In the spring the days grows as long as it could be and the temperature goes fair and then other seasons, people get to enjoy the days and nights of spring. But here I would like to discuss the point, “seasonal effect on your skin and the specific concerns with spring” and what is the relationship of the season with our body, skin and health.

Seasonal effect on your skin

As it is the universal truth that, when the weather changes, the effects are not only environment, but it effects equally our body and skin too. In winter our skin becomes rough and harsh even we take care too.

The sun in spring comes with chilly winds. One can never imagine that it could be as much dangerous for all of us, even the research says that the sun rays in spring are more dangerous than the sun rays in summer, but it will never bother you.

It is the time when you will notice that with the first burst of sun exposure, your skin brings sudden changes like as acne problem, severe allergies, rashes, oiliness and so on. As weather changes, humidity increases as compared to cold weather. Even the flowers also take part in making our skin more sensitive.

Spring is the most beautiful season in all of other seasons, but as it is said that don’t judge a book by its cover same as that don’t judge this season by its beauty. It brings lots of effects on our mood, mental health, body and skin. Here below I am gonna express some of them, these are totally my own opinion according to my experiences so don’t compare my experience with yours.

The problems, we are face during spring

1. Skin roughness:

It is the most common on both seasons as well as in winter and spring too. It is like when there comes some appearance of red and white goose bumps on your skin. The skin roughness is more common among women. The skin gets rough by many factors as sudden changes in temperature or usage of certain soaps having harsh chemicals might effect on skin or also due to humidity (other factors can be cold, weather, dry air, washing skin excessively, unbalanced skin PH etc)

2. Skin roughness on our knees and elbows

The driest part of our body are elbows and knees. In spring, they become whitish or grayish and may be cracked. Most of the skin roughness is caused when, we don’t take a proper care of our skin or somehow, when we are dehydrated. It needs a proper routine, a complete care, moisturizer, use of humidifier or practice better bathing habits or use exfoliators or simply use a gentle cleaner.

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3. Sun rashes

It is also commonly known as sun allergy. It caused when you experienced the sunlight for a long time (actually the real cause of sun rashes is not particularly defined it is said that the UV radiation or the artificial source cause these, but only in those persons who have sensitive skin). Outing the first days of spring sun you should avoid in contacting with the sun. Let your skin take some time to face these sudden changes and from preventing over reactions. Use anti-itch creams before getting in contact with the sun.

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4. Sun burn

It is the radiation burn which affects on our living tissues (on our skin). It is like when for a long time you were away from the ultraviolet rays or from Sun and suddenly got in contact with the Sun. So, it might make you feel uncomfortable or burnt.
In sun burn you will face certain problems like spot will appear on your eyes, nose and forehead. Use sunscreen and cream having SPF 30 for preventing sun burn and also prevent the irritation.

5. Berloque dermatitis

The type of skin irritation which is caused when some chemical compounds (found in citrus substances) comes in contact with our skin, which experiences the sunlight. This irritation sometimes seems as dark or reddish spots. Use natural beauty products and stop using or avoid using perfumes. Simply use retinal creams which is much beneficial.


Be careful of all factors and enjoy this beautiful season spring, with your family, friend and loved one also avoid all the problems.

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Last Updated: March 18, 2020


  1. These are all true which is why we need to take care of our skin year round. Here in Louisiana we have harsh heat a good bit of the year so I have learned over the years to take better care of my skin.

  2. Taking care of our skin is so important. I will say that since moving to a warmer climate, I don’t have dry skin issues like I used to, but my dry skin is not gone completely either. The season changes do affect our skin in so many ways!

  3. I have no any issues with my skin in the Spring. I always moisturize my skin to avoid dryness. But in the Winter, my skin becomes more dryer and my lips like chopping all the time.

  4. Spring brings a lot to the skin but living in a country with little sun spring also means a little more sun and it is good for my skin. fall is the worst though

  5. I have no issues with my skin in spring, on the contrary, it looks so much better than in winter. The sun definitely helps, in my case.

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