Dear readers, I hope you have enjoyed my previous post “To Overcome Your Overthinking | Causes and Solutions of Overthinking“. Today i would like to share an important topic “The ways to deal with liars” with you, hope you will share your feedback.

It would not be wrong to say that we are all liars. We often lie most of the time but sometimes, we have good reasons or as we don’t wanna hurt the feelings or we have better intentions but what to do when you face a compulsive liar. There are also such people whose day start and end with telling lies. Most of the people tell lie to make themselves superior or to get what they wished for and some because of they have trust over what they are saying.

The ways to deal with liars

Most of us face certain liars and the point is how to deal with liars? After a lot of research, I have brought before you, these tips, which will help you in dealing with liars.

1. Recognize when the person is lying

It is not that much difficult to recognize, when someone is lying. when someone is trying to hit you hard. Can let you know how serious the issue can be? First let yourself know, how that person behaves, while telling lies? Notice him/her complete; the way of talking, the body language everything. After noticing; you will be able to read that person well enough to keep that person in talks when he/she is lying.

Check the person’s behavior and body language when you ask him something about himself or herself. And then, compare the behavior with the actions of a person. When a more difficult question is asked from him or her. If the person is true then there would be no any stress of changing his or her behavior, when any difficult question is asked.

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Forget about the saying that, liar person avoids eye contact, because nowadays everyone is aware of this and there’s why because of this myth most of the liar make eye contact.

When any person tells lies then he exhibits stressful physical signs. Here we are some of them:

When a person lies;
~ then he/she will speak loudly (or a higher-pitched voice).
~ he/she smiles only by his or her mouth not by eye.
~ he/she slowly blinks and after covering the lie will continuously blink.
~ then he/she will surely cover his or her mouth or nose or I mean he will touch his face over and over again.
~ he/she will have antsy foot movement

2. Look for the pattern, in the lie of the person

Most of the people tell lies about certain mistakes or their past behavior or about those things which make them embarrassed or last for certain things which make them uncomfortable. If the person is continuously answering the question asked about certain topics, then at the time you just want to back off and stop going deep in that particular issue and you know you have to face a very big problem if the liar has no any particular reason with no any pattern you can make out.

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If a person continuously lies then just answer them certain questions like, why you don’t talk to a certain person? Why don’t you like kids? Who is important for you? Or anything related to their life than we can see that the answers you get that would be none of your business. Anyway, unless you ask certain questions like with whom you are committed? It is like through that you are not that much necessary to know every single thing about anyone’s life.

On the other hand, most of the people just lie for the sake of their benefit.

3. Determine whether the person lies are harmful

It feels so bad, when someone tells you to lie but some of them lie or the worst one for you then some of the others. Before going on firstly figure out how you and other people are affected by the lie.

~ You know it would be a big deal, if that person is telling lies to protect himself on herself.
~ The problem, which needs more attention is that if that person is lying to manipulate other then another person should react to what liar is saying not about what he lied.
~ The behavior would have a high negative impact if the person tells lies to protect himself from bad behavior (like stealing robbery and hurting someone for any purpose).

4. Talk to the person privately

You know talking to liars in public and confronting him or her is not a good decision because it would seem as humiliating to that person. So, therefore, talking to that person privately and informing him or her that you know he or she is lying, is a better way.
Whenever you talk that person does not directly call them a lair. First talk to that person very gently.

5. Give the liar chance to explain the lie

First, notice the body language to know about more signs about the lie and in a case. If that person admits that he or she is lying, then you don’t need to do anything. If he or she apologizes, discuss the whole matter and end up with saying you hope that the thing would not happen again. Let that person also know that your trust has been lost but still you want to give the person a chance to move. Let that person feel guilty. but be careful while talking to that person. don’t use such harsh words. Be polite and help the person if he or she needs, but if the person is wrong then just leave that person.

6. Protect yourself from being harmed and keep in mind that you don’t have the power to change another behavior

It would seem like emotional torture when you deal with a liar. good liars are more believable so don’t get too much in the lie protect yourself, you just cannot read that what’s happening or going on in someone’s head so don’t think that you have the power to change another’s behavior. That is only in the hand of that person there is absolutely nothing you can do about that.


Always speak nothing but the truth no matter how bitter it is. But it would have a good result.

Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: April 25, 2020


  1. Great post! This is something I don’t think enough people talk about. I’ve come across many in my time and I can always tell, but never call them out on it.

  2. My gutfeel almost always spots a liar. My intuition has been my guide in life, but every time I ignore it for the people that I love only though, I pay for it afterwards.

  3. I was hurt and abused for many years by someone who lied/lies about EVERYTHING. It took a lot of supportive friends, family, and my church to help me recognize how to get healthy. We must get away from people who make a life of lying and then refuse to be accountable for it.

  4. This article is really informative, and I agree with the tips. It’s hard to see the true intentions of a lying person, and it depends on what kind of people you’re dealing with.

  5. I love this post. I hate liars and wish sometimes they would just try to draw a line and at least try to be truthful to their family. Because some people are so good that you can’t catch them with any of this signs. They have mastered the art of lying.

  6. I have a coworker who is very toxic and she lies to fit her needs. It’s frustrating because she’s so good at manipulating situations and makes herself look to be better than she is.

  7. I think one of the hardest things to do is to recognize when someone is a liar. The good ones make it really difficult. And then by the time you find out you realize you are emotionally invested in the person. And that’s really hard.

  8. Yes, sometimes people do lie to protect the other’s feelings but once I am lied to, that person loses credibility in my mind. Yes, I’ve lied before but I try to not have a habit of doing so and only when it is for good intentions.

  9. I am not sure if I ever met someone who lied every day about everything. It would be quite a scary experience since it would extremely difficult to trust them at all. You really got me thinking about this one.

  10. I have come across many liars but I dislike any confrontations. I just feel I will unable to prove that they are lying. In my experience, most people lie to cover their mistakes.

  11. Lies are something we cannot escape from. What annoys me more is when you come across pathological liars. You really cannot change their behavior.

  12. Ugh, there’s nothing worse than a liar! I’ve been friends with people who just can’t seem to accept the truth or who run to spreading lies about people just for personal gain. You give really solid advice for identifying and dealing with liars!

  13. I’ll have to remember these tips when I’m playing cards with friends. Jokes aside, this was actually super helpful to read and I really appreciate the tips and details you provided.


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