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Five goals of life and Five goals of 2020

It is not easy for everyone to set life goals and struggle for achieving those goals. But planners including sportspersons, successful businesspersons, athletes always set the short term and long-term life goals. Setting goals means dreaming of your life and a strategic lifestyle.

It doesn’t mean that only the elite class can set the life goal, but the common man can set goals of life. Also, everyone should have to set some goals of life for a better future and enjoyable life. Your personal goal could be to set up a new business, increase income, better lifestyle, quality education of kids, better relationships, marriage, traveling, and visiting some ideal places, etc.


The specific things for specific purposes and strong justification you would like to achieve in life is called the life goal. The goal is the set of different objectives, outputs, outcomes. Also, we can say that the goal is the impact of your struggle and activities.

Types and categories of goals

The goals of life can be divided into three types and many categories. When you will identify and divide your goals into the following three types then you will be able to divide your goals into different categories according to your lifestyle and concerned elements of your lifestyle.

1. Focused goals
2. The time or Short-term Goals
3. Long term goals

After dividing your goals into types and categories, you must prioritize them, some will be on high importance, some will be middle and low importance.

It depends upon your lifestyle and society that what categories you are choosing? But here, I am suggesting some of the categories for your goals.

  • Career goal
  • Financial goal
  • Education goal
  • Social and Family goal
  • Attitude goal
  • Physical and Fitness goal
  • Pleasure goal
  • Creative Goal
  • Spiritual and religious goal
  • Knowledge and information goal

Goal Setting

Life is the name of struggle and faces different challenges of every footstep, and you have not life dream, goals of life and purpose of struggling for life than the way of living will make your life tough and meaningless.

If you are ready to set your goals of life, you must create a big picture “vision” of the purpose of your life. I mean workout on your future social, financial, economic, educational, spiritual all other categories related to your lifestyle. After that break this big picture in different types and categories and small and smart objectives and actions. The plan required the knowledge, awareness, and ability to take actions, resources, and time.
Moving beyond that though, you must understand that the goal and its objectives must be SMART. It will help you to break down the cycle into distinct steps, each day doing a little bit towards your goals being achieved. After that prepare the plan of taking action and achieving your goal.

Steps to achieve the goals of life

Once you have the set goal, then you must set steps to achieve the goals of life. Steps to achieve goals means the discipline of lifestyle according to set goals.

These following simple steps will help keep you focused on achieving your life goals. Also, it will help to drive you to the performance that you aspire to.

  • Finalized your goal, objectives, and actions
  • Set the deadline for each action, activity, and goal
  • Set indicators and mean of verification of each action, activity, and goal
  • Resource mapping including your skills, knowledge, finance, internal and external support, time, and ground realities with important assumptions (unforeseen situation).
  • Prepare detailed action plan what to do but when, where, with, and how to do.
  • Take the first step to your goal achievement.
  • Keep continuing to completion
  • Reward yourself on each smallest success to the achievement of your life goal.

Five goals of life

This is not the time of planning my life because I am struggling to live life and achieve five goals of life. I am lucky in life because I have experienced the different lifestyles, I have lived the life as a villager and performed the rural life jobs like firewood cutting, caring of livestock, ploughing crops, harvesting crops, water fetching in hard days, camel, horse riding to exposure of almost whole my country and other countries of the world.
My specific five goals of life are following, which have different many other small and SMART actions, objectives, and activities.

Education: I have completed my education level, I have done M.Sc (Hons) Botany, M.Sc (Rural Development), and LLB now I am struggling to help my kids to complete their education.
Career Goal: I have chosen my career in the development sector and law practice; I am doing well and struggling for achieving the goal of good law practitioner (An Advocate of High Court).
Social & Family Goal: I am a social and follower of society rules, I support my family in my way no matter how other thinking for me.
Creative Goal: I feel me a creative because, I am the writer of three books, and two websites and logo designer of many books, NGOs, and website.
Physical and Fitness goal: It is time to take action for physical and mental fitness, so I am struggling for better fitness.

Five goals of 2020

The five goals of 2020 are the smallest part of my five goals of life. The starting of the year 2020 was great, I have achieved my target of the visit to Nepal, but it went very tough for me and peoples around the globe. I could not achieve my next plan visit of Thailand, but it no to late will try when the situation will favorable for travel.

Following the five goals of 2020, I am struggling to achieve that;

1. Education: Quality preparation of the examination of my tow kids and good results in knowledge and examination.
2. Career: To start practice as a High Court Advocate
3. Social & Family: My daughter is the student of College and next year she will have to join university, so I have to shift my family there. I have to complete the required preparation this year.
4. Creative: I have to achieve my digital goal, work for, and publish my next book.
5. Fitness: I am concerned about fitness and trying to be fit and control eating and drinking habits.

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Last Updated: May 15, 2020


  1. I wish you the best on your career goals! And congratulations on your books! Writing and publishing a book is a dream for me. Something that my mind has been playing with lately. But have not taken any steps yet. And yes, fitness and healthy eating are my topmost priorities right now.

  2. It is clear you are a very driven and motivated individual! It is great to see how much goal setting can help in achieving both large and small life goals.

  3. You are determined and will cruch your goals. I love writing my goals down I feel like it’s a great way to hold you more accountable. Here’s to 2020! You got this.

  4. This was a great read! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Needed this to realign ourselves too specially as 2020 has been one crazy year almost right from the start. This year has definitely called for some re-arranging and tweaks in original plans and goals.

  5. Wow your goals sounds amazing but mine all my goals this year are ruin because of the pandemic however in this kind of crisis healthy lifestyle is very important.

  6. Congratulations on your personal and professional goals! I am wondering how you find the time to write a blog with all of your other responsibilities. Best of luck on your future goals of eating healthy and exercising.

  7. this is a great way to breakdown goals… it makes it easier when it’s all laid out and organized in groups. I wish you the best in your journey to accomplishing your goals!

  8. Good luck with your goals they are very ambitious. I like the way you set out your blog posts, makes them easy to read.

  9. I’ve discussed this in one of my webinar. Goal setting this 2020 has changed its context tremendously. A lot of people does not know the impact of this COVID and they must review their goals to adapt to this changing world.

  10. Setting a deadline never really worked for me..what works the best for me is keeping the goal in front of my eyes, so that I cans ee it everyday and work towards it!


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