Making money is hard and keeping it is even harder, so give every dollar a name and try these tips to control expenses (Lifestyle Guru).

We believe or not, but Math is the necessity to everyone. Every normal person of the world use math according to its requirement and its own standpoint of need. There is no survival in this world without understanding the Math. Especially, your financial requirements, income, expenses and liabilities can not be count except understanding math. It is also understood that very few people on the planet, who are not directly involves in their own budget but mostly all the people of world managing their own budgets. According to a survey report nearly 7.3 billion peoples on the planet likes Math.

Our many friends always say that; they never follow the budget and never use financial plan, but I wonder, Why they are not purchasing whole world if they are not following budget? I think, everybody knows best about themselves. Personally, I do budget stuff, and regularly follow a budget, simply I never spend any more than my needs.

Tips to control expense?

These tips to control expenses will be helpful for you to prepare your concrete budget. A concrete budget will be a road map of your well-being. Budget will keep you expense on real track and you will be able to act timely before ending up your money on each month.
Without budgeting you will spend more money intentionally or unintentionally, but your real budget will give you freedom of purchasing according to planned. When you plan your resources, your resources will be the guaranty of your well-being and bright future.

Here are some budget tips, which will help you to create and maintain your budget.

Give every dollar a name:

Keeping in view the reliable and unreliable income sources and give every dollar a name. First of all, finalize your realistic income of the month. Create a saving focused budget, saving isn’t easy, especially when your income sources are not reliable.

I am proposing the 50/30/20 budgeting rules for easy preparing budget and safer future.

  • Rule-50 for Necessities: Plan your all expenses related to your necessities like utility bills, kitchen bills, Fuel for Kitchen bills, routine traveling and other important things that are necessary for your survival and functionality under 50% of your total income of month/year.
  • Rule-30 for Wants: Plan all the expenses related to your wants, including internet, mobile, cable, hoteling, out trips, movies and social gatherings under 30% of your total income of month/year.
  • Rule-20 for Desires: Remaining 20% of your total income save regularly, which will fulfill your desires.

Before begins the month prepare your budget:

Before preparing your budget once again review the “tips to control expenses” as you have already given name to each dollar so go ahead and forecast your monthly expenses through following the 50/30/20 rules.
At the end of each month, you should have to reconcile your income and expenses and forecast your next moth budget. Keep in mind the primary rule ‘give each dollar a name’ and don’t leave any unsettled amount in last month.
Keep in mind the all unavoidable and unforeseen expenses which may affect your budget so make it realistic.

Understand the difference between needs and wants.

About 821 million people go to bed on an empty stomach each night and many people sent more time to select fancy cup for coffee. You should keep in mind the money is your, but resources are not yours, therefore try to understand the difference between needs and wants.
Just plan your needs under rule 50%, which is food not fancy table and candlelight environment. Candlelight dinner environment belongs to your wants part so put it in your rule 30% of budget.

Cook at Home, Drink & Eat at Home

Reduce hoteling, fast-food, social gatherings as well as outdoor dinners and cook at home, home cooking will automatically reduce your 13% expenses. This 13% saving will support you to get organic and healthy food. You can save the travel cost, service charges of restaurant, club by cooking at home, drinking at home and eating at home.

Cut up your credit cards:

Cut up your credit card will help you to decrease your liabilities and getting you out of debt. Use your credit card for time saving and stickily follow your budget. The credit card providers are debiting more interest/charges if you have not pay on time. Instead of credit card use the debit card.

Save for big purchases/unforeseen expense.

You budget will make you able to handle unforeseen expenses and big purchases. At planning stage, try to put some money for big purchases. Especially, in December Christmas is coming and the shopping will run away your more money. If you have given name to each dollar, it will help you to keep stable and self-reliant yourself for next year.


  1. Budgeting is critical but you must do it right and stick to it! I am happy that my budget is doing well right now, even if unexpected things arise I am for the most part covered.

  2. This article, I find very helpful and important especially at a time such as time, managing our resources effectively is very important, and all the tips you have provided are truly important, we must be able to identify the difference between want and need so we don’t keep spending unnecessarily.

  3. Now, this is such a perfect timing as we need to budget our money as the world fight the pandemic. Great idea to lessen the expenses and help save money for more important stuffs or unforeseen event that may arise.

  4. I personally believe that it is is very important to plan our expenses and I like the tips you have mentioned in here..

  5. I totally agree that ‘Making money is hard and keeping it is even harder’! I find that cooking at home helps save so much money! And the preparing the budget before the month begins is a good idea!

  6. This I think is the most practical way to limit one’s expenses. After my first job, I struggled for almost 6 months with my savings. I adopted a similar to this and since then I have had very li’l problem in budgeting.

  7. Such a fun idea to give dollar a name. When I grow up, my parents teach me how to use money in a practical ways. They told me what’s the difference of needs and wants. and a great idea to is to track your expenses and do a lists of what you need.


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