Life cannot always run on the same road, ups and downs are the unavoidable parts of it; because change is inevitable no one can stop it and nor can avoid it. When you experience the change, you must become more resilient to face the obstacles and challenges because; change always comes with different favorable or unfavorable situations. So, therefore, it so important to understand, how to become more resistant when things get tough because everyone resists to accept and adopt the change and goes through dealing with stress.

What is stress?

The stress is the moment you perceive you can’t manage the pressure, whatever that pressure is, be it work, too much work relationship difficulties, your body goes through the stress response and your mind goes through the fight with stress and the tough situation. When your body goes through response to stress, that the sixty percent of the frontal part of your brain starts to shut down and you need the frontal part of the brain for decision-making, now if you only have 40 percent availability to make the decisions.

It is going to reduce your decision-making so without a shadow of a doubt the moment you become stressed is the moment your decision-making abilities go out the window by about 60 percent. So, you are going to be making irrational decisions. Secondly, the interestingly the part of the brain that is responsible for emotions, it doesn’t shut down, so you have a hundred percent availability of the emotional center on and only forty percent of the analytical and decision making so is it a surprise you get annoyed more easily? Is it a surprise you may become more emotional?

Stress Management

It always reduces your resilience, when your resilience decreases your stress increases when your stress increases your resilience decreases. So, within that circle there has to be a point where you stop that so what can you do to help switch that part of the brain that starts to shut down the front of it back on?

In this situation, you must control and understand how to become more resilient that is one of the best things you can do is to step back, come away from the situation and start to breathe take, take about a three-minute breathing space, so step back move away, breathe in through your nose and then out through your mouth, it is literally like this.

Increase resilience and response to stress

The moment you do that you start to change the stress response, you start to switch on that part of the brain, suddenly starts to go like this and it means then you are starting to manage your stress and increasing your resilience. It only takes around three minutes, but you need to take responsibility for doing that. Most of the people who are in a stress response don’t want to do anything about it, their body is wanting them to stay, there so you have to make a decision. A choice to do those small things done consistently make a difference. This is the one thing if you do it time and time again starts to rewire your brain and increase your resilience.

How to become more resilient

become more resilientAny time we are overwhelmed by confusion, it disturbs us like which direction to take, which decision to make, or how to answer at all. The willingness to deal with tension and adversity is simply resilience and it only stems from trusting in yourself. Let us learn how to become more resistant to face the situation when things get tough. The resilience is the process of being able to come back easily when you get a tough time in life, here are the ways to deal with tough times and become more resilient in your life and career.

Improve Competency

When you stop thinking, the process of learning stops, and as a result, you start dying in different ways. No matter what competencies you have and what degrees you have acquired. Your name tags and designation will become valueless if you stopped learning. Everything related to your personal development, ability, and skills always required improving your competency level on a daily basis to become more resilience.

Build self-confidence

No one is born with boundless self-confidence. It comes through something you have learned and adopted and now you have command on your that skill to present, to prove, or to use for your next steps. Improve your competency and build your self-confidence it will make you able to respond to stress and become resilient in tough times.

Network and connection

If you want to be more successful in your business, then increase your professional connections and build your professional network. Because one of the most important things you can do to advance your career is setting up a network.
Establish a strong network as strong you can build and expand it, maintain it, and use it effectively.

Character Strength

Those that are more flexible have learned to push life through barriers and challenges. Because the ability to come back when life is pulling you down is called resilience. The level of your resilience builds the strength of your character. Your character gives you the courage to make it through difficult times. This allows you to pay attention to the nuances of your own experiences, to listen to your feelings, and to be able to learn from deceit and disappointment, as well as from performance and inspiration.

Increase contribution

Don’t stop learning and don’t stop giving contributing, no matter whatever environment it even it is tough or toughest. You must increase your contribution because resilient people always try to find a way to care for others and performing their duties.

Coping mechanism

Actually, resilience is the ability of peoples to live in tough situations. The coping mechanism means the way of living and coping with problems. Those are more resilient people, who are living in different natural and manmade disaster zones. The current example is the COVID-19 pandemic, it affected the whole world, but people remain safe who have a strong immune system. Same as people of the desert had been facing drought for decades and now, they have a strong coping mechanism to face the disasters. According to your business, you must have a strong coping mechanism to face a tough time of life.


Resilience is not only a struggle, but it is the impact of your struggle in the shape of your skills, ability, competence, and strength to perform in any condition, any time and on any stage. Developing resilience will help you deal with change, transitions, obstacles, losses, disappointments, and mistakes and bounce back. Try to adopt the strategy to understand how to become more resilient when things get tough.

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Last Updated: July 28, 2020


  1. These are all such great tips! I’ve actually discussed some of these points with my therapist in the past, and they really do help with staying “afloat” when things start to get tough.

  2. I definitely needed to read this! You made some really great points. For me, I have definitely learned how I coped with certain things – good and bad. It’s been a great growing period for me to get to know myself a lot more. Thanks for your insight!

  3. it’s important to know how to manage stress and anxiety so it doesn’t cripple you! Going on a walk definitely helps me cope!
    great info during these difficult times in the world!


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