I always have seen the things available around me as I want to see, and it made me optimistic. If you want to make you smile then think positively and improve your mood right now and live a happy life. (Lifestyle Guru)

Be Alone – Be Creative (Amazing benefits of spending alone !)

Our Society

We are living among both types of peoples optimistic and pessimistic. Some peoples with modern, advanced, and liberal approaches and some people belong to orthodox families.

The society directly or indirectly affects us because we are the part of this, and we have formal and informal connected with each other (I mean peoples with different thoughts)

Nowadays, we are spending our most of time on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, News, Televisions, Movies, etc., on another hands-only, our social media pages welcome us, as we wake-up.

According to my personal experiences, those peoples are humanity loving and very transparent, who has normal access to resources as well as our modern communication systems, but peoples have the mask of diplomacy on their faces who are leading the resources.

Improve Your Mood Right Now

Only God is perfect, I am not perfect, but I am an optimistic person, having a strong belief in myself.

“Be an optimist instead and somehow happiness will find you forget what happened yesterday I know that better things are on the way “– Ray Davines

Think Positive Live Happy

“Isn’t life exciting? Everything can change all of a sudden, and for no reason at all!” — Tove Jansson

It is understood that negative thinking always creates a negative energy and negative thoughts affect the personalities.

Being a part of the ‘Humanist Movement’, I believe in “Treat others as you want to be treated”. Follow this humanist rule; it will make you a happy, smiling, and loving person in the world.

If you are a good reader, don’t read every book, every article also doesn’t see every movie which has negative stuff. Always select the stories will inspire you to think positive to live a happier life.

Try to find your inner strengths, which will make your attitude positive and a positive attitude will create a comfort zone for your friends.

Believe in yourself and improve your mood

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” (Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)

You should strongly believe that, whatever you have in your life, is due to you believe in yourself, no one has given you in charity. Believe in yourself that, you can do everything you need in your life, never listen to any kind of drama or negative voices around you, who says where you are in life.

Take off all face masks and act as you are

We always wear masks because we believe that, if we reveal our true selves, the peoples around me think, “Yeah, it’s just you.”. Take you out for this fear, take off all masks of your face, and show the world you’re are the brave and ideal of your society. Take confidently and happily all the responsibilities about your job, family, dependents, society, culture, traditions as well as the responsibilities towards your national causes. Improve your mood and motivate yourself to be true to yourself as well as yours.

Expose yourself to green and spend time with nature

“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely, or unhappy is to go outside.” — Anne Frank

Psychologists say that green color means happiness and creates a feeling of happiness in everyone’s life. Therefore whenever you feel off or you want to improve your mood just expose yourself to green, just go to any park or any of nature’s places where you find pleasure. You know one of the best ways to improve your mood is spending time with nature. Fresh air, bright sunlight, sounds of birds, smell of sand and everything in your surroundings; nature gives you the best pleasure, and even research says that nature is the best remedy or medicine for improving someone’s mental health.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Nowadays people are trying to be more extraordinary, such as everyone wants to do thousands of things at a time and it is like biting off more than one can chew. And when we do this we get stressed and stress badly affects on our mood. Therefore always keep in mind that doesn’t bite off more than you can chew, It will definitely improve your mood.

Be patient with yourself.

“Our true nature is not some ideal that we have to live up to. It’s who we are right now, and that’s what we can celebrate.” — Pema Chödrön

You know your entire mood depends upon how you treat yourself and no one can disagree with it. If you treat yourself good then your mood will be better but if you treat yourself badly and you are not patient with yourself than your mood will be at its worse. Always treat yourself like as you are the only king of this entire world, at least you can imagine this and always be patient with yourself.

