This is the second weekend, with the COVID-19 pandemic, almost the whole world is lock-down and very few peoples are working from home, and millions of peoples are stuck and have not any income source and facing very hard days of lives everywhere across the globe. I am the eye witness of these peoples who has no food items for last many days. I think these “Ways to re-energize your life this weekend” will be advantageous in this panic period (lifestyle Guru).

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Government and non-government organization organizations are trying to help but the nature of the disaster is not favorable for relief activities because the social distance is the key safety measure. Let us pray for the safety of human beings, and re-energizing your life this weekend.

Ways to re-energize your life this weekend

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When our mind is dispersed, we lack motivation, energy, and concentration in all activities. This time due to lock-down, you have not any planed to go out and re-energize your life. Let us plan to start each day with positivity and motivation to re-energize your life.


Try with gratitude, tell your wife/husband, your kids/brother/sister, your parents every one who is living with you in this situation that;
You are Grateful that you are;
safe at home (safe for COVID-19 infection)
with your loved one
working from home(many peoples lose their livelihood sources)
you can afford food for the family

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Power of positivity

Still, we don’t know when this situation might be relaxed and we will get free to go out to enjoy the spring beauty and will sing with nature.
Believe in your self is the power of positiveness, this power is the guarantee of re-energized your life.

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A healthy lifestyle can energize your life

The lifestyle plays a vital role in your personal and emotional development, and being healthy is the symbol of an energized lifestyle. The healthy and organic life living style is also a key factor for keeping your energized self-esteem and self-image.

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Some important points for re-energized your life this weekend.

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  • Don’t eat more but try to eat fresh organic, healthy and nutritious food.
  • Safe drinking water is the guarantee of energized life, drink a lot of safe water and stay hydrated.
  • Remember you are at home if you are using more tea and coffee it is not good, the caffeine is fine but overdose is not good.
  • Using more sugar is not an energized lifestyle, so avoid too much sugar
  • Cut down the alcohol and smoking (it is false that alcohol is preventing from COVID-19)
  • Take good rest, get sufficiently of quality sleep.
  • Try regular meditation and Yoga
  • Don’t forget the indoor walk, exercise, and any other physical activity if it is possible at home (during this COVID-19 pandemic situation).
  • Be connected with friends on communication sources, don’t discus only COVID-19 but just spend time laughing with friends and family members.

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Follow these tips but always remember, never forget yourself, try to unplug a few minutes from all communication sources and spend these minutes with yourself and re-energize your life this weekend. Spending unplugged and alone will recharge your natural body system. During this recharging time reflect the positive energy, be relax and refill your emotions and reboot your system. This is an important way to re-energized your life this weekend. Just follow half of the above-mentioned tips, you will feel more energized this weekend


The definition of natural science is the same around the globe but the nature of the science of region is different everywhere. Nature reflects in the emotions of peoples who live there, so maybe some tips will not be feasible everywhere. But I have tried to make it simple and practical around the globe.

Your feedback is the great inspiration for us to share more stories, thoughts and experiences of life and lifestyle guru.

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Last Updated: April 05, 2020


  1. Very important tips for this surreal time with Covid-19 and isolation, quarantine, cocooning etc. As you so rightly put it “When our mind is dispersed, we lack motivation, energy, and concentration in all activities.” I find yoga, as you suggest, is a great way to work toward focusing despite all that’s going on.

  2. Very helpful! Gratitude and positivity are one of the keys to survival this period. When we are grateful of the little things, like waking up on a new day, we can always do better. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this to us!

  3. Such a great reminder! Even though I have been hearing this a lot lately, it is a true battle of willpower. I typically have a positive outlook, but I’ve had more frustrations this last week than normal. Time to slow down.

  4. My husband and I have been embracing this opportunity to spend more time together. We are incredibly lucky to have a nice backyard that allows us to go outside frequently. We’ve been spending as much time as we can outside with the dogs, soaking up the sunshine. That’s made a BIG difference this week (we weren’t doing so well at that in the beginning).

  5. I agree with your tips here, we should see this ‘time off’ as a bless and make use of it well as it will never happen again. Great content!

  6. Thanks for the great post! For my husband and I, we just keep focusing on each other, our work, our dogs, our Faith, reaching out to family & friend, and our home renovation!

  7. I think a lot of people are struggling during this period because they are not used to not being allowed to leave their home. It’s a great challenge for the mental health. It’s important to keep the mind busy during this time.

    • Yes Amber, Energy never die but only changes the form, when we think negatively, our energy changes to negative energy. So we should think positive stay happy at home during this pandemic period.

  8. Great ideas for re-energizing life during this pandemic. I try to practice gratitude daily and try to be a ray of light in the darkness. I am rarely upset and usually bouncing around with energy. Thanks for this tips. They are just what we need now!

  9. The Stay At Home Orders are definitely taking a toll on people’s mental health. I’m glad you’ve shared some of these ideas for people to help organize their knew *for now* life…

  10. This is such a bizarre and uncertain time all over the world. We need to help out the others that are not as fortunate as we are. And hopefully faith in humanity can be restored, like when we realize hoarding toilet paper is not helping our fellow man and there are way more important things we should be doing to help others in need. This is a good time to reach out and relate to others through computers and phones and concentrate on relationships.

  11. We definitely need positivity in a world that’s full of toxicity on social media. Which, unfortunately, is our only connection to the outside world now.

  12. We’ve been in semi-isolation for almost 4 weeks now only taking trips to the store as needed. We take walks and do yard work to help but keeping a positive attitude (while hard) is the best thing we can do.

  13. I meditate daily and this helps me reduce the negativity arising in me due to COVID-19. It is very frustrating but if we accept the situation and think of this time as a short term pain to keep ourselves safe then we will be ok.

  14. Some great tips which cover all aspects of life. I especially like the sugar tip- it is so easy to comfort eat sweet items then regret it!

  15. It is important to stay positive and hopeful through this time. I have meditating, working out, read up on things I wanted to. It is allow me to relax and do the things I want to do.

  16. It’s amazing how a positive frame of mind can shed light even in the darkest of times. I say use any kind of creativity and let your imagination go wild and inspire you to do and/or make something special.
    And gratitude will always make you a better person, nows the time to practice it more than ever!

  17. This isolation period isn’t that bad. We take this opportunity to be grateful for our blessings (no matter how big or small), and a great time to spend with family.


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