No makeup look is on top trending but not only nowadays, but it is for a long. Everyone wants a no-makeup to look with makeup and it looks great and much easy. To achieve the no-makeup look is very popular for a long time you don’t need any type of makeup professional artist for achieving no-makeup look; you can do by yourself. But still, there is a big question that, how to achieve a no makeup look?

How to achieve a no makeup look

How to achieve a no makeup look, it is not so difficult just follow these steps for achieving no-makeup makeup look just in five minutes. This no-makeup makeup look you can wear at any place, just pair this look with a messy bun and here you got your look ready.

Always skin first

no makeup makeup look
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As I have always said that keep skincare routine and keep following that regularly. As it is said that the first impression is the last so always start with a strong routine firstly wash your face before applying makeup for the perfect look.


I have always said that never skip SPF. It is the most important part of your skincare routine. SPF sunscreen protects you from ultraviolet Rays of the sun and dermatologist says that if you want better protection and result than; always wear an SPF30 or higher. You can also combine 2 steps in one step in a way that applies a moisturizer with SPF.

Perfect with primer

After your skincare routine now moves forward for a primer which plays the most important role in a no-makeup makeup look. a primer smoothens your skin after applying primer. There is not any need of heavy makeup look and a primer also makes your makeup long-lasting.

Foundation optional

For achieving a no-makeup makeup look foundation is optional; you can skip it or either if you want to apply then use a lighter Dewy foundation. Don’t apply much amount of foundation it will look so weird, apply lightweight formula.

Conceal as needed

For achieving a no-makeup makeup look you have to keep one thing in your mind is don’t apply much concealer, it is as the needed product in achieving no-makeup makeup look. Just apply it to that place where it is needed or apply it only on your dark circles.

Glow with illuminator

no makeup
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Here for achieving no-makeup makeup look; I prefer Illuminator over highlighter, and illuminator is the best choice because it gives you your skin but a better one. You can apply illuminator over the entire face it gives your face some shimmer.

Stick to cream

For achieving the “how to achieve a no makeup look” don’t apply strong eye shadows, use creamy shades as they are super easy to use; and even you don’t need to watch a mirror while applying. For this, you just have to swipe and blend. but if you have oily skin then don’t use creamy shares or still if you wanna use then be sure that firstly you have applied eye shadows primer. Choose wisely the shade which matches your skin shade too.

Blush everywhere

As eye shadows also use a creamy blush if you don’t have oily skin. Cream blush is perfect for how to achieve a no-makeup makeup look. It easily diffuses is in your skin and blends into the skin and it gives you a natural look more than any powder can give you. And the main point is that you can apply blush not only on your cheeks but also on your areas.

Embrace your eyebrows

Photo by Atikh Bana on UnsplashFor achieving a no-makeup makeup look you should apply brow gel. It is much easy to use firstly choose the color which matches your Brows color; and you can use a tinted version too. Firstly, swipe the wand up and then outward to give a perfect shape.

Define with mascara

Mascara gives you the finishing look; don’t use eyeliner just use volumizing or lengthening mascara. This mascara gives your eyelashes a defined look (always strike clear mascara). Apply mascara in upwards motion to give perfect eyelashes.

Makeup finishing spray

Without a makeup finishing spray your no-makeup makeup look is incomplete. The spray gives your no-makeup makeup look a natural look it makes your skin fresh and a casual look.

How to achieve a no makeup look (Bottomline)

How to achieve a no makeup look is not a rocket science, it is the skill of getting makeup with some specific techniques as shared above. Follow all steps of to achieve no makeup look in any event or any season.

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Last Updated: June 02, 2020


  1. Wonderful! I never liked heavy make-up. Besides making your face feel “heavy”, it also looks unnatural, especially during the day. This guide is excellent.

  2. I love this post. Especially that I’m not using a lot of make up. Just do everything exactly like you wrote 🙂

  3. This is my favourite kind of look, although I didn’t follow all the steps till now, your guide will certainly help me do better now.

  4. Well, the ideas are great. When it omes to my no make up look I always go for cream and only cream. Taking care of skin is permanent and is compulsory.

  5. My normal no-make up look has very few items and it shows. I should probably add a few more of your recommended layers to look more polished.

  6. I’ve been wanting to try the No makeup look. It looks so natural. Thanks for these beauty tips! I’ll have to try it out soon.

  7. Since the pandemic outbreak I have been on a no make up at all. But noe that I’m back to work and with the mask, this will surely help a lot. Thanks.


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