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Five rememberable photos

There are so many photos are in photo albums but I would like to she following five rememberable photos of my little life.

Photo – 01

My first birthday photo is one of the most memorable photo from my five rememberable photos. The most memorable photo of my entire life is of my first birthday. Yeah! That is quite memorable forever because I have completed my one-year journey. Everyone was happy with me, and celebrating that day was one of the best ever feeling. I completely don’t remember or perfectly can’t express those feelings coz I was a child at that time.

Photo – 02

Another memorable photo is when I was just three years old and went out on a trip with my father and with his friends. I still remember that time it was a summer’s day and was very warm weather when my father and his friends were planning a trip outside to Keenjhar Lake, and I forced a lot that finally he was agreed to take me with them. It was quite an amazing time which we spent there; we had a lot of fun and explored that place.

Photo – 03

And at this photograph I was just 8 years old; it was icy wintertime when my uncle was getting married and I was pretty excited about that. I had a special hair cut and that was my first ever haircut. But the silly point was that just before as the party was going to start I had fallen asleep (huh ya I fall asleep…! the day was too tiring one could easily fall). After that, my Mum came for awaking me and I quickly got changed and did my simple make overlook, then went to the ceremony.

Photo – 04

This photograph captures my entire childhood. It was our habit that I and my brother always went on a walk every Sunday morning with our father. I still have lots of memories of that time. We had a lot of fun there sometimes we did races, or sometimes we did cycling there. Now I wish that I can go back at that time to get the most of it.

Photo – 05

And in this memorable photo I was 11 years old and it was the best time of my past. It was the time of our summer vacation when my family had decided an outing of 4 days with my father’s closest friend’s family. That 4 day is the most memorable time ever. Going on a trip with the closest ones is one of the best ever feeling. Missing those days lot.

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Last Updated: May 22, 2020


  1. These are lovely childhood memories. I love looking back at old photos, especially ones with my grandparents.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Wow! Such a great way to reminisce the memory we cherish with our loved ones. Thanks for an amazing idea to do such nice thing to remember our life.

  3. Beautiful pictures. It’s great to look at old photo’s of our childhood, and even better when we can share them with others and talk about the memories behind them

  4. Oh, these photos are darling! Your description of the events painted the perfect emotions for me. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your world!

  5. Those are beautiful photos and great childhood memories of you. I love the one in which you were running with your brother… So gorgeous.


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