To have a will of connecting with any other is the key aspect in fundamentals of healthy relationships. A person, a concept, a goal, a trust, a faith which is connects one to other one or more is called relation. The key relations are blood, understanding, social, legal, marriage and an agreement.

There are many experiences, we always get by the relations, with the relation and for the relations. Many times we failed to perform relations and also have excellent relations too.

Make Your Relationships Evergreen

A person is in relation, as a parent (mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents etc.), husband, wife, lover, friend.

Relation is the name of attraction from both side in love. The balanced trust and responsibilities in social and legal relations are good factors and unbalanced relationship, discrimination and relation controlled by power are the key factors of failures.

Healthy Relation

Healthy relation depends upon good communication, equality, equity, compromise, balanced boundaries in relations and heart beating for each other.

List down the qualities you have for making relationship. Don’t try to use your friend/lover or relative, it is weakness of relationships. The relationships didn’t be on same track all the time, understand changes and accept the possibilities.

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Don’t lose relation try the way of improving your relationships?

Always analysis your behavior and attitude because only your behavior and attitude can improve your relationship.

The fundamentals of healthy relationships:

Keep first willing, second trust level and third having sex ~ Lifestyle Guru.

  • Willing
  • Accept and respect
  • Communication & Stability
  • Understanding
  • Love and Trust


Willing is the first factor of the fundamentals of healthy relations. Only the blood relations are natural and willing is not on priorities in blood relation, but all other relation starts from willing of both sides on some mutually agreed actions.

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Love is the relation in which willing can be felt rather than asking or preparing any written statement but for marry other needs the written statement and social/legal binding.

Acceptance and Respect:

If both are willing than respect it and accept the bindings. Relation starts growing by the acceptance and respect is the nutrition of relationship. As log as you will provide nutrition, the relationship will grow and flowering, but very small doubt can make the uncertain environment for relation and it also can be a cause of ending relationships.

Communication & Stability:

The stability of relationship basis on strong and clear communication between both sides. Most of relationships ends because the misunderstanding due to breakups of communications also effective communication re-connects the relationship again and again.
Communication in relationship express the needs, feelings, thoughts and plan of future therefore, it is most essential for the healthy relationships.

Stability in relationships basis on confidence and it comes from effective communication. Love is the powerful relationship in the world and power can not acceptable in love.


Couples come together because the concept of happiness is believed and the first step of happiness in understanding each other. Thinking, feeling and needs can be change but relationship needs understanding of feelings and needs.

Never try to examine the relationship but try to understand and understand and understand….!!!

Love and Trust:

Love is the solution of all problems of world, love is the attraction which bring you near and connects in relationship normal to serious.

Trust make you lover, trust make you parent, trust make you leader, trust make you happiest person of the world. Do trust, don’t lose trust, don’t break trust of your lover, love between you never can die.

Relation First:

Keep your relation on first and whole world on second step. Whatever stage your relation is but don’t compromise on any cost and time.

Relation is a willingness to live together so there is not any mechanical manual to make it easy, making it stable is really a dealing with tough situation just like “hold a water in nail”.

Let us know if you want o add any more fundamental of healthy relationship because these are not only basics of healthy and loving relationships.

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Last Updated: June 10, 2020


  1. Communication is one of the most important things for a healthy relationship. Thank your sharing all of these they are all amazing fundamentals.

  2. it is super important to listen and talk to each other. My boyfriend and I always talk and make sure each of us feel heard and understood. thanks for sharing this.

  3. I had to let go of some important relationships because I grew healthy and they did not. There is always hope for tomorrow though! And I have good support in other close relationships.

  4. I think communication is definitely the most important thing in a relationship -from that all you can grow trust and everything else 🙂

  5. These are such exceptional tips to keep a healthy relationship. Respect is alway number 1 with all of this. Thank you for sharing a very meaningful and helpful post for us all.

  6. I can’t agree more with you, all these factors are very important but in my opinion communication is the most important of all. Without communication, all other factors fail.

  7. Open, honest and safe communication is a fundamental part of a healthy relationship. The first step to building a relationship is making sure you both understand each other’s needs and expectations—being on the same page is very important. That means you have to talk to each other!

  8. such a great post for these days!And totally agree with your point.with love needs more ingredients to make perfect relationship.


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