It is believed that, change is inevitable whether it prevails in societies or inside human heart and mind. People from the globe have always diverted their choices from one commodity to another and remained eager to do new or to taste new. The behavior of urban populous for food test is also shifting rapidly to Standards of Organic Food.

Grooming of Organic Food Market

Food lovers are opting more organic food and standards of organic food as compare to inorganic or junk food. Recent market indicators in developed countries depict that consumption of organic food items including food, vegetables and fruits has significantly increased.

A natural food crops growing practice (Organic Food)

Food crops grown without the use of any chemical fertilizer and pesticides is called organic food. The natural agriculture practices are healthier and most sustainable for environment. The organic agriculture practices naturally rely on crop rotation, seasons and natural environment. The organic food is considered pure, healthy, soil friendly, environment friendly and full with nutrient.

Natural agriculture farming system always leads to produce food production in good quality. The growers of modern food crops go for the maximum quantity of production instead of quality. The use of genetically modified organisms-GMO have helped in increase the products produced but it has adversely affected the quality of food.

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We get meat, egg and dairy products from livestock and birds and these products will be pure and organic when these bird and animal will have organic food to eat.

The natural soil is a combination of sand and clay, mixed with organic matters. The good soil is called humus. Hums means the organic matter, minerals, air, water and living organisms are mixed in soil in sufficient quality and quantity.

Natural agriculture practices with rotation of crops always support soil. When, food crops grower use the man-made fertilizers, pesticide and waste water it destroys the soil.

Standard of organic food:

The standards of Organic Food Crops such as;

  • Food Crops must be grown on land in natural soil and on natural environment
  • Crops grown without the use of fertilizers and pesticides for fast growth.
  • Organic Food crops are grown with careful management of soil fertility.

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Standards for organic dairy products and meat:

  • Livestock and birds must be feed organic food
  • Birds and animals should not be kept overcrowded at farm
  • Animals and bird farm should be natural with having direct sunlight and outdoor exposure.
  • Use of routine antibiotic is prohibited for these animals & birds

Change in Organic Food Sale in U.S Markets

The international markets are full with inorganic and processed food items. The availability and access of organic food is very limited in commercialized market. Meanwhile, we can still find pure and organic food in rural area of the world like Thar Desert of Pakistan and in few parts of North America.

The survey report of “Organic Trade Association” depicts that during the year 2019 organic food sale has reached to 5.7% of total food sale in USA markets. This percentage is with  increase of 2.3% in 2019 as compare to 2018. According to Organic Industry Survey report during the year of 2019 the organic food sale in US has reached to 47.9 billion dolor.

This rapid shift in the market graph reveals the change in the behavior of peoples. Nowadays, peoples are going to re-accept the organic foods. It has been observed that the organic food is now considered mainstream.

Change in Organic Food Sale in Canada Markets

The graph of Organic Food Market in Canada is rising as like markets of America. The sale of organic food, organic wild vegetable and fruit upsurges since last few years. It has been reported that more than 1,118 organic food processing companies are producing organic food in Canada. About 45% organic agriculture land use increased in between 2011 to 2017 only.

According to few trade reports the organic food processors and sellers in Canada are thrilling on 10% annual growth of organic food sale.

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  1. We have been purchasing organic food for many years now. It has changed our family’s life in so many ways. We are definitely healthier because of it! And we think of it as saving money because there are no medical bills. We definitely save more money than we would spend if we didn’t eat organic.

  2. It is so important to eat healthy food. Organic food is healthier because it doesn’t have pesticides. It was interesting to read the standards of organic food.

  3. I am a huge fan of eating organic foods. They taste so much better and fresher, but it is definitely much more pricier and increases in cost as time goes on.


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