It is the matter of choices that, what is good for you, and what is good for me? But there are some common good things to do every day and some bad things never to do.

The Life

Life is the struggle of fulfilling the need and then achieving the desires. In this struggle, you need something to do and somethings to avoid in different stages of life. You have to make a clear difference between good things to do every day and bad things never to do.

Some Common Things to do

As a member of this society, you must follow some rules of society and according to your nationality, you must follow the rules and laws of your country. As these rules, laws, bindings, procedures are the same for everyone, some good things to do every day are also common for everyone.

Ask a Question

If you will ask the same question, “what thing to do every day?” for different professionals, such as Doctor, Psychiatrist, Engineer, Philosopher, Development Professional, Lawyer, Economist, Ecologist, Microbiologist, Relationship Expert, Sociologist, the answer will not be common. But all the answers will be so important, it will not be possible for you, what to select, and what to left? So, therefore, I tried to collect different common good things to do every day and most common bad things never to do in your life.

Everyone wants to live a healthier and happiest life forever, but it is impossible to live happy and healthy forever. You must understand the facts related to your thoughts, social environment, economic, cultural, traditional, and religious practices, and approaches.

Good things to do every day

Let’s start from believing in “Less is More” mean quality is better than quantity, equity is better than equality. The following are some good things to do every day in your life.

  1. Help needy peoples
  2. Read as you like books, blogs, articles, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  3. Say hi, Namaste, Slam, Assam-o-Alikum to strangers too
  4. Sleep early, wake up early
  5. Must walk around your neighborhood
  6. Forgive the mistakes of your relatives, friends, and coworkers
  7. Try the new exercise of Yoga
  8. Write a daily blog (as a blogger)
  9. Review for a few minutes, the holy book according to your religion/choice (Gita, Bible, Quran Sharif)
  10. Just try and don’t complaint full day (make this habit)
  11. Appreciate all
  12. Celebrate your little happy movement
  13. Quit eating sugar (make this habit)
  14. Don’t leave camera whenever you go out
  15. Walk one kilometer more from yesterday
  16. Meditate and try to listen to your soul speak
  17. Eat vegetarian and organic food
  18. Good body massage
  19. Make a surprise call to an old friend
  20. Spent a few minutes alone try to speak with you
  21. Don’t forget to support the cause (national, cultural, social, etc.)
  22. Leave watch your favorite movie, drama serial, and talk with your family members.
  23. To help your spouse for completing the tasks
  24. Avoid smoking, drinking (reduce to left)
  25. Remember and follow all the above

Bad things never to do

There are many things you are doing which impact negatively on your lifestyle as well as social and economic aspects of your life. When you are going to start some good things to do every day then you must bad things to do in your life. Here are a few things you never do in your life.

  1. Never share your travel status on Facebook
  2. Limiting the sharing of your personal life on social media
    Don’t :
  3. underestimate your knowledge, skills, and wisdom
  4. skip breakfast and dinner (for weight losing)
  5. dig past but make a smart plan for best future
  6. compare yourself with your friends (everyone has own skills)
  7. be an addict of drama serials, drinking, smoking, etc.
  8. harm others with your verbal as well as physical acts
  9. leave work on your table for tomorrow
  10. discuss religious matters
  11. lose hope
  12. underestimate your competitor
  13. judge other people’s
  14. do drive after heavy drink
  15. humiliate your spouse in public.
  16. commit a crime.
  17. make social media become your priority.
  18. cheat your spouse.
  19. make false promises and false excuses.
  20. Follow all of the above

Some Important Articles:  

Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: April 28, 2020


  1. Nice post and I actually agree with everything you’ve mentioned on your lists.
    Your lists about bad things that never do serves as a guide for all of us..

  2. Every day comes with different sets of choices. This is why we have to weigh things over, and as you have said it’s a case to case. Each decision will be affected by so many factors that are surrounding us at a given time. Sometimes, we make the right ones, at times we don’t. But in any case, we have to keep moving forward to becoming better, no matter how difficult life can become.

  3. I always try to walk everyday and and appreciate the smallest parts of my day. I’ll admit that I do have a hard time staying away from my phone, and that is a habit I need to break.

  4. You’ve got some great points. I would say if someone feels they are going to sacrifice quality for quantity with a daily blog, don’t do it… Honestly, if you check out the blogs of some of the biggest, most successful bloggers – most don’t post nearly that much. The secret is high-quality, SEO optimized content and lots of marketing!

    I think learning to not complain and to be more appreciative of our lives would have a HUGE impact on our mental and emotional health! Those points really stood out to me!

  5. I did not understand this point, ‘Don’t leave camera whenever you go out’. However, Ramzan is going on and I am fasting on fridays so I have been reading Quran Sharif. Only thing that had changed due to Lockdown is my sleeping habits. Earlier I used to sleep for 4 hours, now I dont sleep at all. I havent slept in 3 days.

  6. May I ask why we shouldn’t share our travel status online? I’m a travel blogger so I’m always updating people on my travels! Great list though.

  7. I really enjoyed these tips. It is very important to be reminded of our everyday habits and to take care of ourselves🤗

  8. These are all great way to be a good human. Stop doing bad habits and start doing a good habit. Forgive other people for their mistakes and don’t complain more.

  9. I agree with your list. Everytime I leave home, I always repeat to myself smile and do good today and I am glad it manifest throughout my day.


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