The global health disaster of COVID-19 became the cause of the closure of so many companies, businesses, organizations, factories, and very badly affected the job industries. So many peoples lost their jobs and job seekers lost their hopes of a job. Due to lockdown, work from home and closure of job industries have made meaningless all tips for job seekers during this pandemic.

Tips for Job Seekers in This Pandemic

Although, the situation is going to under control in many regions of the world and the companies are trying to move to remote work to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. But job seeking is still difficult because this pandemic increased high-level competition in the job industry. Yes, it is not an ideal time for job seekers, and it is very difficult to find an ideal job however, it does not mean that finding a job is impossible during this pandemic situation. But there is the need to apply some specific and different approach by following the given below 12 tips for Job Seekers in this pandemic. If you would like to get an ideal job you should keep these ideas in your mind during your job search in this hard time.

tips for Job SeekersCOVID-19 caused slowed down the hiring process but many companies are still looking for new talent and trained HR to combat the COVID-19 issue. In this regard, many companies have started online courses on this pandemic. This is the time to avail of the opportunities, enhance your expertise, and move ahead professionally.

Take a short break

Here the term ‘take a short break’ mean to take little rest during this pandemic, stay home, to energize and prepare yourself for searching your ideal job during this high-level competition and pandemic situation.

Get out there

Don’t be silent, don’t lose hope, after a short break gets out from the passive situation and be active, try to attend the online event you are invited for or find out and complete the online capacity building short courses and training. Look online to find opportunities and review the opportunities very carefully which are matching with your experience, skill, and knowledge.

Review your resume

Look at your resume and review it critically and compare it with the positions you are looking for or applying for. The review of the resume includes the attractive summary, correct language, spelling, and grammar, required qualification, skills, experiences, expertise and you must ensure that your resume is fulfilling the key expectations of the recruiter. You must remember that recruiter is not filling the position, but they need a person with desired expertise and skills, who can help them to achieve their planned objectives and goals.

Spruce up your professional profile on LinkedIn and other sites

Remember that your professional profile or LinkedIn Profile is the foundation for your personal branding. It must be updated and matched with the position you are applying for. LinkedIn is the key source of jobseekers and millions of profiles and job opportunities are available on LinkedIn. Your profile will be flagged with a recruiter if it will be fully matched with the available job opportunity. So, you make sure your LinkedIn profile is reflecting your experiences and skills in the best possible ways, especially in the following key elements.

  • Career Headline (Make your headline more than just a job title)
  • Profile Photo (Choose the right and professional profile picture)
  • Background photo
  • Summary/About (Turn your summary into your story)
  • Spotlight the services you offer
  • Media (Grow your network)
  • List your relevant skills
  • Manage your endorsements more proactively
  • Showcase your passion for learning
  • Share relevant content from your LinkedIn feed
  • Follow relevant influencers for your industry
  • Become an employee advocate

Grow your professional network

Identify the related profiles, add them in your network and keep continue touch with them. Identify related HR professionals, Sector Heads, request them to review your profile, get some good suggestions and revise your profile. Be positive and go ahead your future job is waiting for you.

Upskill with online courses

Currently, so many companies and I/NGOs have started an online capacity building program. Identify related topics, join, complete, and upskill yourself with new skills, techniques, and approaches. Currently, WHO, CALP Network, and others are providing online certification courses.

Consider temporary opportunities

Consider gig work or freelance jobs to tide you over. If it’s your first time entering the realm of freelance, take stock of your top transferable skills and then search for opportunities to leverage these in a different capacity. Think of a passion or a potential side hustle that you haven’t tapped into yet. How can you spin that activity into a part-time job or freelance opportunity? Be agile enough to pivot as needed.

Practice for interview

Don’t be nervous and never underestimate any interview but you must prepare yourself for the interview. Once you will be prepared for the interview, your confidence level will make you able to get success. Following are some suggestion for preparing yourself for the interview;
Research about the company: (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Achievements, Geographical Area, Offices, Organogram, Policies, and procedures of Company, etc.)
Prepare a common interview question and practice your answers and come up with your questions.

Clean up your social media presence

Use social media carefully and professionally. Your social media accounts especially Facebook and Twitter are like your mirror pose, so your sharing must be professional. Remember that your recruiter is watching you right now, and you are being googled, judged, and analyzed by your social media sharing, liking, and commenting. Clean up your social media presence according to your professional career.

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Consider relocate, and changing industry

As you know that the time is too tough, the pandemic very badly affected the job industry, millions are waiting for the suitable job also they are agreeing to relocate, change the industries. You must prepare yourself to relocate and change your job industry.

Change your mindset and job search strategy

Accepting change is wisdom because change is inevitable. Understand that there is less possibility of shortlisting your name, receive an interview call, and offer letter. Keep continue your search and keep continue updating your resume and profile according to the desire and requirement of the recruiter.

Be patient

This is a challenging time for all of us, the companies are facing many problems and witnessing the transition period. Hence, you must be patient with a slower process of recruitment. The closure of offices and work from home may affect or delay the process of hiring.


The key formula of the achievement is your goal (finding the ideal job) = Plan + Method + Discipline. The ideal situation can be seen only in movies or drama serials but in practical life, you have to face so many difficulties so, take some time during the pandemic situation follow the tips for job seekers and keep continue your job search in this COVID-19 disaster.

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Last Updated: June 14, 2020


  1. These are smart tips! It is amazing how much people can find online before or after an interview – such an important thing to check and make sure to present the best and most professional image possible. Great reminder!

  2. The tip about finding temporary opportunities seems to be the one working best in my area. While people aren’t able to work in their normal field, there are lots of jobs that have been expanded because of Covid. As those jobs wind down, hopefully all of the regular jobs will be ready again.

  3. Now is definitely the time to clean up all the foundation materials for job hunting! I’ve been working on my blog basics this whole time. Stuff you don’t usually have the time to clean up with the regular world swirling around you!

  4. A lot of helpful information for those searching for a job. There is so much into finding what works for you, you sometimes don’t think about. Awesome information.

  5. Wow, such a great article for job seekers actually when my work stops during the pandemic I’ve already lost hope but I think one of the best things is Practice for the interview if you are lack of confidence 🙂 Awesome post!

  6. Amazing, I bet this would really revolutionary to all those who are seeking jobs. This is so important. Thank you for sharing this worldwide, a lot of people needs job.

  7. My husband got to look for job during the pandemic. I got caught in the middle of trasfer between jobs and they simply didn’t take him to the new one. Thanfully he managed to find something, not ideal but find within a month

  8. These are some great tips, although I am not completely out of job but I am also using this time to upgrade my skills by doing some online courses.

  9. The key takeaways here are not only very helpful but also practicable. I definitely agree that disicpline is important in building a career and personal growth in general

  10. I totally agree with these points especially about social media.
    Last year our president appointed a new advisor.
    Then people started digging about his social media life,it turned out he used to criticize the president every chance he got.
    Even though he deleted his accounts but people still had his screenshots.
    The president had the address the issue.


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