Today, I would like to discuss the important 4 zones of life. In which you have to manage your life according to the existing professional, social, and cultural environment. Management of life is an art and understanding art is not easy for everyone.

Life management thoughts 

According to religious thoughts, many peoples had been asking the basic question about the meaning of life and origin of life and many Guruji had been describing the meanings of life according to their school of thoughts and faiths.

Scientifically life can be described according to the geological timescale, phylum, and evolution, but socially, culturally, and economically the meaning of life is totally different from religious school of thought.

Self discuss about life

When I discussed the life with myself, I found that I am an achiever, I am a creator, I am a survivor also I am a competitor in the world. But my deep questions, thinking and finding showed that at each step no matter I am survivor, creator, achiever or competitor we have to face following 4 zones of life, which are manageable so, therefore, we should discuss and find out the ways of managing each zone according to future strategy and requirements.

Four Zones of Life

  1. Comfort Zone:

The comfort zone means your life is on routine track, there is no major risk and no much stress. You always feel safe in that environment. When your life is on routine track it means you are not accepting changes in your life. Whenever you want to make any change in that routine of life you feel fear.

  1. Fear Zone:

When you mid doesn’t allow you to leave your position (Physical, emotional, traditional, social, etc), it means you are lacking in self-confidence. This type of situation can affect you by other’s opinions and you will find excuses on each step. So, therefore, try to beat your fear and come out from the fear zone. Accept the changes in your life, take hard decisions, and make you stronger and learn more and more to fight with any uncomfortable situation of life.

  1. Learning Zone:

Only change can not be destroyed, be prepare yourself to deal with challenges and problems of life. Learn from your lifestyle, professional career, and acquire new and required skills. Your new learnings will make you able to extend your comfort zone. According to future challenges and required skills, knowledge, and skills there is the need to plan your life.

  1. Growth Zone:

When you have the skills, knowledge, and ability to grow in your personal, social, economic life, you should have to set your long and short term professional and personal goal, objectives, and dreams.

Don’t find excuses and purposes of living in your comfort zone, just remember that; “Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Some Important Posts:

Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: 03/01/2020


  1. I love your article! I’ve just started deciding to get out of my comfort zone, which will mean facing my fears. And since I will be embarking unto something new, I need to learn the ropes so that I will be able to grow along with it. Thus, covering all the zones that you have pointed out.

  2. That’s a great framework to work within yourself and trying to consciously move from zone to zone while keeping in mind the need for rotation among all four. Thanks for this.

  3. I absolutely love what you said, “don’t find excuses and purposes of living in your comfort zone, just remember that; “Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone”. It’s so true, I’m always pushing myself to do things out of my comfort zone. I know that if I don’t do this we’ll never reach the high level of success we envision.


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