Beautify yourself

“There’s always a sunrise and always a sunset and it’s up to you to choose to be there for it,’ said my mother. ‘Put yourself in the way of beauty.” — Cheryl Strayed

Living in this growing world and in this busy life everyone just has forgotten about self care. Talking about busy women, they leaves self care for last and keeps on focusing over everyone else; simply just ask yourself a question that when was the last time when you  got dressed up? Or you have had a new hairstyle? Or, you may have painted your nails just for yourself? Hardly a few would say that I have did these but am damn sure most of you wouldn’t even remember when was the last time you have makeover. So get up, and do a little change in your look, wear your favorite dress, make a new hairstyle, or paint your nails or any of physical change. These things help a lot in improving your mood.

Do something nice for somebody else

We are living in a society which is based on pay back system, means whenever we do anything we also get back something from that. If we do anything good for someone else we will get better but if did something bad than we will get worse of that. Speaking from personal experience whenever I think that someone else is happy just because of me, I feel so amazing and relaxed that even I can’t express that feeling. And if I realize that someone else is unhappy or tensed just because of me than I will be the only person who gets more affected. So always do something nice or good for somebody else with pure heart and definitely you will get that joy.


“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” — Henry David Thoreau

There is a famous saying that “Laughter is the best medicine” and it is so true even no one can deny it. Laughing has really good benefits not just in improving our mood but also in improving our immunity and for our prolong life. And laughing also helps you in staying calm and joyful. Therefore always keep on smiling and laughing even when you have nothing for laughing, it not only improves your mood in certain situations but if you have become habitual of smiling even at your worst than remember no one can ever beat you.

Get as much sleep as you can

“And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me.” — Paul McCartney

Another best way for improving your mood is getting as much sleep as you can. Whenever you get any of vacant time just fall asleep it helps a lot in keeping yourself fresh and it improves your mood and just a best way to keep yourself happy.

Use Music

Music is known as an excellent stress reliever and it has much ability of changing one’s mood, even though music is nowadays also used as therapeutically in hospitals for the emotional well-being of anyone. There are so many new researches which states that listening music with high volume improves one’s mood, makes the person happy and relaxed. Therefore always use music for relaxation and improving your mood.

Set realistic goal of life:

The goal of life means the think about your ideal future, your ideal personality but again note that think positively we are not discussing to have the power to lead the world, but we are discussing motivating yourself to turn your vision of life into reality.

It should be considered that your goals should be SMART:

S: Specific
M: Measurable
A: Achievable
R: Realistic
T: Time-bound

Act toward your goals

It is the time to act positively,

Just feel free, try to listen to the voice of your inner soul,

If your goal is, “Think Positive Live Happy”

Well, you are on the right track,

Follow the track ‘Improve Your Mood Right Now’

Let us inform you about your positive thoughts of making a peaceful world.

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Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: January 15, 2021


  1. This is a very good post! I like all of the suggestions that you make about how to be more positive and to live a happy life. Reading inspirational books and articles that are uplifting and educational are great ways to improve your mood and learn to be optimistic!

  2. Totally Agree! Being positive will give you a sense of happiness in life. Thinking of just being positive will already add up to your smile a day, how much more if you totally change of mindset that it will propel you to making bright decisions in life.

  3. Well, it is very endearing post, you know. I know exactly how it feels, to be so negative. Last year I suffered a personal loss and recovering was tough. It is tough now too. But I have come to accept it. However in all those negative times, I looked for one positive win. And it happened. And trust me, that has helped me a lot, to overcome my past self. What I feel is we tend to loose confidence due to all the negativities happening around. For me, the loss was a hundred times larger negative energy and it totally drained me out. Luckily, I found that one chi at the right time. I hope everyone does. ❤🌸

  4. Great tips! Love the goal pattern of SMART! Also, I appreciate that you point out that we are all a little bit influenced by our surroundings. Cheers to a wonderful week.

  5. I love the idea of using the Smart method with creating goals. I am a positive person and this post resonates with me. Thank you.

  6. For me the best way to improve my mood is to be around positive encouraging people and not ones who constantly have negative and pessimistic thoughts.


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