First of all, let me say thanks so much for all your wonderful feedback, comments, and encouragement on 30 days 30 blogs under the name of “Every Day A New Story” series for the month of May 2020. It is not too easy to complete this task as per plan, but I hope, you guys are the best, you will support me to publish every day a news story. Today, I would like to share my first post, “Every day a new story: Five reasons my blog name is worldliness”.

Every day a new story

I started writing poetry, short stories, and articles in my native language ‘Sindhi’ since my student life. After that, during my job with different NGOs, I have been involved in report writing, case studies, success stories, proposal development and performing the responsibilities of the editor of different newsletters and magazines, I got good experience and decided to start blogging so, finally, I started blogging in 2010 in different languages including Sindhi, Urdu, and English.

Initially, I started blogging on free WordPress site “”, after that I purchased the personal domain “”, I have published different type of information in Sindhi and English Language, and got good recognition on organic food of Tharparkar, the culture of Thar Desert, Water and tourism at Thar Desert blogs. My researchers and added my links in their research papers and Wikipedia page. Also, I have published my e-books 1. Guru-Ji-Frmayo, 2. Jeewan Sargam (Poetry) 3. Zameer-Ji-Adalat (Short Stories).

After that, I decided to start proper blogging on lifestyle site, because the lifestyle is a wide topic and my knowledge and skills also support writing on this topic. And finally, I reached “” now this is my final destination for continuous blogging. Behind this decision, there is a small desire of quitting my job and working online with my own skills, knowledge, and activeness. I figured that if I use my skills with blogging might be a good way of making money, one way or another. I know this desire is not perfect but this time it is perfect for me, because my daughter is also writing blogs, and few of my friends are also good writers they are also contributing to

Five reasons my blog name is

Every day a new story so, it is not easy to describe in limited words and, limited time this bogging journey, but I tried to share it specifically by summarizing the whole novel in few paragraphs but I have not tried to fill this story with intense excitement and cliff hangers.

World in Eyes

Let’s know the five seasons behind the name of my website;

1. First reason behind the blog

Whatever you are reading, watching, and viewing through this worldineyes, which is the world of my own thoughts, observations, skills, reviews, knowledge, and wisdom. The first reason behind the name is, I would like to show the world which is in my eyes. It doesn’t mean that the whole world is in my eyes. But “my blog posts, travel diaries, counseling notes, social, economic, and cultural information is a huge and diversified world which is in my eyes. And, as reader, subscriber, guide, and contributor of, you’re one of the most important parts of this world

2. Second reason behind the blog

There are so many bloggers are using their own names, company name, brand name, or their niche name both options were not in my consideration because I am not a celebrity and not an expert of a small niche, I am optimistic and believe in natural diversity is all things. I have been sharing the diversified ideas in my articles and blogs. I understand economically it is not good to select names in a broader sense, more specific or direct name of niche is better for income generation.

3. Third reason behind the blog

The name of the website should be common around the globe, and it doesn’t show the regional identity, it was also the main reason behind selecting name I would like to build my own brand “world in eyes” and promote it whether it takes more time or more struggle. I am so glad that I got Google AdSense approval within three months age of this site.

4. Fourth reason behind the blog

It is an important to consider the target audience during choosing the blog name, I consider it. The audiences of the are not specific about age, gender, religion, caste, region, or geography. But it is common for everyone and the common matter we publish for all. So, there is nothing in any specific world, but a huge and broader world is in eyes for the visitors and readers.

5. Fifth reason behind the blog

The last but not least reason behind the name of my website is voice of my website and easily readable name. The name is not difficult, and it can be read, write and understand around the globe. It is not a mystery; everyone can define the “world in eyes” easily. The voice of is based on Do No Harm! and it is the voice of global community and free from all sorts of discrimination.

We promote, all kind of lifestyles, travel, social and professional counseling, desert tourism, organic food, beauty and fashion, society, culture and tradition.

I hope you will enjoy this first post of “every day a new story”. Your feedback, suggestions and comments will make me able to complete this 30-day 30-blogs challenge for the month of May 2020.

Some Agreed Points/Rule:

If you would like to join this challenge, you are most welcome;

  • Every blogger will help everyone to complete the monthly task (Every day a new story).
  • Participant will read carefully the full article of all participants and will drop a reasonable comment.
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  • Everyone will add the links of previous blog posts of all participants in his/her new story. (It will be helpful for everyone)
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Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: May 01, 2020


  1. Good to know that about the story behind the name of your blog. This is great that you would like to show the world which is in your eyes. Will definitely love to do the challenge

  2. Got to know the history of your blogging journey, and got to understand the name that you picked for your site today. I’m a very new blogger and I’m still exploring everything. Glad to have found you in this world.

  3. This is a great writing challenge to get your wheels turning and forcing you to try to commit to writing everyday. I really do like the title of your blog. I remember starting to blog because of a college course I was taking where the professor recommended all his students to start one as a classroom assignment. I have been blogging everyday. I love to write and so it suits me well.

  4. This is a great challenge. Unfortunately I will not be able to join in as I am still working full-time from home and have to juggle other things as well. The most I’ve written in one week is four posts. The past two weeks I’ve only had time to write one post each week!

  5. It’s always interesting to read how a blog got it’s name. It’s always a process to come up with a name that you know it will be your brand in the future. I just launched my second website under the same brand and I am very happy with how things are shaping up.

  6. I love your blog name. And I would love to join the challenge. Though I don’t know how I will meet up. But it is awesome

  7. All of your reasons for your blog name got me thinking about mine. It is funny how it’s so much deeper than just a name when you really sit down and think about it.

  8. It sounds like you have a wealth of experience in blogging and writing which shows in how you put so much thought into your blog name. It is great that you’re wanting to share your views and thoughts and make it accessible to all people. I am looking forward to hearing more from you in the upcoming month!

  9. I think it’s always so interesting looking back at the journey we took to get where we are. For example, in your case, being able to look back and acknowledge how you came to start this site and the name. It’s something that we can lose touch of over time. By reflecting like this, it helps us to stay focused on where we wanted to go when we first started – focusing out efforts on the end goal.

  10. It’s lovely to know the reason behind a name. I love knowing what hides behind it because often it’s meaningful or has some sort of meaning.

  11. It is so much bigger than just a website name. It has great meaning and perceptive for you. Love that it was well thought out🤗

  12. Wow its nice to learn about the creation of your blog. I liked a particular point you wrote, the blog speaks your heart. Thats the passion and that’s the dedication. Interesting blog you have.


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