I wondered when I heard this statement “qualities for success that require zero talent”, because without talent you could not get skills and without skills you could not get success in your aims. Continuous hard work always beats talent but on the other hand, continuous hardworking is also a talent so talent always beats the talent.

According to our social norms always beats the talent, because talent makes the change and norms make denied statements for change. If you think you need talent for success or success without talent, you are wrong on both sides.

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According to biological science all are equal by having biological organs and systems but no one specie is equal to others according to the genetic makeup of each specie. So, therefore, it depends upon you how you are thinking, understanding, and acting towards your aims. It is understood that, you never acquire skills without using your talent. Always believe in the qualities which will make you stand out from the crowd it is a real success no matter how much money you have or how many peoples are following you in real or on social media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, etc.

Qualities for Success That Require Zero Talent

Here I would like to discuss top key characteristic or qualities for success, if you have these then require zero talent.


Since school ages listen, read, and write the essays on “Honesty is the Best Policy”. The Easy on Honesty is the Best Policy that is part of curriculum including SSC, HSC as well as higher-level exams. When I was in the student of High School, I learned and understand that Honesty means “don’t tell lie” but now I believe that honesty is not only telling truth, but honesty is don’t do the morally wrong acts.

Be honest and don’t do the things that morally harm others, there is no need for any talent required for this quality.


The empathy is a pearl of wisdom which make able to imagine the other people’s emotions or the capacity to understand that, what other peoples are thinking or feeling? It depends upon your experiences, commitment, and dedication with your knowledge and wisdom.

Work Ethic

The work ethic is a discipline of making good decisions. The work ethic is the moral discipline towards your job. How and what you feel about your job is called work ethic which enhances your character. Simply there is no need for talent to feel positive for your basic responsibility (your job, business, aim).

Not giving up

Believe in yourself, take steps towards your aims, don’t allow doubt, fear, or may-be surrounding your thinking.

“Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” ―Vince Lombardi

Saying thanks

Saying thanks is a good habit that never required talent. To say thanks always put a smile on anyone’s face. So, therefore, be good and make a habit of saying thanks.

Being on time

Always being on time is a good habit, which shows your commitment and dedication, coming late is an ego. So, keep yourself away from negative thoughts, ego, and be positive by arriving on time. Being on time require zero talent just required your positiveness towards your job, business, circle, community, etc.

Putting in effort

It is not possible to make someone hard worker or trained about how to be a hard worker, it is totally putting in efforts. According to social science putting in efforts are someone is going out on your way to spend time with you. It doesn’t mean whenever he/she has time then try to contact you but putting in efforts means giving importance to relationships.

Being Passionate

This quality needs zero talent but being passionate is an important quality of life, which will kill your ego and make you a humble person. As it is an important quality, so it is very difficult to deal with it.

A positive attitude

According to ALPHABET numbers “a” is on number 01, “t” is on 20, “i” is on 9, “u” is on 21, “d” is on 4 and “e” is on 5. If we spell out the ATTITUDE and replace each character with its respective alphabet number, 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5= 100 it means the only attitude is 100% perfect for your success and this quality requires zero talent. Your positive attitude is the guaranty of your success.

Listening to feedback

Feedback is the reflections of actions done in the past, it is maybe positive or negative, it may be soft or hard. So, it is not easy for everyone to listen to feedback and being passionate about a positive attitude. But it is the quality of leadership and success which never requires any talent.

If you would like to add more of sharing your feedback you are most welcome, just put your feedback, suggestion, addition, or deletion in the below comments sections. We will properly address your suggestions.

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Lifestyle Guru: February 24, 2020


  1. Honesty and empathy is very important, your workplace must have that, too. However, it’s very difficult when you lose your passion in what you do. Eventually, you have to give up and pursue something else. Something that you’ll be happy about, and somewhere that you’ll belong. Where we are now is not the end of us. Always aspire for something better while you are still alive.

  2. This is such a good list! I’m an incredibly passionate person when I set my mind to things and I think it gets me very far in life, so I am glad that you have mentioned it.

  3. All tips you mentioned are on point! I love the way you execute your thoughts on this! I could totally agree with everything you said. For me, being passionate is very important because it makes us more motivated to achieve our goals in life!

  4. These qualities are your gold mine, and no one will take them from you. Talents nowadays can easily be acquired.

  5. These are great basic skills, the kind of qualities that everyone should focus on building. They apply to every areas of our lives – relationships, careers, education, etc.

  6. This is an excellent list! Being passionate and having a positive attitude are so important when it comes to work. Without them, it could be hard to get further in one’s career or even in starting one’s career.


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