The environment impacts our lifestyle, so we always spent more time thinking about our failure, successes and plan for future lifestyle. Our mind creates so many thoughts like I love my life, I hate my life, thinking about future success, thinking about death, future life, happiness, anxiety, etc. Also, the eradication of negative thoughts is the wish of everyone. My previous topic “What things that make you happy” was the series of the same topic. Today I would like to move one step ahead to share with you the ways to overcome negative thoughts, the simple seven ways will guide you to overcome negative thoughts and improve positive energy around you.

Thoughts and Mind

Most of the time, which we spend with ourselves is good for us. But somehow, it is not as good as we think. Spending time in our mind is like living in the thoughts and in that situation, we are not able to know which type of thoughts they are? When we live in our thoughts it’s like we always worry about our future and the second thought would be of our past event whichever happened to us. And the other part of thoughts would be of certain conditions which don’t satisfy fully which dishearten us. Which leaves are dissatisfied these negative thoughts always prevent you from enjoying your present time, this thought distracts you from focusing on these things which are important for you these negative thoughts make you depressed and anxious?

The negative thoughts will never let you move forward they will always push you back in your past (or simply hold you back from living your life happily) therefore you must control on your mind to overcome negative thoughts.

Ways to overcome negative thoughts

It is very hard to overcome these negative thoughts but here I have brought 7 tips which you follow then you can easily overcome these negative thoughts.

Firstly, Recognize These Thoughts

It is the foremost way to overcome these negative thoughts because our mind is a special type of system, which can easily convert us for wrong things or something which isn’t true and thoughts which isn’t true due to negative thoughts. Therefore, it is necessary to first recognize these thoughts and this realization help you to make yourself free of certain in your mind. This reminder helps you to think of those things which you want in your life. There are many types of thought distortions but these four are the most common of all.

Black or white thinking: It is like seeing everything in another way.

Personalizing: It is like blaming yourself for every single thing which goes wrong in this condition we are just adding another stage which is like a flower doesn’t Bloom then we will blame our self that a flower doesn’t bloom it is because we did something wrong( so silly to think like this we may be responsible for a natural thing).

Filter thinking: It is when we have to choose to see only the negative side of everything. It is like we don’t want to know the right.

Catastrophizing: It is like to think whatever you do has the wrong or worst result.

Challenge These Negative Thoughts

When you can recognize these thoughts when you can easily challenge them whenever you got stuck in these distorted thoughts then stop thinking and think that is it true? Whatever you are thinking it is accurate then just think that if some of you friend is talking in the same what would you do at that situation I am damn sure you will try your best to overcome his or her negative thoughts. Then when you can convince someone else then apply the same formula for yourself to overcome negative thought. Firstly ask yourself and then think of possible results which can be the opposite of what you hope you are thinking of.

Take a break

It is a very easy way to keep you away from these thoughts allow yourself to take a break from certain thoughts (you can just take a few minutes to take a break just avoid everything takes a break off and change your thoughts).

Release Judgment

It is like a part of our routine to judge everything we always judge yourself and others for no reason. It is like me continuously compare the different things with each other even if they don’t have a match still match them. Judgment is just like a habit and this continuous comparison dissatisfied us and then we start to think negatively. In that situation, if you can let go of your judgment then you can feel more relaxed. Always release your negative judgment or you can use and another technique that is positive judgment. Whenever you feel like you are having negative judgment that looks for a positive quality to a positive judgment.

Practice Gratitude

The research has proved that practicing gratitude means being thankful for everything that has a very good impact on your happiness and your positively. Even in the most difficult condition, you should be grateful for every small thing. Notice these small positive things which make you feel happy and always be in touch with them. or another way would that keep a gratitude journal and point out every single positive thing in that and effective way to overcome these negative.

Let it out or take it over

Keeping search negative thoughts in your mind is just like committing suicide. So just let them out go to someone close to your heart, at just let your anger, your feeling, your thoughts about talking to someone and sharing your thoughts is the best way to overcome these negative thoughts.

Start all over again

After following all of this type now you would feel more comfortable and now you can handle yourself and overcome your negative thoughts. Now it’s the time to start all over again. Now be positive, try to find happiness in every single thing not a negative thought.

Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: April 12, 2020


  1. Thanks for sharing this. It is so important to switch that path of thinking because it can be all-consuming. It is always great to discuss those concerns with our loved ones too 🙂

  2. These are great tips. It’s nice that removing negative thoughts out of us requires a process which is systematic. It’s really a good start to recognize that we are having these thoughts. very nice article 🙂

  3. I totally agree with everything you have written. I also thinks it is helpful to have positive people in your life. I am very lucky that the majority of my friends are very positive, happy people and it rubs off. I think if you are around too many negative people it can drag you down. Think positive, be positive, be around positive people 🙂 Great read and start to my morning. Best, Lynda

  4. I love how thorough these steps are!

    I think i have the hardest time with taking a break, and with letting it out/talking to people about it. I carry my problems by myself for so long, and it ends up becoming a heavier and heavier burden…

    Sometimes the only way to give myself a break from my thoughts is to sleep–But that’s just letting my subconscious take over the processing–Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t. I have a lot of growth to go through in these areas!

    I also love how you ended the last step with “start all over again”–‘Cause having healthy thinking really is an unending journey, and it’s natural to have unwanted thoughts. We’ll never completely get rid of them, but these steps help make dealing with them easier.

    My best friend recently was talking about meditation and how people often think that the goal is to control your thoughts and not let your mind wander…But that it’s actually all about acknowledging that your mind *will* wander and the act of gently reeling those thoughts back. It’s an exercise, and we get stronger over time. Dealing with negative thoughts is like weight-lifting for the mind–Without having the negative thoughts come up in the first place, and struggling with them, we wouldn’t have a chance to grow stronger.

  5. I will have to take this into account. I suffer form anxiety i guess i never really thought of things in this manor.


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