Hello Friend, I would like to declare that it is not paid review nor affiliated, I have purchased this for my personal use, because I like garlic hair mask. I really love this great product so; I am voluntarily reviewing the Silky and Professional Hair Mask with Garlic with Keratin Hair mask.

Professional Hair Mask with Garlic with Keratin

garlic hair maskAlmost every woman faces many hair issues due to stressful and busy life schedule and hard activities. The hair related issues are the dandruff, split ends, hair thinning, or hair loss so the basic hair care and hair treatment should be an important part of your everyday routine. As like many girls of the world I am also concern with may hair problems and always try to take care of my hair. Whenever I found some good product or some import tips about hair mask and hair care, I tried to share with more women of the world.

Key Features:

• Garlic with Keratin both provides your hair nourishment.
• It Strengthen your hair texture.
• Help to eliminate dry and itchy scalp
• Highly moisturizing formula and the most important feature is it can be used on regular base too.
• It also maintains your curls, twists, locks your natural hair as well as fine and coarse.
• Daily use of this hair mask results in hair that is soft and easy to manage
• This hair mask is very beneficial for those who wants to have healthy and radiant hair naturally


Water, silicon oil, polyvinylpyrrolidone, white oil, glycerol, 16/18 natural fatty alcohol, a fat, DMDM b ureide, methyl silicone oil, amino acid essence, Garlic.


Wash hair hind adequate nutrition hair film on the hair, massage for a few minutes, rinse with water.

Product Information/Specifications

500ML/ Net Weight 17.6 OZ


As it is volunteer review and I haven’t used, so recommendation for use and purchase is prior to time. But I love the features of the Silky and Professional Hair Mask with Garlic with Keratin Hair mask. But it is very much popular in my circle of classmate girls, especially due to amazing ingredients and key features. If you have used just drop your views about the pros and cons about Silky and Professional Hair Mask with Garlic with Keratin Hair mask in comment section.

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Last Updated: June 10, 2020


  1. I love how much a hair masque can help your hair to repair itself from damage and makes your hair feel silky soft. I am not sure about this one. I am intrigued by a garlic masque but my hair does not do well with silicones. I’ll have to do some more research on it. Thanks for the great idea.

  2. I know this is a weird question but does the mask make your hair smell like garlic? I’m always looking for something to make my hair more healthy.

  3. I never heard of garlic for a hair mask. That is fascinating. The products seems to have great benefits. I tend to have itchy scalp and that was one of the benefits. This is awesome!!!🤗


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