general and look at the new opportunities there are of course many more ways that you can do in order to change your thinking and change your life for the better.

5. Focus on positive actions

“Eight-five be a fob in this case” is an abbreviation which means focus on positive and an interesting thing is that we usually hope for the problems to disappear, to be sorted out and then we hope that it’ll make us happy. But the many researchers found out that people who are happy are not the ones who have no problems in life because it’s simply impossible we all have our share of problems and setbacks and failures and worries and many more in life.

And the only difference between those who feel truly happy is that they decide to focus more on the positive in their life. Because you can only think about one thing at a time and if your focus, your attention is on only one thing then you automatically stop thinking about all the negative things. Besides just the positive attitude it actually makes you more resourceful.

Let me give you another example more practical one through these self-improvement tips, there was a financial crisis in Japan from 1995 to 2007 and during this time salaries drop-down GDP dropped down everything declined, and even though within the same period of time 13 people became billionaires from scratch, and more than a hundred people earned a hundred million dollars. How come it’s because not everything declines even during the crisis if you look for positive things if you look for opportunities you can always find out. What I mean to say here is that if you focus on the positive you can also find new lucrative interesting opportunities in life.

6. Ask the right questions in order to get the right answers

Now, this is that ask the right questions in order to get the right answers in life, the right ideas you gotta be able to ask the right questions. Sometimes we ask ourselves questions like should I do this? or can I do? this but obviously this kind of question would only provoke doubts and insecurities. And here are the three most popular why questions that people look for in Google, why do I always lie? Why did I get married? why am I so tired? and as you may guess asking yourself these kinds of questions would only provoke doubts insecurities and a bad mood.

Instead of these ask yourself the right question and sounds like the best question you can ask yourself is what can I do? or how to? because this is an action-orientated question that will help you to actually change the situation for the better and will put you in this more productive state of mind.

7. Co-operation

The main differences between those people who achieve great results in life and those who’ve stuck or those whose progress is very slow is that, they later usually try to proceed further in life by their rope. Well people who achieve great results in life then usually seek for help from the outside, think about this all the great entrepreneurs they of course raised a lot of investments from other people; for their business startups. Then they build it the big teams of people who executed their business.

Thing is if you look at any athlete, sportsman, celebrity, they all have big team of people who support them for instance for sports manding or coaches, doctors, nutrition, specialists, the technical guys who buy the tickets, booked the hotels, when they go to different hormones they have people who finance their activities. Like it’s a big team of people it’s never one person; here’s an interesting theme that our own trust said about this the whole concept of self-made man or woman is a myth to accept that credit would discount every single person that has helped me.

That gave me advice that made an effort that gave me time but lifted me, when I fell all on all the conclusion is pretty obvious; if you want to fast-track your success, if you want to find a shortcut, the best way to do so is to use the help from other people learn from them cooperate with them. Use the leverage by cooperating with the other people.

8. Pursue your dreams

Pursue your dreams is one of the most important part of self-improvement tips. Walt Disney said this all our dreams can come true, if we dare to pursue that deep down inside. We all have some dreams and we know what we truly want from life, but most people, unfortunately, don’t give it a try, or at least they don’t pursue it until; they actually turn their dreams into reality. And everybody who achieved great things in life first dreamed about this, so can you think about your dreams what do you truly wish from life. What kind of things or actions would make you feel happy and when you decide on that launch kick-off go ahead give it a try, and you will break bring yourself into the small percentage of people who don’t just dream about great things in life but actually make it happen.

9 Compressed from thousands of experiences

The most important self-improvement tip for success is compressed from thousands of experiences of various wise and successful people. Life is our teacher it teaches us so many the lesson every time and we get experiences more and more. But our fault is we just get we don’t try to put them into action. If we really try to learn from them and put them into our actions, then we can do so many things,, use self-improvement tips and achieve much more than what we think.

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Last Updated: December 02, 2020


  1. Nice tips and I think the more you believe in yourself the more the roads of success are clearly visible in front of you. well written

  2. Thats great tips for self improvement. Pursue your dreams And focus only the positive life short we have to live our life with a flow.

  3. Exactly, Decide exactly what you want and where you want to go. Set a deadline and make a plan to get there. … Take action on your plan; do something every day to move toward your goal. Resolve in advance that you will persist until you succeed, that you will never, ever give up.


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