The real essence of life is achieving your personal and professional goals and meeting your objectives. Thinking about achieving the goals, planning for it, and working hard for achieving personal and professional goals, which makes your life more complicated, otherwise, life is not more complicated. Nonetheless, by making any small improvements in our everyday lives, and SMART planning of goals, you will improve everything and learn how to make your life less complicated.

How to make your life less complicated?

Life is an art, if you are thinking that it is an abstract art then it very complicated if you are understanding it as a free-hand, memory, or object art, it is very wonderful and lovely. So, let us learn how to make your life so easy and trying to simplify things to make life less complicated.

how to make your life betterHere are some perfect tips to make your life easy just STOP;

  • Trying to be perfect all the time
  • Meaning what you don’t say
  • Spending time with negative people
  • Pretending like you know everything
  • Thinking for other people
  • Trying to change people

Trying to be perfect all the time

Want to be happy? Stop trying to be perfect – Brené Brown

Try to be good and try to be useful If you want to be happy and less complicated life. The choice to be perfection makes you unhappy in life. Don’t worry about mistakes but always try to learn from mistakes and try to do good but don’t wait for perfection it will increase your stress and more complicated life.

Life is totally dynamic nothing is set, and nothing is finite in life, so everyone is trying to set it and make it perfect. Stop trying to be perfect all the time and decrease the stress in your life because no one is perfect except GOD. Only GOD is perfect all the time.

Meaning what you don’t say

Always say what you mean and mean what you say. Express how you feel and don’t ever apologize for being real. (anonymous)

First of all, always remember that no one can’t read minds, do communicate effectively, clearly, and regularly. Don’t believe in assumption and don’t try to read the minds of your friends, relatives, boss, and coworkers because it is the sign of bad communication.

Spending time with negative people

You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people – Joel Osteen

The environment around you matters a lot, if you are living among negative people, it will drain your strength and cause you to feel stuck and depressed. Find out the negative peoples around you and cut them out from your routine life and make your life less complicated. If you will not avoid completely, individually they can become the cause of many problems. Negative people also have an impact on what you think. If you are not careful, negative people can bring out the worst in you. Stop spending time with negative peoples, if you are thinking about how to make your life less complicated.

Pretending like you know everything

Unless your name is google, stop pretending like you know everything – anonymous

Don’t figure out the things, you have not to command over that. Don’t pretend if you don’t know anything about the matter. Be optimistic and accept the facts of the situation if you have not enough knowledge or information about that. No one is a master of everything so stop pretending like you know everything. As soon as you will accept the ground realities, you will stop making the mistakes and the more you unlock new windows of success in your life.

Thinking for other people

You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish. I have no responsibility to be like they expect me to be. It’s their mistake, not my failing – Richard P. Feynman

Stop thinking for other people is one of the most meaningful skills of life, it is the guaranty of your successful life. To discuss the matters of other people is easy but don’t think about other people’s thoughts is an important skill.

Are you always concerned about what others are thinking about you? Or, do you worried about people being able to judge you and what you are doing? Then you doing wrong stop thinking about this, come out from this stress, and think about how to make your life less complicated.

Trying to change people

When you stop trying to change others and work on changing yourself, your world changes for the better – anonymous

It’s a bad thing to try to change others. Make your rules and follow your rules is the world’s best habit but making your rules for other world is a very bad and craziest habit. Almost everyone tries to change someone other, like behavior change of relatives, friends, family members, boy/girlfriend, and coworker but it is not a good habit. If you want to change the world then the world hard to reach on the top and change the rules otherwise you must follow the rules and make your rules only for you. If are always thinking about changing other people and making your own life more complicated, then stop trying to change peoples and make your life less complicated.

Worrying and complaining

Stop complaining about how your life isn’t what you want and start making your life the way you want it to be.” Anonymous

There is a famous saying that those people who complains the most accomplish the least Therefore, always try to focus on certain things which you can follow and overcome easily. Stop complaining or worrying about those things which you can’t handle or overcome. Because those things really badly affect on your imagination or even on you.


Don’t worry about your mistakes because mistakes will lead you to success. Also never try for perfection because no one is perfect except God. If you will continue trying to be perfect, it will increase your problems and stress level. Follow all above mentioned tips, if you are thinking for how to make your life less complicated. It is said that the problems are part of life and how to overcome them is art of life. We can’t stop problems to come in our life and to make our life complicated, but we can try to make the chances less of making it complicated.

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Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: August 04, 2020


  1. Sometimes, life can seem so complicated, and that just adds stress. I love that you’ve made it clear that life doesn’t always have to seem so tough and that it can get better.

  2. This really spoke to me. I love the section on negative people because I really feel that negative people can really bring out your worst and suck your energy out so that you don’t want to do anything!

    cute & little

  3. This is such a nice post and really having a great time reading it. You are giving me a great and a helpful tips to make my life less complicated, so thank you so much for sharing this with us I really appreciate it.

  4. I find myself in a situation where I care too much about everything and less of myself and that caused me to be stressed and depressed but once in a while I often forget everything and enjoy myself a meal and it’ll somehow fix my problems. Life can be bitter but it has it’s own good things that I love.

  5. I have to say that I needed to read this this morning. Lately life has felt a little bit dragging, but I truly have done it to myself. I should review these a few times over and apply them to my life. I think that I try to have the answers to everything too much, and don’t surround myself with the most positive of people.

  6. You have some great points here. One of the things that COVID has pushed me to do is to reassess the people in my life. When we were suddenly forced to go out of our way to engage and interact with one another, setting up video calls and virtual happy hours, I was no longer seeing many of the people that I was used to seeing on a regular basis. But here’s the thing, I realized I didn’t miss it… I didn’t miss the drama that some brought, the constant complaining that came from others or the pressure others put on me and what they thought I should be doing in my life. Instead, I recognized those that DID make me happy. As things are opening back up, I’m going to be a lot more selective of who I give my time to.

  7. Trying to change people – yes, so many people need to learn that this is such a bad thing to even give a shot, and they would save themselves too much heartache if they would not even try to begin with. That never means, of course, that one should accept abusive behavior, however, you can not make a messy person into a tidy one, for example. Very good points throughout your article – blessings!

  8. This is something I need to remember every single day!
    Thank-you so much for posting this! Just what I needed to hear today.


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