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How to create an effective resume

Here we’re sharing five simple steps that you can use right now to write a resume that lands you more interviews and better job offers.

1. Create a stand-out summary.

The summary of your CV or Resume needs to clearly identify that who you are, and what you have to offer in terms of skills, experiences, key results, credentials, and even personality. The summary of your resume needs to communicate some value proposition. The important point is that the summary of your CV is like a sneak peek, which makes some promises, but then the rest of the resume is used as evidence to support the promises mentioned in the summary.

Here I would like to share the following four main components that make up a stand-out summary.

  • Title of your CV:

The tile of your CV/ Resume is your identifier, always remember that the title must be your current Job Title, as the candidate, are seeking.

  • Your skills or your tagline:

Don’t add so many skills but professional I am recommending that you use at least three skills here.

  • A paragraph of information:

This section of your CV/Resume is also a more important section that includes three to five sentences that go into greater detail about what you do and how you can help the company solve their key problems. Here you could include an adjective to start the sentences off and you can include industry content, the result, the benefits that you are offering, and then of course do a recap of your key skills.

  • The core competencies section:

In this section, you have to add the keywords, or keyword phrases, that can explain your expertise more in detail. Always make sure that you are pulling keywords and keyword phrases from the job posting. You have to add your core competencies together with a vertical line surrounded by two spaces.

2. To add job description paragraphs

If you would like to create an effective resume or to make your resume stand out from all the other compotators by adding few lines (1 to 3 sentences) below each job title that explains your main responsibilities, or your position at a glance.
For Example:

Job Title @ Organization Name, form Start Date to End Date

  • Delivering the strategic directions and guidance to the staff, demonstrated keen insight to identify areas for support and interventions within the thematic areas of the organization.
  • Ensuring the quality by monitoring and evaluating ongoing projects as well as the implementation of program strategies focusing on achievement of desired results.
  • Financial and substantive monitoring and evaluation of the projects, identification of operational and financial problems, development of solutions.

3. Adding Key Accomplishments

The addition of a few bullet points of your key accomplishments will be more attractive for the employer and these points will become the backbone of your resume/CV. The addition of these key accomplishment points will attract the hiring official, and these points will tell what your greatest accomplishments are. Here I would like to share the 3-step to create an attractive resume, by adding a strong accomplishment-driven bullet point.

  1. Start with some type of action verb followed by the task and the results that you performed during your previous jobs. For example, Increased base by 27% during the year 2020 due to the delivery of quick service.
  2. These key bullet points must start with an action verb, followed by the result and tasks.
  3. To make these key points an Applicant Tracking System (ATP) optimized in your resume. Now a day most companies are using modern HR systems and ATS for shortlisting resumes. So, therefore, to make sure you have used some required keywords or key phrases in your resume that are ATS optimized.
    For example, you are applying for a communication expert for XYZ company, here you have to review the communication style of that company that which words have been used in their communication like, communication, communicator, customer engagement, customer care, and customer success. Use the right words which will make your resume perfect ATS optimized.

4. To format it for visibility

When it comes to the visibility of your resume, you need to make sure that you’re not using any type of text boxes, columns, tables, or even graphics on your resume. I know that these things look great on a resume but the only problem is that in old days the companies were different HR policies and the HR professional were responsible to implement those policies through HR Managers, Hiring Managers, or Recruiting Managers, who were responsible to review the resumes/ CVs and short those resumes, which shows the information, they are looking for in the exact spot. And nowadays most companies are using modern HR systems and they are using HR software like applicant tracking systems (ATS).

You should also ensure that your resume is tidy and classy. Therefore, you have to delete all that fluff and just include the details and the data that you need for the interview to get your foot in the door. This makes their job easier, so don’t get too creative in the formatting, the design, and the layout. A clean and sophisticated resume will help them in their work as that is the type of shorthand and hiring officials know where to find information quickly.


Always remember that the first impression is the last impression and your effective resume / CV is the first impression of your personality and experiences. The skills of how to create an effective resume are your perfect strength to get your dream job. Let us know if you need more information regarding writing an effective resume, an effective cover letter, formatting your resume, and making it an applicant tracking system (ATS) optimized.

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Last Updated: December 25, 2020


  1. After being at home for the past year due to the lockdown, I’ll be updating my resume as I’m looking for a career change. Thank you for the tips


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