Naturally, thinking, feeling and acting are the key characteristics of human mind. Society directly affect the thinking, feeling and acting and human changes the mind time to time according to environment.

You have born alone and will die alone this is natural phenomena, you feel fear of it, so you always try to live your life organized.

Some factors we carry genetically and many other we learn from our lifestyle, and relationships. All these factors are very important for organizing the life.

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Organized your life means let go off your stress and to manage unavoidable hindrances in lifestyle.

Actually, we have born independent and believe in independence thus don’t like any interferes.

When you want to see the society well organized, then why you are not well organized, why you don’t like to follow every rule which bound your independence.

Just think why? When this rule, norm, plan, schedule is in your favor.

When you will ask yourself, this question, you get many wonderful answers, justifications and about limited resources in your access.

Analysis the answers and justifications and tally with your available resources and start organizing your life.

Ways to organize your life today

Make it easy and divide it into following important parts but not limited;

  • Personal Life
  • Professional Life
  • Family Life
  • Fiends Circle
  • Your role to follow your creator
  • Your Life for creation of Mother Nature

Organize your life:

There are so many ways you can organize your life according your nature and society, but just try the basic factor for planning of personal life, “stay, learn, earn, grow and fly”. Organize your life but don’t compromise on basic need of life such as eating, drinking and sex and social needs can be mobilized and organized according to available resources.

Read this for understanding and Making  your work plan SMART

During the planning of life, it should be ensured that; your character is most accelerating factor I your life and society denies and don’t mainstream the lose characters.

Education including social, formal, and informal should on 1st priority and then your skills, earnings, status, enjoyments, good habits and contacts.

Positive attitude towards your life plan:

Your attitude is 100% in your control and attitude takes 100% if your measure it according to number of alphabetical orders. A is number one letter, T is on 20, I is on 9, U is on 21, D is on number 4 and E is on 5th, now just count it this way, A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E (01+20+20+09+20+21+04+05=100)

Attitude is the key pillar of organizing your life and implementing the schedule of your life.

It is the time to follow the ways to organize your life today and go ahead and live your life organized.

Let us know, if you have added any more tip to organize life.

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  1. There’s nothing as rewarding as putting in a positive attitude towards your life plans, as this sets the pace for every other thing to follow.

  2. Last year, I was in a middle of mess and realised I needed some discipline in life, as in things I should focus on! Most important was organising my life, do that I can focus on positive things and move forward in life. These are some really great tips!

  3. Approaching life with the right attitude is super important to success. I must say that I prefer to work in an environment that is organised because I know where to find things and I also save time searching.

  4. I agree that you should take a positive approach to organizing your life which will help you feel better mind, body and soul. I believe in surrounding yourself with those who make you feel good and cutting out anyone that tries to bring you down.

  5. Oh my friend, easier said than done! I feel so disorganized often, and it really adds to my anxiety and level of stress!! Sometimes something as simple as taking 2 hours to organize my email inbox is helpful LOL!

  6. I think it is best to organize our lives based on our own priorities. I know some things are more important for me than for others (and vice versa), but making my priorities important makes me happy.


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