Since the last 10 days of quarantine, I have used my time to read more theories of change and acceptances. I learned that no one relation occurs imminently but it starts from the acceptance and to be continued on acceptances only. To make any relationship easier needs the continuous efforts of compromises, forgiveness and a strong commitment to takes maintenance and care on each step.


I am not talking about one-sided acceptance, but the relationships grow on both sided commitment and understandings. Because there are so many internal and external factors that can interact and influence the relationships.

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You are absolutely wrong, if you are thinking that blood relations are pure, which doesn’t need any maintenance. Every relation needs maintenance of acceptance and proper care. Believe me, blood relations need more compromises and sacrifices than other love, sex and friendship relations.

To make any relationship easier

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We all have experienced low and high during maintaining the relationships in our lives. Many factors like time, choices, professional responsibilities influence the relationship and affect vary badly here are the helpful tips to make any relationship easier and build an effective bond with your partner.

Less Argue More Agree For Any Relationship 

The emotions are more important than arguments in relationships. Agreeing with each other is like fertilizer for a growing relationship. Fewer argument means don’t be defensive but always be supportive. Whenever there is the need for the argument you can do it for making strong relationships but never forget the forgiveness one another in the arguments because arguments always adding fuel to fire.

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Do compromise don’t wait for a compromise

Never sought unnecessarily on each other but always give space to each other. Always try to understand by taking the time to listen. Try to find out the middle ground and do compromise at first step never go on the second step in life.
It is true that biologically two bodies don’t react in the same way and the same environment. The dissatisfaction and reaction are natural in different bodies, so, therefore, the relationship needs compromising. Never choose the required/desired things but always let your partner for choosing the choice.

Unplug together and start Communication

Nowadays, we spent more time on our electronic devices like mobile and laptop, etc, we should unplug and spent some time together. No matter social media has its own values and importance but to make any relationship easier required mental and biological presence not only physical presence.

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Put your all electronic devices away from your bed, table of park wherever you are with your partner and feel easier to communicate your emotions. You must fell easier to talk to each other about your desires, hold hands, touch and hug each other. Don’t forget the body language, which is more important in communication is the love relationship.

Adopt and grow together

As above discussed that two-person having different thoughts it is naturally, so, therefore, adaptation is important to make your relationship easier. Keep in mind that adaptation is like sunlight for your relationship tree. As long as you will watering your relationship you will grow together. Spent more time together, don’t let go of any movement without appreciations. When you will follow the above-mentioned rules of making relationships easier, you will feel strong inside which will create more space for your partner in your life.

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Always remember the last but not least saying I love you. I and you are two strangest words in the relationship when some put world love in between these words. So, always put water (love) in the soil (communication) to grow and flowering the tree of relationship.

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Last Updated: April 01, 2020


  1. Just wish to say your article is as amazing. The clarity in your post is just great and i could assume you are an expert on this subject.
    Well with your permission allow me to grab
    your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post.

    Thanks a million and please continue the rewarding work.

  2. I can imagine that in some aspects it must be difficult to be quarantined with your loved one, 24/7. It’s definitely a challenge in the relationship. But it’s not easy the other way around either, I am 2000 km away from my significant other and we can’t meet until all of this is over. Challenging as well.

    • Dear Joanna,
      I do agree with you, the distance is difficult with loved one when you are 24/7 living with. It is another topic, I shall try to look on it and write an other article “how to ensure distance with your loved one, during quarantine”.
      God bless you and make it easy to meet you with your loved one soon.
      Again thanks for your true feedback.

  3. Close quarters for extended periods of time can be tough for even the strongest couples! We all have to make sure we’re getting time for ourselves and maintaining good mental health as well.

  4. Abu, what a great article. We’ve been married for almost 24 years and together for 29. And I couldn’t agree more about what you said that relationships are about compromises, forgiveness and a strong commitment to each other. That’s a choice we can make every day to work on strengthening our relationships, no matter how long we’ve been together. Well said!

  5. Communication is key. Though not everyone is comfortable with those 100% and we are on the different levels.. understanding each other must comes next. All before God, of course.

  6. So true. In terms of relationships, it is more important to value the relationship than it is to be right. So compromise is the key

  7. I agree that blood relations need maintenance. I think we often are much more ready to compromise with others than our own flesh and blood and this just complicates our lives.

  8. Communication is really the key. I struggled with it at first but my husband is really good at making me speak up so now he’s worried every time I want to have a conversation…hahaha


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