Everything has both the negative and as well as positive impact. Now it is in the hand of the user who is gonna use that (whether in positive or in negative). The world biggest discussion is ‘teenagers and social media’.

The Social Media is the biggest network which is being used in all over the world; Has a great impact on everyone, either we are talking about a teenager or about an adult one.

Everyone is nowadays addicted to these Social Media. The Facebook is on the top ranking, then Instagram, Tiktok, then Snapchat, or twitter or YouTube and so on. But the study tells us that it has a great impact on a teenager than on an adult or on the aged one.

It has such effects which are directly proportional or in direct contact with the mental health of a teenager. Social media provides anxiety and lowering the self-belief or self-esteem. So therefore it is very necessary for everyone to be aware of all of the positive and negative impacts.

Negative Impacts of Social Media on Teenager:

Social media has a negative impact on teenager. They always spend a lot of time on social media, which leads to wastage of time, (time is very precious for every one and once if it is gone it will never come back, so it very necessary to use it in a right way). But the teenager is if addicted to the social media then they waste his/her time in which they can do many things which are most beneficial for them.

Now S/he wastes that just for a little entertainment. It bounds the time of teenager only over the sites of social media. In which a teenager continuously thinks about the social medias. Especially about the likes, followers, increasing the friends, getting more comments etc. Also all of these upcoming thoughts the teenager got bounded, which may wicked to the low concentration over his/her studies and once it is happened then the next impact would be getting low marks in exam and it leads to a great failure.

If the student got low remarks then his/her family and relatives will torture him/her, in the many cases the students commit suicides. In nowadays, biggest issue especially here, all occur due to more usage of social medias. Self-harming is also due to social media, there social media is also lead to lowering the self-belief or self-esteem. For example, the person who uses social media, uses to follow his/her favorite actor or there role models and then tries to be like them, not only physically but also tries to themselves completely in a person loses his/her self-respect and self-faith.

It makes distance

Now the next impact that, a person who uses the social media or does heavy use of social media doesn’t spend his/her time with friends or family. Which makes distances and gapes between them and makes that person isolated or alone. Even the person doesn’t do any type of outdoor activities which leads to decrease in mental abilities, in skills, in physical movements and so on.

All of these leads to depression, simply concluding to negative impacts. We can say that all of the impacts are interrelationship with our mind, so the social media have a big impact over our mind.

Positive Impacts of Social Media on teenager:

It is not so that it has only negative impacts, but social media has much more positive too, which is very useful.

The social media provides a better platform to every teenager to show their abilities before the whole world. It encourages everyone and helps them to know their own hidden potential powers. It inspires every teenager to show their skills and to prove that because everyone is good in her/his field, to show that they are not lesser than anyone other else.

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A teenager acquire education through social media because the social media connects us globally. In which a teenager is able to get a lot of knowledge. The knowledge not only of their class or syllabus but knowledge of each and everything of the world about, science, math, language, literature, astrology and also about past, present and future too.

Also, it keeps a teenager in touch with current affairs too and provides them an opportunity to give their point of view on every issue. Social media inspires the youth creativity and their innovative thinking approach. Social media is a good educational source. Nowadays, institute including all educational and other departments are also connected with social media through WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube etc. But the twitter is an official source of most of the institutes and personalities. A teenager can get online classes too, which is much beneficial for those who wants to get education but are unable to get due to any type of hindrances.

Teenager can read blogs of world’s best bloggers according to their interest and needs. YouTube is the best source of online education teenager can get or share every efficient and effective knowledge.


So, mentioned all of this concludes in a way that, the social media is a very useful, effective and best source for teenager if they use it positively. The social media helps teenager to develop the social skills, norms because it is a largest network. When we connect with globally then will be able to communicate globally. We communicate globally we will think globally. When we think globally then we will make decision as per global approach and when we decide globally we will perform globally.

On-other hands, negative use of social media affects teenager very badly. I suggest teenager that, you should use social media positively. Don’t allow social media, which starts using to you.

Lifestyle Guru: 16/12/2019


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