Today’s post is bout the main causes of oily skin, just ask few question from yourself and try to understand the causes. Have a look that is your skin producing extra shine? Is it look like oily? Is it seems like a slippery floor? it is because of sebaceous gland which is present inside of every single pore which produces the sebum (natural oil). Sebum is an essential need for healthy and hydrated skin. And when the sebaceous gland produces more sebum then your skin becomes more oily than the normal one.

The main causes of oily skin

There are so many factors or causes of the oily skin here I would like to share the main causes of oily skin.

Due to heredity (Genetics)

In some cases it is like if you have oily skin than we can say probably you have inherited that from your mom and dad(if one of them has oily skin). It is passed on through the genes from generation to generation so it is also the cause of oily skin that is of an overactive sebaceous gland.

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Due to age or hormonal changes

As you grew younger your body produces less collagen ( it is the building block which helps the skin to prevent wrinkles and moisture loss and so on). It is the fact that the body continuously undergoes into changes and these all changes are due to hormonal changes. The hormones also go through certain changes and such hormones (estrogen and progesterone) affect the skin too. But the hormones which are responsible for oily skin are androgen and somehow it is also seen that the illness or stress also causes the extra hormones to be released which are responsible for more oil production.


Other skins are less resistant to the sun than the oily skin. Oily skin is somehow beneficial for you if you experience the sun more because, it is just like a protective layer for your skin. Oily skin protects your skin from UV radiation or from burning. The weather or the surrounding effects much on your skin and these effects too on skin’s natural oil production. Most of in summer season your skin becomes more oily, than in other seasons, this is due to an increase in humidity and temperature. So, therefore, it is necessary to take care of your skin in these days.

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Every skin is of different types and every cosmetic is not suitable for every type of skin. So it is necessary to choose the right product for your skin. Because the wrong products can affect much. Makeup or cosmetics are just a part of our life nowadays. One can’t live without them but as they are beneficial so they are effective too. Wrong use or wrong products may lead to permanent dark circles, prolonged pores also headache or acne and the main problem is they make your skin oily.

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In most of the cases, it also happens like you are not fully aware if which type of skin you have. Because if you have dry skin and still you are putting makeup on your skin then it remains on the of your and clogs your pore which leads to over oil production so does every type of skin. So before using any type of product firstly you should aware of your skin type to prevent your skin from becoming more oily.

Poor Diet

Most of the sugary foods cause any type of health problems and it is also not beneficial for your skin. Science says that the food which contains a lot of sugar makes your skin more oily and even it causes inflammation in your body. Not only that the sugary products are responsible but the dairy products or fried foods, salty foods, alcohol these all are also responsible for the skin problems but more carbohydrates or sugary diet is more responsible. So try to avoid eating much sugar to get perfect skin.

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Washing your face is a good one for keeping your skin fresh but you know what your skin got harsh and it produces more oil if you over wash or over-cleanse your skin, or if you wash your skin in a harsh way and harsh scrubbing irritates your skin. Over-washing is also defined as using a wrong cleanser which is harsh for your skin. Avoid the over-cleansing just wash your face twice a day and don’t scrub it harshly, scrub it smoothly so you will get moisturized skin.

Due to stress

Stress has a direct relationship will your health and on hormones as well as on the skin. Stress affects the over oil production which leads to many of the other skin problems it also affects mental health. Don’t take much stress of anything try yo avoid being stressed over silly things.

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Extra routine tips

Below, I am gonna share a skincare routine for your oily skin. Try this and am damn sure you will be surprised by the results. Use a proper skincare routine it prevents your skin from every type of problem. If you have oily skin then avoid using soap, use a gentle face wash or a gentle cleanser. Then use a toner (use rose water as your toner it is very effective ). After it doesn’t forget to use moisturizer ( it is the main part of your skincare), after moisturizing use your cream what you use every day after that wear sunshine after this a lip balm. In the evening repeat it but avoid using sunscreen in the evening time.

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Last Updated: March 26, 2020


  1. I have oily skin but I had no idea why. It is not too bad but now that I know there is a way to deal with it, I would love to take care of this issue.

  2. This was an interesting read. I have a mixed skin, were some areas of it can get oily. It’s good to know what to do to fix it.

  3. Love, love, love! I HAVE oily skin and I am still working on learning how to moderate it. I know it is a family thing, but stress always causes me to break out, as does sugar, so I only have cake and cookies occassionally. Since I have been told oily skin is also sometimes caused by a poor liver, I have been drinking tea to cleanse out my organs. 🙂

    • Hi Jaya,
      I relay love your nice feedback, I hope you will learn soon about the cause of your oily skin. Be patience and don’t take stress, enjoy your life happily and decrease oily skin issues.

  4. Each type of skin needs a different treatment. The secret is to understand how to treat them. I used to have oily skin. Now I have dry skin.

  5. Thanks for letting us know about this useful information on causes of oily skin. And reasons behind such skin conditions

  6. I didn’t know so many external factors could make you have oily skin. My wife is always complaining about it and now I have some tips that could help her!

  7. I never really thought about why I have oily skin before really closely. Yeah, I know I get oily skin before I get a period but not other factors. Thanks for the info!


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