Although communication skills requires time and practice, and the improvement and development of communication types and skill needs continuous struggle and practice for making it more effective.

What is Communication?

The imparting or exchanging of ideas, feelings, information, knowledge, thoughts and news from one to another is called communication. Every communication has three parts message, messenger and receiver. There are so many channels of communication or sending/receiving message.

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Types of Communication

The communication can be divided into two types.

Direct Communication

The direct communication means giving information and receiving information. The direct communication occurs in low-context or heterogeneous cultures. In the direct communication the informer is responsible for providing clear and specific information. The direct communication means what a person thinks and feels but it also includes an active listening and effective feedback.

Direct communication happens when a speaker’s true intentions are communicated in his/her verbal message. It expresses the speaker’s/sender’s needs and desires explicitly. When a direct communicator wants or needs something, he/she will ‘come right out and say it’.

Indirect Communication

When someone chose to act out, what s/he really mean instead of directly saying it or when his/her true intentions are hidden is called indirect communication. Indirect communication might be cause of uncomfortable or tension situation. Indirect communication always carries the words such as possible, possibly, maybe, hope so etc.

According to some communication experts this communication believes to be polite rather than saying true words or direct real answer.

Ways of Communication:

The communication occurs by three ways; 1. Verbal Communication, 2. Nonverbal Communication and 3. Visual Communication.

Effective Communication

The effective communication means the convey of message in real sense or exchange of information with understanding the purpose of information as well as clearly understand the sentiment of information. The effective communication creates right and easy ways of life, it doesn’t create misunderstandings, frustration, and conflicts due to your act. It generates respect, trust at workplace in team as well as at home in family members.

Skills of Communication

According to different communication experts following are the skills which are essential for ensuring your communication effective.

  • Your Voice should be clear
  • language should be sound and effective
  • Active Listening and Reflection skill
  • Self-Presentation
  • Interviewing Skill
  • Interaction
  • Table Talk
  • Group Discussion
  • Mobilization & Motivational Skills

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Barriers to Effective Communication

If you are lacking in above communication skills, it can be the reason of communication fail. There are so many reasons and barriers to effective communication which occurs on different steps and ways of communication.

Following are some common barriers to effective communication:

  • Lack of above-mentioned communication skills.
  • Use of very technical terms or jargon during communication
  • Cultural and traditional taboos
  • Emotional taboos (such as religion, tribe, sex, gender, cast and creed)
  • Your point of view and existing environment or audiences
  • Disabilities (speak, hear and see)


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