Social media means the software (apps and websites), which are open for everyone to share their ideas, contents, reflections in a real-time and very efficient way, There is the need of understand the social media effects on our self esteem and lifestyle.

Users of social media increasing day by day. A couple of years back, the source of current affairs and information was print media, electronic media, and books. But nowadays, the real-time information source is social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Job Sites, New Sites, YouTube, and so many other websites.

How social media effects us

The extensive use of social media channels has had a huge impact on our self-esteem. Everyone is the leader on his/her own wall, but on the other side totally unaware of ground realities. Everyone is busy dropping his/her happiness, sadness, celebrations, each and every movement of life on the wall of social media, and then busy counting the likes, emojis, followers, and friends (contacts) list. These social media channels connected us worldwide but disconnected from real life. We are forgetting the habits of face-to-face gatherings, discussion on social revolution, welfare, and rights.

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This socialization counts the value of a person by the number of social media followers, likes, and comments. Also, the sharing of his/her contents post by their followers. This socialization has changed the trends of society, culture, traditions, fashion, and professions. Also, it has negatively changed the metrics of measuring the value and importance of one person.

As a researcher, I observed that we are valuing social media and becoming careless towards hard components it impacts negatively on our self-esteem. We should understand the social media is not only the indicator of somebody’s worth, esteem, and ability.

Ways social media effects our self-esteem

There are so many ways social media affects our self-esteem. Therefore, we should plan to unplug time in daily routine. We must think about “be alone be creative” and get unplug sometimes meet with yourself alone. It will create more opportunities for decreasing the effects of social media on our self-esteem.

False Connections

The Internet is an important communication source, but parallel to this it is the sea of liars. Social media connects us globally with some excellent connections. Also, it connects us with so many false and monkey connections, which can’t be built in real-life conversations.

This huge number of false connections impacts our minds and we gave them more importance then real-life contacts. We all know that these are not strong and meaningful relations but in the running of getting more views, likes, followers, and comments we forget the real contacts.

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Reality is this that, I have thousands of followers on different social media channels, I never said hello/Hi to them, so how can I say that I have numerous friends?

False Worth

Social Media giver open space to share their photos, celebration, dinners, selfies for getting more likes, comments, and followers. The false worth gives new trends of dating and chatting, and lovers really forget the real trend of showing love. Social media followers are the worth of personalities, I have listened on different forums that millions are following XYZ actress, actor, singer, or politician on Twitter. What is this nonsense approach? I believe that it is the false worth but 10 friends daily meet and discuss numerous real-life matters with you, it is the real worth of you.

The Interruption of Our Emotional Lives

Nature is the most beautiful, and natural attitude, natural practices are playing a key role in bringing happy movements in our lives. The joint families, family gatherings, circle of friends, street gossips, playground gossips, traveling with friends on beautiful places, northern mountains in winter, desert tours, and organic foods (as published on are the world most healthy things for our lives.

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Do, you know why all these natural and beautiful things are not the beauty of our life, because social media disconnected us from nature. Our unnatural habits are the biggest interruption of our emotional lives and the natural movements of happiness.

Ads Fleshing

Our new generation mostly follows the ads fleshing on our devices’ screens. These advertising movements clearly affects thinking and creativity skill. Our total lifestyle including fashion, food, drink everything is compromised due to advertising on screens. When we listen and see the same ads many times it shows impacts and we start following the advertised brands.

It may arise a question in the mind or reader that what a crazy blogger suggests unplugging from all devices, stay alone, and talk with yourself. But this crazy idea can change your lifestyle.

Let me know if you have any questions and arguments regarding the impacts of social media on our self-esteem.

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Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: May 28, 2020


  1. This is so true. I personally think that it is super important to not take thing too personally and not to give young kids too much access to Social Media.

  2. Oh, gosh. I think it’s so important for our younger generations to keep things in perspective when it comes to social media. When I was a kid, it was all the super models in the magazines. Now, it’s all the ppl on social media!

  3. I used to spend a lot of time on social media but didn’t like feeling so attached to it. I am rarely on it anymore and have seen so much damage done to people and relationships over time.

  4. Yes, we have to remain conscious all the time to make sure, we are not over-stretching it, self-discipline is what what that really matters. This article, I find very helpful, because it tends to bring us back to our consciousness to examine ourselves on the use and attachment to social media.

  5. Oh the love hate relationship with social media. Yes, social media has had a horrible effect on our over all self-esteem. It’s also been a greater connecter of people that otherwise wouldn’t’ meet.

  6. Like anything else, we are social animals. Yet the self-esteem and confidence can make all the difference how we stand up for who we are.

  7. I never really a lot of time on social media because I just feel like I get bored with it after like 10 minutes. I rather do something more productive.

  8. It is really important to have a limit or in moderation by using gadgets and in social media. It has a lot of effects in our self esteem. Social media can be good and bad.


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